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Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Jumps & Tumbling : Cartwheels & Round Offs When Cheerleading

Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Jumps & Tumbling : Cartwheels & Round Offs When Cheerleading

Hi, I’m Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert Village
here to talk about cheerleading jumps and tumbling. One of the most basic tumbles we
can start with is a cartwheel. Now a cartwheel is going to be really important because it’s
a base fundamental to build on and get your confidence set for doing any sort of tumble
at all. It’s really important to make sure you keep your arms at a locked position at
all times when you’re on the ground. Another variation of the cartwheel is a round off.
Now the round off is very similar to the cartwheel except for we have a torso turn and instead
of our legs hitting the floor one by one, our legs will hit the floor together. Now,
when starting a cartwheel, the best way to learn is by taping a line of masking tape
across the floor that you’re going to be using. Once you have that masking tape set, you can
put your toe on the line to start. Now the first thing that’s going to hit the floor
is going to be your first hand. Now if you’re right handed that’s going to be your right
hand. If you’re left handed you simply take the other end of the line and you’re going
to go with your left hand. It is important to know how to do both sides because you may
be asked to come from different directions. So, once we have set ourselves, we’re going
to raise our right hand or left hand, whichever is going to be your first to hit the floor,
you’re going to make sure it lands on the tape – one hand, two hand, foot, foot. And
that’s basically what you’re going to want to do for the cartwheel. Now once you get
your basic mastered, you’re going to want to speed it up a little bit so you can get
some momentum building. Now the round off is very similar to the cartwheel. You’re definitely
going to start with the same preparation and it’s going to be the same middle form. The
only thing is once we’re in the air and we have both feet up we’re going to want to meet
them together and drop them together so they’re touching when you hit the ground. Now the
round off is probably the most important tumble in cheerleading because this is how we’re
going to start all of our running tumbling passages. Now, it’s really important to practice
your round off with speed and power and height. So usually you want to get as much of a running
start as possible. You really want to go as fast as you can into that tumble, get a lot
of power going and really snap out of it and from here, at the end of our round off is
where we’re going to do all of our back flips, back handsprings and fulls.

17 thoughts on “Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Jumps & Tumbling : Cartwheels & Round Offs When Cheerleading”

  1. I've tried cartwheels at an adult gymnastics class but can't do one. I'm an older adult and can't get my lets as far apart as this girl. I just can't get off the ground into a handstand. Also, I'm right handed, but it seems so awkward trying it with right foot forward and right hand hitting the floor first. Seems more natural doing it with left hand and foot…weird huh? Can't even do a handstand. My legs can't kick hard enough to get into the handstand! Suggestions?

  2. I've spent many hours with a coach and private lessons…at least 10 hrs. at $45 per hr. and I still can't do a cartwheel! It's very frustrating but I am an older adult.

  3. this girl is horrible and she doesn't know what she's doing. why didn't they find someone better for these? it wouldn't have been hard to find anyone that is better that THIS girl.

  4. that's our point. this girl isn't even a mediocre cheerleader. we don't understand why they picked her for the vidoes…

  5. this girl sucks my cartwheels are so much better and i aint even a cheerleader'
    and also at least i match unlike her

  6. MsGymnast77: Depends on where you want to cheer and your competition at tryouts. I've seen teams that have no tumbling requirements all the way up to a few HS teams that require a back hand-spring. Ask around at the school/ gym where you want to try out.

  7. I have an issue with my cartwheel: everytime i do it, i lean back the tiniest of motions, but last time i was at a gymnastics class, the lady yelled at me and said i would have to learn it over. suckish, or what? anybody have any thoughts?????

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