Basic Moves for Cheerleading Routines : How to Punch in Cheerleading Routines

Hi! I’m Mandy Butler on behalf of Expert Village
and I’m going to talk to you today about cheerleading motions. Now I’m going to take you through
the punch. As I said before, when you do a touchdown, you might often hear that called
a punch. You’re almost always going to hear this called a right punch, rather than a right
touchdown. If I’ve got my arm up in a touchdown position and my left arm is on my hip, this
is a right punch. If I switch it and I have my left arm up with my right arm bent and
on my hip, that’s a left punch. I can take that down making it a left low punch. I can
also do a right low punch. If I’ve got my arm up like this, it’s just a punch. You don’t
have to call it a high punch. If you say punch, you’re going to know that your arm is extended
above your head. Low punch is down. Punch is up. If I’ve got both of them up, that’s
a touchdown or a punch. I’ve got a right punch and a left punch.

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