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Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Jumps & Tumbling : Advanced Tumbling & Cheerleading

Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Jumps & Tumbling : Advanced Tumbling & Cheerleading

Hi I’m Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert Village
here to talk about cheerleading jumps and tumbling. After you’ve mastered your round-off,
you’re able to start moving on into more advanced tumbling. Now advanced tumbling is most easily
done in combination from a round-off because you’re going to get a lot of momentum. Demonstrated
right here are the steps that you’re going to take in a back handspring. I highly recommend
starting out with spotters. This is going to be the best way to learn the movements
in slow motion, then you can go ahead and take it from there. Now we can also do all
of these tumbles which we’re going to call standing format instead of running which is
linked onto the round-off. Now it’s important when you’re learning your back handspring
to have tons of matted floors. These are going to be provided by your facility when you’re
tumbling. Now the correct position to start off with a back hand spring, you’re going
to want to bend at the knees and rock back on your heels as you take off. So it’s really
important, your spotters are going to be behind you, we’re going to end up going completely
back and landing on the palms of our hands. Make sure you can keep your arms straight
and you want to do a little shrug at the shoulder and then you’re going to pop out of it, similarly
to how you would pop out of a handstand. Now it’s also important to learn, once you’ve
mastered your back handspring, the second high level skill is going to be your tuck.
Now first you need to master your tuck jump, which is going to be this position here, knees
high up on the chest. And a tuck jump is basically going to be this form with both your knees
hugged tightly to your chest in the air. You can do a running tuck which is going to be
attached to your round-off, or your handspring, or you can do a standing still tuck, which
is going to be a different prep from our handspring. We’re going to start stationary. We’re going
to get up on our toes to get some momentum, and we’re going to go straight in. It’s really
important to ride your jump up when you’re doing a tuck. You really need to pull yourself
all the way to the tippy top before you go into the tuck position. You want to hold that
position tightly until you spin all the way around. Now a lot of us, when we’re landing
our tucks, you’re going to be in this position down here on the floor a lot when you land
your tucks. That’s ok, you’re still learning, just get up out of if, and get a spot until
you can make that full rotation. Another tumble which is really advanced is called a layout.
A layout’s going to be a flip that’s similar to a tuck where your hands never make contact
to the ground. In the air your layout position is basically going to be this. We’re going
to do a full rotation in a flat position like this. After you’ve mastered your layout, you
can start doing fulls which are the most fun tumbling. A full is going to be a layout in
this position with a full rotation in the air. Those are the most difficult of tumbling
passages. A good way to master those is using trampolines. You can use foam pits and also
definitely use lots of mats.

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  1. they need to change name for videos to distingush which is just jumps & which is tumbling and then after explaining each gymnastics flip to actually do it annd show us what she is teaching so begginers know what it is suppose to look like so they know what there aiming for and are even learning how to do they dont even know what the flip looks like if they never did it before but i then that it is excellent

  2. she inst a cheerleader from out century guys… cheer leading was different for her when she did it. not exactly the same to what shes used to. cheer leading wasn't as advanced or as competitive as it was when she was one. so if to her, advanced stunting it a layout, then so what

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