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Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Jumps & Tumbling : How to Toe Touch in a Jump When Cheerleading

Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Jumps & Tumbling : How to Toe Touch in a Jump When Cheerleading

Hi! I’m Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert Village
here to talk about cheerleading jumps and tumbling. The most popular and important jump
you’re going to learn when cheerleading is the toe touch. A toe touch is going to be
basically a split in the air that’s facing forward. A couple of things that are really
important to remember when we’re doing our toe touches is we want to keep our legs straight.
We always want to keep our toes pointed. That’s going to be really important. No matter how
high your jump is and how quick it is, if you’ve got a flexed foot up in the air, it
doesn’t look at pretty as a pointed toe. That’s really important to remember. It’s also important
to remember to have your legs at an even height in the air when you’re doing the toe touch.
Basically on the ground, this is what a toe touch should ultimately look like in the air.
You want your feet even. You want your toes pointed. We just want to basically see the
inside ball of your feet. The most common way for your hands to be are up in the air
in a high V position. However, some people will choose to do them in the T position.
Some people do choose to reach for their toes, which is another nice way of doing them. Other
people will choose to keep their hands down to get a little more momentum. Which ever
one works for you is really nice to practice. However, your coach will dictate which way
you should have your hands when you’re doing your toe touch jump. When the toe touch jump
is performed, it should be formed faced right out to the crowd. This is what a toe touch
jump will look like.

100 thoughts on “Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Jumps & Tumbling : How to Toe Touch in a Jump When Cheerleading”

  1. i think that was the way she was taught i was taught how u guys do it i start with a clap and then high V how u just said

  2. that was a bad toetouch i thought it was going to be high im not sying mine are perfect but i've seen higher ones! but not bad i guess

  3. her toe touch looked a little loose,
    not tight..
    but still a heck of a lot better than i can do,
    and i've been cheering for 2 years!
    my toe touches are terrible!

  4. Those were Really good tips but your toe touch wasn't as great. You need to keep your chest up and point your toes

  5. she probably cant do it that good because first off all she is on what sound like a hard plaster lined floor which has like no force net against you (meaning its hard to bounce off of) and she looks a little heavier than most cheerleaders. so if u can do one betar, then good for u, but keep in mind how she has weight and a non bouncing surface

  6. dancergj563 is such a haterrr.
    shes probably not good enough to be a cheerleader or an emo hater and she's just jealous

  7. no actuallly we/cheerleaders dont suck.
    you suck.
    your just jealous because your not good enough to be a cheerleader

  8. so me a split backhandspring and a backhandspring full tuck layout..omg u cnt do tht soooo cheerleaders must not suck

  9. im sorry but that wass horrible… if you ddnt tell me you were an expert i would of never known… and its the truth not being snobby… theres nothing wrong wit speakin the truth… its a jump for heavens sakee

  10. Yeaa i agree wit the otherss ;; yuhh didnt do a gudd toe-touchh,, Im a basketball player nd i can do one wayy better than that.. Sorryy It wasnt ur best !!

  11. that was terrible I just started this year and the first day I learned it I did beter than that. keep toes pointed and your hands always in fist and dont bend over try to keep your chest up . that was terrible

  12. hm… not the best toe touch she could have done…. oh well. at least she did a toe touch to show what it basiclly looks like.

  13. That was not that bad at all! I bet it was better then most people commeting bad on this! Oh and she was too good, she had straight pointed legs and the jump was high

  14. Hey guys it was just the computer! I thought it sucked the first time I looked at it but afyter i replayed it a few times it worked and it was actually good! Trust sme im not just saying that you can try for yourself and see if it works!

  15. I
    ve been cheerleading for 10 years and any 1 can tell u shouldent be teaching a toe touch when u caint even do 1 your self… FAIL !

  16. @MegaCrazyshow well since you have been cheering for so long and you no so much why not make a vid of you doing it better

  17. I mean you definitely sound like you know what you're talking about but I don't see how anyone can take your advice seriously after seeing your jumps?

  18. @jskimages You would think by the looks of that toe touch lol but it says she's been cheering for 10 years. idk how you cheer for that long and can't have a half decent toe touch

  19. WELL..i don't know what to wasn't that bad..but I was taught that when you do a toe touch your arms should be in a t but you should swing harder to gain more momentum in the air..and point your toes!!..but the jump wasn't that bad!

  20. @CheerGymMusicJB actually she has terrible form. Her arms did not stay in a strong T, her hands were not even in fist like they are suppose to be in ANY toe touch, she swung her arms back and put her chest foward and her hips werent rotated. Terrible form actually and yes ive been doing cheer for 3 years so I have room to talk.

  21. You guys are such assholes! It was a really good toe touch! Seriously! Get a freakin life and stop dissing other people when I GUARANTEE you can't do CLOSE to what she just did. GROW UP!

  22. in my cheerleading, we have to keep our hands up in a high V when we do a jump. not keep them where ever she did. by they way hers sucked!

  23. I can't do a toe touch but I'm sure I could do it better than you. I was looking for tips on my new exhibition this was very unhelpful.

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