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Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : How to Do Jumps & Kicks in Cheerleading

Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : How to Do Jumps & Kicks in Cheerleading

Next, we’re going to do our jumps and kicks.
You’re going to first start out by stretching. To do that, you’re going to put your hands
on your knees, drop one shoulder. You’re going to stretch that inside of that muscle so you
don’t pull it. You’re going to switch arms. Again, drop that left shoulder and stretch
your other leg. Now, we’re going to go over the prep for our first jump, which is called
the toe touch. To start that prep, you’re going to do that same motion, the high V,
which we did earlier. Your arms are going to go straight up in that tight position,
big cinnamon rolls. You’re going to go on your toes. That’s count number one. We go
1 on 2. You’re going to drop down still on your toes, bring your legs together, arms
are crossed. On 3, you’re going to do your jump, which we’ll demonstrate in just one
minute. Okay, let’s go over that one more time. On 1, you’re up there. On 2, you’re
crossed. 3 you jump. On 4, you’re going to land with your arms by your side, and on 5
you stand right up. Okay. Let’s show that jump. Ready. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Everyone see that?
Good. Next, we’re going to do our kick. To do our kicks, you’re going to hit that high
V again. See where those high V come in all the time? High V. The counts for that, for
our kicks are 5, 6, 7, 8, you prep just like that. Your left leg is going to right behind
or right in front of your right leg and you’re going to kick on 1. Just like that. We’ll
go over that one more time. 5, 6, 7, 8, 1. Okay. We usually do that and instead of 8
counts so you really get all your legs stretched out and all of your muscles warmed up again
to continue your cheerleading workout.

100 thoughts on “Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : How to Do Jumps & Kicks in Cheerleading”

  1. I've been cheering when you 2 were still in diapers…nice work here. You aren't at "my" level yet but keep practicing.

  2. How the question to be asked. I've been in it for over 10 years, and plus they are pretty crappy but their just trying to help people, i mean come on give them a break.

  3. u dont have counts for kicks and u dont have to start a jump with a high V u can start it with a cone too

  4. I"m so happy! I was fustrated that I couldn't do the high-kick high enough, then I followed what she said and I got it higher than before! Thanks so much

    I want to try out for cheerleading and I have never taken a gymnastic class I was more of mixed martial arts so the super high kicks and jumps are new :p.

  5. put ur hand over ur mouth
    2 make a wish into it
    3 close ur hand[into a fist]
    4 put fist over ur heart 5 sec
    5 send to 3 more vids
    6 2morro will b ur best day

  6. The one on the right (The one who does all the talking) reminds my of Harper from Wizards Of Waverley Place

  7. Well, Actually I thought you had to start with your hands together and go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 But its all good

  8. Counting a proper toe touch… prep 1 hold 2 swing 3 toe touch 4 land 5 hold 6 clean 7 hold 8….this video skips a lot of fundamentals when it comes to teaching a toe touch…

  9. accually ppl forget to point you toes all the time. when we do our jumps our choach always says rember to point you toes

  10. amen.
    to many people think its super easy but it takes skill and practice and we pour our heat and soul into everything we do.
    its not anything like the movies make it seem.

  11. wow. the below comments are actually kind of sad. the truth is that cheerleaders are their to cheer on their team and get the audience involved with the game. not just people that are put in a uniform to jump around and be starred at. there is so much more to us then what we wear, and just what you see. i would love for people to see what really goes on behind the scenes.

  12. Cheerleadin aint easy 4 everybody who say it is try it….you wouldnt make it a week………But about this video tht girl toe touch was horrible and tht other girl's voice is annoying as hell

  13. luv yur videos!

    i'm from brasil, and we dont have cheerleading as u guys!! luv it!!!

    i'm practicing with u, just 4 fun!

  14. you need to strech you have to sit down and spred your leggs to the side as far as posible then when your leggs are spred you put your arms foward and touch the ground and reach as far as you can that will get them higher and be sharp and point toes 🙂

  15. we hit our high vs on 3 clap 1,2 high v 3,4 cross and jump on 5,6 and land and clean on 7,8
    it would be helpfull to teach them more about streching you cant just do a m sit and expect to go high no wonder you guys dont jump as high

  16. @mileysrockingirl i would advise you to take a summer gymnastics program. i was having the same fears as you, because i am really serious about cheer but havent taken a day of gymnastics till last week, and i already see myself improving.
    so my advice is that if you are really serious, take summer gymnastics and if you dont make it, keep working on your gymnastics and try out next year[:

  17. Oh I wish that something would help me. I haven't cheerleaded(?) a day in my life and I have tryouts in 4 days. I'm not even that great at a toe touch and I really want to be a cheerleader this year. Any advice for someone whose starting out in a couple days with no practice?

  18. @mileysrockingirl you shouldn´t b afraid, other cheerleaders don´t usally laugh at u if u fall they know how you feel, and most of the times your teammates wil be there to catch u u just gotta trust yourself and your team

  19. Thanks so much for the info! Im trying out in a month and these will help me practice everyday so i make it!! Wish me luck I make it(:

  20. @BabydollBootz XD glad some1 agree w/ me. im not trying 2 be a bitch but seriously! her jump and kick aint very good 4 a cheerleader.

  21. okay i think u can count anyway u want to but then again most jumps are to a count of 8. im not even a cheerleader and i no that but then again i could be wrong…nice video though! i found a new stretch to do! Hope I make my team!!!

  22. This expert village is awesome.! im trying out for cheerleading nd expertvillage has been very helpful…Thank u u guys hope i make it

  23. @LINDAJOHNSONTV I felt the same way as you are a few days ago and on my tryout day, I was praying with everyone.! Turns out I made it so I am grateful and I have prayed for you! Tell me how everything turns out for you sweetie! Go check out MY channel I'm on my friends.(: DestineeLovezHim
    Good Luck!

  24. @Joshly8765

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  25. No, you Eight Count on Errything so you don't get confuse like they are making you. The arms were right but if you don't eight count on ALL Stunts and jumps/kicks, it turns to a hot mess when your performance with the team. Been there done that. Anyways. Always eight count even with kicks.

  26. thats th wrong t jump i am a level 5 cheer;eadr and i have lost my t jump and i need to get the straight jump back the arm motions r wrong americans

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