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Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Jumps & Tumbling : How to Do a Pike Jump in Cheerleading

Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Jumps & Tumbling : How to Do a Pike Jump in Cheerleading

Hi! I’m Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert Village
here to talk about cheerleading jumps and tumbling. Now moving on to some jumps in cheerleading
that are going to be slightly more difficult are a pike jump. A pike jump is going to be
facing sideways. A variation of the pike jump, which is the most challenging jump in cheerleading,
is going to be called the double 9. That one should only be attempted after you’ve mastered
your pike jump. A pike jump on the ground is basically going to be your legs out forward
in front of you. We want to make sure that our toes are pointed. We also want to make
sure that both legs are at an even height. Also important when we’re doing our pike jump
is to keep your torso straight. It is okay to bend forward. However, when we are reaching
for our toes, you just want to make sure you keep a nice straight posture. You don’t want
to curl over and do your jump. It’s also really important when you’re doing your pike jump
to face sideways. If we do a pike jump forward, all your audience is going to see is the bottoms
of your feet and the palms of your hands, which isn’t that appealing. When performed,
you should usually do your pike jump sideways or at an angle. I find that they’re most flattering
at an angle. When performed, a pike jump will look like this. A variation on the pike jump
that we just went over is called the double 9. The double 9 is going to be performed in
the exact same position that we did the pike earlier, except you’re going to have one leg
bent out to the side like this. As you can see, it makes the shape of a 9. You’re going
to want to mirror your arms to your legs. We’re going to take the left side of our body.
You can do it both ways. Just make sure that you match up and your arms going to be like
this. Like I said earlier, make sure you’re not hunched and curled over. If you need to
lean forward to achieve your maximum height, that’s definitely appropriate. The double
9 jump when performed, we want to keep the 9 part out towards our audience so they can
see. When performed the double 9 jump, it’ll look like this.

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  1. HHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHH OMFG!! I was reading all the other comments about how she just sucks,,, and I guess they where right.

  2. i dnt thnk she did her pike tht well not to brag but if you suck in you stomach and squeeze you abds in tht really works and i good great jumps

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