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Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : How to Select a Cheerleading Uniform

Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : How to Select a Cheerleading Uniform

The uniform is a key aspect of cheerleading
because you want to look presentable and look the part. As you can see, Nicole and I are
wearing these cool uniforms. They’re in our school colors, which you’re going to want
to get because you’re going to want to sport your team and your school. You’re representing
them. You’re going to want to find a uniform that’s comfortable, that you can move in,
lift your arms up. As you see, we do a lot of arm lifting and tons of running around.
What we’re wearing right now is actually 100% polyester. It’s great, it’s comfortable, it
fits well. You’re going to want to make sure that you get someone down to your team from
that company that you’re buying from whether it be Varsity, whether it be Teen Design.
Both of which we’ve used and are both great companies. You’re going to want that person
to come down, get all the girl’s measurements from pants to your actual uniform shell and
skirt, to your team jackets. Everything should be fitted to each girl personally so they
don’t feel uncomfortable while they’re cheering at each game. Just besides the uniforms, you
might want to get other pieces as well. Shoes. We have matching shoes. All of our team has
them. There are different kinds; Nike, Converse. Tons of different kinds. We also have matching
socks. The list of uniform pieces can go from everywhere. We have even matching bows. Mine
aren’t in right now. We even have matching bows. You can get your team name on them.
All of these pieces are part of the uniform and you can get them at the same company that
you’re ordering your actual uniform from. Now, for practice clothes. To practice in,
you’re going to want to wear comfortable clothes. You’re not going to want to wear your uniforms
because you want to save that for special occasions like your games or your pep rallies.
You can wear the same shoes so your team can get comfortable while you’re stunting, which
we’ll show you later. While your practice, you’re going to be wanting to wear all of
your sports clothes; a sports bra. You’re going to want to wear your training shorts
and good shoes and shirts. A recommendation that we have for you is that your whole squad
wearing the same color. We do red shorts and a white shirt on Sundays, black shorts and
white shirt on others so your coaches and of your parents and people who are watching
can see you all together and it’s all laid out and not one girl is standing out more
than the other. That’s a great tip that you can tell your coach to use or your captains.
It helps. It really, really helps for your teams and all of your dances. Now, to get
all those practice clothes, you can go to any national sporting goods chains like Big
5 sports authority. All of those stores carry great merchandise that you can use for all
of your practices.

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  1. okay guys, they have perfect tips, and everyone is perfect, you dont have to be skinny or fat, i am a cheerleader and think these tips are great.

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