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Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : Cheerleading Tips for Rallying the Crowd

Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : Cheerleading Tips for Rallying the Crowd

Of course, as a cheerleader, you’re going
to want to keep your crowd always watching you, and you’re going to want to stay spirited.
To do that, you’re going to want to stay constantly smiling all the time. Show those bright whites
that you have and show them off. Now, I’m going to show you how to rally. Rally is a
term that we call to get your crowd going and to help them say the cheers with you.
A great tool to use are called pompom. These are called pompoms. Just as a little side
note, they were originally called pompoms, but through the years, they developed the
term pom pons. They’re just these really cool little things with bars that you hold. When
you cheer it’s bright and shiny and the crowd loves it. To rally, a lot of girls like to
say, “Woo, let’s go, come on!” We never woo. We’re not cows, okay. You’re going to just
say, “Come on crowd, pump it up! Let’s go!”, and you’re going to shake them and go crazy.
Remember those kicks that we learned a little bit ago? You can kick, you can do those jumps
that we’ve already taught you, and your crowd will love it. Now, we’re just going to demonstrate
the rally for you. Ready? Go! Let’s go, come on! Yeah, her we go! That’s how you rally
okay? You’ll be using that through all of your games to keep that crowd going at a pep
rally. You might be asking yourself how do I get my crowd involved in what I’m doing.
A great way to do that is by using ‘repeat after me’ cheers. We’re going to give you
2 examples of what that is. When we point to us, we’re going to say our part, and then
we point to you, you’re going to repeat after us. Here we go. This is called ‘give me an
IND’ 5, 6, 7, 8. Give me an IND! I-A, N-S. Then after that, we’re going to all come together
and go Indians, Indians, we’re the best. You’re going to hit that right punch, which we learned
earlier. Okay. That’s one repeat after me cheer that use but with your school. That
cheer can go with any school you like. Just fit the letters of your school right into
that pattern. The next one is called everywhere we go. Same thing. When we point to us, we’re
going to say our part. We point to you, you repeat right after us. 5, 6, 7, 8. Everywhere
we go, people want to know, who we are, so we tell them, we are the Indians, the mighty,
mighty Indians. Then you rally up and go crazy. That’s one way that you can get your crowd
involved. Just do the same thing. You tell your crowd that you’re going to say one part
and tell them to repeat what you’re going to say. That’s another cheer, the everywhere
we go cheer. Where we said Indians, you put your mascot right in whether it’s cougars,
panthers, bees, or whatever.

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  1. 2:19 Copy Cats From Kellog Frosted Flakes lol
    Ps i m A rebel i didnt repeat oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    i am in trouble

  2. @lucakozma stfu cheering is hard work and captains need to be loud and proud to get the girls pumped and ready to cheer. being a captain is hard work

  3. Can someone help me? I always do the same exact thing for rallying and it's the gun thing to the side. I just get frozen I need some new ideas?

  4. Through the years they were called pom poms because pompons sound like tampons! LOL we never woo… we are not cows… except for Latoya!

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