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Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : How to Stretch Before Cheerleading

Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : How to Stretch Before Cheerleading

Stretching is another very important part
of cheerleading. You want to stretch so you don’t pull any of your muscles. To begin,
we’re going to start out by rolling our wrists. You’re going to roll both of your wrists together
and your ankles. Second thing is that you’re going to want to stretch all of your major
muscle groups. Your arms first. You can reach one over the other and pull it straight. Both
arms of your right and left arm. They’re going to go up and over. You’re going to pull it
back to stretch out those muscles back there just like that. Another thing you can do is
you’re going to reach to the side, your right side of your leg, reach down, hold that position
for a while, then switch sides, go to your left, then you’re going to reach down the
middle. Reach right down in the middle to stretch out those back legs. Good. Now, we
can roll our neck too. You’re going to roll to the right, to the left, back, and front.
That again stretches all your muscles here so you don’t pull anything while you’re doing
your cheerleading. To continue our stretch, we’re going to head on to the ground in saddle
position like this. Both legs are going to be straight out and you’re going to reach
over to the right. You’re going to want to stretch all 3 of your muscles groups; the
right, the left, and the center. The next position is we’re going to go to pie position,
that means both leg go forward. You’re going to point those little toes and reach forward.
Grab them real good. The next thing you want to do is flex the toes to pull them back.
You’re going to stretch that calf muscle right down here. Good. Next thing is butterfly position.
You’re going to pull your legs in almost like a pretzel we call that. You’re going to press
down those knees real tight. Good. The next thing we do is called pose. You’re going to
put one leg over your other leg like that. Put your arm back behind that knee and stretch
the back and your leg. It works the back right here and your leg muscle.

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  1. For some reason this vid didn't make me feel confident that she knew what she was doing. I was bored so I look up some stretching stuff and eventually got to this… Random.

  2. sooooooooo that doesnt mean it aint cheerin i am a cheerleader and there are multiple ways to do it!!!!!!!!! think b4 talk!!!!! POPINKID

  3. @TrishLoverStratus Because she have a microphone and a cable in her body, so she can't move nor jump. I think that is the reason.

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