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Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Cheers : How to Call Cheers When Cheerleading

Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Cheers : How to Call Cheers When Cheerleading

Hi! I’m Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert Village.
I’m going to show you some cheerleading squad cheers today. We’re going to talk about chants
and I’m going to demonstrate some that you can take to your squad. Now that we’re at
a game, we need to figure how we’re going to do what cheer when. We don’t just want
to do them in the same order every game because then it’s going to get boring. The crowd is
going to get sick of it. We’re going to get sick of it, and also how are we going to know
when to start these cheers. It’s really important to learn how to call a cheer. The way we’re
going to call a cheer is to pick out the most prominent words and motions of the cheer.
For example, if our cheer is go go, G-O, go team go. The most prominent and easy words
of that cheer are going to be go team go. We’re going to want to start off with go team
go, and then everyone knows what cheer we’re going to do, you’re going to be ready, and
you’re going to take one beat to get into the cheer. Anyone can call a cheer at anytime.
First and foremost, you usually want to let the captain go ahead and call a couple of
cheers. Then each girl is going to take a turn. Sometimes we’ll go in order down the
formation. Other times, it can just be a free fall. Whenever you feel the motivation to
start your cheer, you’re going want to make sure everyone is paying attention. Go ahead,
and this is where our volume is going to come into play. Just make sure everyone is ready.
You’re in control of saying go team go. Then everyone should be ready to go ahead and go
forth to perform the whole cheer.

5 thoughts on “Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Cheers : How to Call Cheers When Cheerleading”

  1. ok my squad claps then every1 turns to the crowd then we say "ready hit it"…i'll just pick a random cheer of ours…we do this
    clap(every1 turns 2 the crowd)
    "Fight ready hit it"(the caller)
    "F-I-G-H-T fight packers fight"(every1, repeat 3x)
    and ik that cheer seems boring but its not the moves r rlly good.

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