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Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Jumps & Tumbling : How to do a Herkie Jump in Cheerleading

Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Jumps & Tumbling : How to do a Herkie Jump in Cheerleading

Hi! I’m Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert Village
here to talk about cheerleading jumps and tumbling. In cheerleading, one of the most
common jumps is a herkie. There are a lot of variations on the herkie. It can be performed
with both your right leg and your left leg. You should practice both evenly to make sure
you get even placement with your jumps. Another variation on the herkie will be a hurdler
jump. A hurdler jump is basically going to be the same thing as the herkie, but instead
of our forward leg being out to the side, it’s going to be out in front instead. Basically
on the ground, your herkie position is ideally going to be like this. Your back leg will
be in a star position. You want your knee facing directly out to your audience. We want
our toe pointed and the front of our foot facing forward. Say you were doing a right
herkie. Your right leg is going to be your front leg, and this is going to be in the
toe touch position from the basic jump we learned earlier. You want to make sure the
ball of your foot is forward, toe pointed. Up in the air, the most appropriate way to
hold your hands is going to be in the high V position. You can also reach out in blades
if that feels for comfortable to you. The herkie jump should be performed facing forward
to your crowd. If you choose to the hurdler variation, that’s going to look best facing
sideways because we’re going to be able to see the height of your leg. When performed,
a right herkie will look like this.

20 thoughts on “Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Jumps & Tumbling : How to do a Herkie Jump in Cheerleading”

  1. This video is wrong. The bent knee faces down in a herkie. When the knee faces front it is a hurdler. There is a difference. A herkie is named after Lawrence Herkimer. Look it up. Just look at the photos in the video. The photos show the bent knee facing down.
    The herkie is named after someone. All other jumps are named for the body position in the air… toe-touch, pike, double nine… etc.

  2. lmfao this was some funny shit what the hell is she doin u dont need to do all tht shit to do a herkie i have no cheer experinece and can do a herkie and many other jumps and stunts im trying out for a comets tomorrow she looks consripated at the end of ever jump

  3. @woody1sp

    exactly. I see so many negative comments where people do not offer any valuable information. very well said.

  4. Did anyone else learn a herkie like putting the leg facing out facing front? I've never been taught to put my leg to the side

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