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Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Cheers : How to Handle Referees When Cheerleading

Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Cheers : How to Handle Referees When Cheerleading

Hi I’m Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert Village.
I’m going to show you some cheerleading squad cheers today. We’re going to talk about chants
and I’m going to demonstrate some that you can take to your squad. When we’re cheering
at a game, it’s really important to remember that you are going to be in close physical
contact with all the players and the referees, especially at a basketball game. You’re going
to be about twelve inches behind the goal line. So it’s really important to constantly
be aware, we don’t want to be caught staring out at the crowd, twirling our hair, and all
of the sudden get tackled by eight basketball players, because it’s really not going to
feel good. You’re probably going to end up getting hurt. So it’s important if you see
basketball players coming towards you, towards the goal, the most appropriate way to step
out is to step to the side, keep your arms behind your back and stand clear. This is
also appropriate to do if someone’s shooting a foul, or shooting a ball in the basket,
everyone’s on the sidelines, you need to make sure you clear out of the way because there’s
going to be a lot of action right around that spot. It’s also important to respect your
referees. Usually referees have their whistles and they’re pacing the sidelines. They’re
going to be really close in proximity to you. We don’t want to shake our pom poms in their
face, we don’t want to put a megaphone up to their ear. Because actually referees can
call the cheerleaders for this, and your coach is going to get a penalty against them, they’re
going to lose a time out, and they’re going to be really upset with you. You’re going
to cause a lot of turmoil and not be very liked. It’s also important to remember that
when you’re cheering at a game that you’re not a fan. If the referee makes a call that
you don’t like or number twenty three on the opposing team elbows your player, you’re not
allowed to get upset and say boo twenty-three, bad call ref! Boo! I know we’d all like to
sometimes, but you’ve got to remember you’re not a crowd member. You’re here to support
your team and you need to stay professional. Make sure you stay on your lines, you don’t
want to get a call against you and your team because you crossed the line or got on a refs
nerves. So definitely be careful and be aware. It’s also important to know sometimes the
calls that the refs make. You can get yourself a guide like this. It’s going to show you
all the different calls that referees make. Now I know everyone’s not going to want to
learn every referee call, so I’m going to show you to the two basic right now that are
important for cheerleaders to know. You’ve got to learn half, this is half of a time
out. This is important because we need to stay in our place. We’re not allowed to take
the floor. It’s only going to be thirty seconds, so this is a great time to do a chant or maybe
a quick jump. Now a full time out is going to be this motion here with the arms wide
open. A full time out is important for you to know, because as a cheerleader you need
to take the floor. You’ve got sixty seconds, go throw a stunt, go throw a cheer, go do
a tumbling pass. That’s definitely the only time in the game where it’s appropriate for
you to step across the lines.

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