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Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : What is a Cheer Box?

Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : What is a Cheer Box?

Another thing we like to use is something
called a cheer box, which is right here. We use this to give dimension to our crowd and
fans in the audience so they can see us on a different level. This box also helps us
as cheerleaders to see the game and to know what cheer to do and what play is going on,
whether it’s offense, defense, or just in a half time or a time out. Basically, what
you need to do is just get some wood, put it together. Make yourself creative, put your
school colors on it like we have. We have red and white. We put our name on the front.
This is Nicole’s. You paint it the school color, be creative and there you go. There’s
your cheer box. We also like to use this cheer box for many other things. We use it in our
practices, in our routines, or even how to teach our fliers how to stand up straight
like this. They put their right foot on top and we say ready 1, 2. They press from the
bottom, pull themselves up and hit a lib and they can come down. This just gets them the
support that they’re going to feel while they’re in the air. Another thing we use our cheer
boxes for at our games is do cheers. These we call on the box cheers. What you do is
you get on your box, put your arms behind your back. A cheer for, on the box we don’t
really use that many motions. This is just something so the crowd can hear that you’re
still supporting your team like this. We’ll go over the words first. 1, we are the Indians,
2, a little bit louder, 3, we still can’t hear you, we are number 1. The motions for
this; you keep your feet planted, you’re going to go up like this. 1, you’re going to hit
that arm up and make a 1 motion. That’s on 1, on pause, you’re going to clap down here
and clap again. On 2, you’re going to hit that motion again and pause again. You’re
going to go right down here and clap. On 3, hit that 3 again, pause, clap. We are number
1, hit that motion again and you start again. If that was a little confusing, let’s try
all together now. Here we go. 1, we are the Indians, 2, a little bit louder, 3, we still
can’t hear you, we are number 1. Got it? Great. That’s our on the box cheer.

12 thoughts on “Basic Cheerleading Techniques & Tips : What is a Cheer Box?”

  1. In almost 20 years of cheerleading this is the most stupid thing I have seen. This is an ankle sprain waiting to happen! They will never allow something like this to sit on the football fields. It is hard enough to get girls to show up for practices let alone remember to bring a freaking box with them. This is worse than oversized hair bows.

  2. cheer box?? really? this is freaky is like cheerleader gone mad! wow I have no words! but ridiculos i always forgot my megaphone imagine pom poms megaphone and the box?? no way!!!

  3. im a cheerleader and we use cheer boxes. they're super useful we put our stuff in it during games and jumping off them is super fun!


  4. no one uses megaphones anymore. thats old skoool. Cheer has gone tech-savy alot of schools now use microphones that have head pieces. Mega phones are just props these days

  5. what high school is this? At FUHS (Fullerton, CA) the colors are red and white too and we are also the Indians. so weird to see a school from Burbank with such similarities

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