Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : How to Do a “G-O” Cheerleading Cheer

During game time while the game is still playing,
we do something called a general cheer. General cheers we do to let our boys know or our girls
that we’re behind them 100 % and we’re supporting them every step of the way while they’re winning
or they’re losing. The general chant we’re going to do right now is call G.O. Let’s go
over the words one time and then we’ll show you motions. It goes G-O, Indians go, red,
let’s go. Okay. Now we’ll teach you the motions. The first motion you go up on your toes. This
is called a cone. You’re going to reach your hands up, clasp your hands together. That
goes G. On O, you’re going to step down with your right leg in front and your arms in a
low V, which we taught you earlier. On Indians, you’re going to turn your back around, wrap
your arms around that tummy, and you’re going to stay super tight. That’s on Indians. On
go, you’re going to turn back around, hit that low V one more time. Just like that.
Keep that right leg in front. Then you’re going to come together. On pause, that’s Indians
let’s go. You’re going to step up, hit that right goal post, and your right leg is pumped
up. Okay, so let’s try that together. Here we go. G-O, Indians go, red, let’s go, G-O,
Indians go, red, let’s go, G-O, Indians go, red, let’s go, last time, G-O, Indians go,
red, let’s go. Now, you might have noticed that we clapped it out once and did the actual
moved 3 times. That way the crowd gets to know what you’re doing, they hear what you’re
doing, and then they can actually see it for 3 times. On the second time that you say it,
you heard me call last time. That lets all the girls know on your cheer team that you’re
saying the cheer one more time. If you want to cut it short, if you want to do the cheer
one more time. It lets all your girls know that’s the last time we’re going to be doing
it. You might have noticed, that we said the words once and did the moves 3 times. We do
that so that the crowd hears us and gets to see us as many times as they want. You’ll
also notice that after the second time doing the motions I called last time. We call last
time as a captain or a co-captain to let our girls know that we’re going to be saying our
cheer one more time and doing the motions. If you tell your girls that, they’ll know
whether you want to cut it short one or add one more cheer to the end. That was our general

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