Basic Moves for Cheerleading Routines : How to Do Blades in Cheerleading Routines

Hi! I’m Mandy Butler on behalf of Expert Village
and I’m going to talk to you today about cheerleading motions. Now I’m going to show you the dagger
position. If I’m to start in a touchdown position and bend my elbow, breaking that touchdown,
that takes me to a dagger position. I can also get here from a low touchdown by breaking
my arms upward. I can get here from candlesticks bringing my arms in, or I can get here from
a broken T, bringing my elbows down. Now I have daggers. That’s DAGGERS, daggers, as
if you’re holding 2 knives. A lot of people mispronounce that or they don’t know what
you’re saying when you’re in the dagger position. If I’m extending that, that takes me back
to candlestick. Notice that my arms, again, are in front just ever so slightly to make
them nice and tight. I don’t have my wrists up against my shoulders, and my elbows aren’t
upward. I’m nice and tight in a dagger position.

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