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Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : Cheerleading Try-Outs Tips

Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : Cheerleading Try-Outs Tips

For tryouts, before you even begin, you’re
going to want to find out what that coach is looking for at your school. Whether it’s
an all star team or a school team, you need to find out what that coach is looking for.
Next, you need to find out what you need to work on. Whether you need to join a tumbling
class, work on your splits or your jumps, your kicks, or your tumbling. You need to
find out what different key aspects you need to work on for you personally. While you’re
in your tryouts, we have this thing that we like to call the 3 S’s. Okay. Those are smiles,
spirit, and speronality. Those are the 3 S’s that you can use while you’re in your tryout.
Make sure you’re showing those pearly whites. Once again, smile like crazy. Of course, as
a cheerleader, you need to be super spirited. All of the judges while you’re in tryouts
will be looking for spiritness. The next thing that I already said was spersonality. We just
like to mix the spirit and personality together to make it one and it’s a combination. Remember
the 3 S’s while you’re in tryouts. After tryouts, you’re going to want to look for the postage,
where they’re going to having the list out for who made the squad. Make sure you’re prepared
for other girls whether they made it or not, be prepared for yourself to know what you’re
expecting, and just look out for that. Basically, at your tryout just know what you’re doing,
know what you’re looking, be yourself because that’s what the judges love. Just go all for
it. Go all out and you’ll do great.

13 thoughts on “Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : Cheerleading Try-Outs Tips”

  1. Sporsonality??!!! You really couldn't think of an 's' word better than that? You should make it just the two s's of cheerleading.

    This is about as lame as getting a milk crate, putting your name on the front, calling it a cheer box and standing on it… oh, wait….

    Please, for cheerleaders everywhere, stop giving out advice.

  2. u girls rock! I love cheerleading! and i made the team at my school thanks 2 u girls! thanks so much!

  3. hey it's okay I can't really do a cartwheel, and i can hardly do the splits.. but i'm going to take gymnastics classes.. so should you!! maybe you could learn to do those and you might learn other stuff. (it's kinda good to know there's others who can't do that stuff either) hope you make cheerleading tryouts! good luck

  4. @iLuvBreakingDawn mee too girl ….il be a senior next year and i have very little self esteem…….- _ – BUT WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!

  5. i am scared to do try outs because u never no if there gonna say yes or no and i have my splits cartweel and back bend i just am so scared to try out!!! -.-

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