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Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Stunts : How to Do Basket Tosses: Cheerleading Stunt Tips

Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Stunts : How to Do Basket Tosses: Cheerleading Stunt Tips

Hi my name is Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert
Village here to talk about cheerleading stunts. Now we’re going to discuss a stunt called
a basket toss. A basket toss, you’re going to have your five basic people just like you
would for any regular stunt, except for the format’s going to be really different. Now
your two bases, you’re going to link arms in a pattern like this, which we’re going
to call the square. Now you’re going to take one hand and clasp it over your other hand
right in the middle of the forearm. It’s really important that you’ve got a nice tight grip
and you want to keep it pretty close together. The other person is then going to grab onto
your forearm and your wrist so we create a nice square. Now this square needs to be really
loose. You need to be able to do this, loosen your muscles up, make sure you’ve got a nice
loose grip. Now you’re flier is actually going to step onto your arms. The reason we call
it a basket toss is because you’re creating the basket for your flier to fly in. So once
you’ve got the solid basket ready, your flier is ready to step in. Now we load into the
basket the same way we load into a regular stunt. We can either do one foot at a time
and then ride our basket. Or we can simply jump in our basket, whatever our squad feel
more comfortable with, but everyone’s basket toss needs to be the same. We also have a
back spot in the basket toss. Their job is loading in and it gets really important here.
We really need to make sure we push up on the bottom of the person who’s flying, because
that’s where they’re going to get about a third of their power from. Do not push them
forward, because they’re going to fly out of their basket and no one’s going to be able
to catch them. Now we also have a front spot in basket so we can get a little more power.
The front spot, your job’s pretty easy. You’re going to get underneath the basket that your
bases have created. Basically you’re just going to give them a little extra power when
they hit the peak of their basket. Your most important job is to step out of the way, because
when that flier comes back down, if you stay in front, you’re going to get smacked with
her legs. So make sure after you push, you step out of the way, so your flier can come
down. Now as a flier, the most basic ride you can do in a basket is a step in, and just
ride it straight up ’til you hit your peak then you want to come down in the cradle position.
Now your job as a flier is to make sure you get a lot of momentum pushing off those shoulders
and straightening your legs at the same time. If you let your legs dip or you don’t push
out and sag, you’re not going anywhere out of that basket. It’s really really a power
play between the arms and the bending of your knee; they really need to spring off each
other. Now once we’ve mastered the basket toss, we can do a lot of cool things in them.
Some of the most common are the toe touch once we’ve reached the top of our basket fly.
We’re going to go all the way up, ride it, hit a pretty toe touch, come back down in
our cradle. The next step you’d want to master is doing your back tuck in your basket toss.
Same principle as a basic back tuck, except for you’re going to make sure that you do
it at the tippy top of your basket. Now a lot of people, when they’re learning a back
tuck basket are going to want to back flip right out of it. You’re not going anywhere,
you’re not getting any height, and you’re going to hit your back spot right in the head.
So you need to make sure you ride it like your basic basket, go all the way up, it’s
really important to make a spot on the wall and once you see yourself starting to go down
from that spot is when you need to pull into your tuck. Now it’s OK when you’re learning
if you don’t make it all the way around. Your spots and your bases are going to catch you
no matter what, but technically, we should do a full tuck and land in the cradle position.

31 thoughts on “Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Stunts : How to Do Basket Tosses: Cheerleading Stunt Tips”

  1. this was okay but there are a few questionable techniques she talks about that i don't expect will help like where she said hold cause we always hold wrist not forearm

  2. when she talks about riding up and she puts her arms up her elbows look like they're broken, it looks nasty…

  3. she's double jointed!!! i am and my arms do the same thing. it's not nasty or gross it's just the way we were born!!

  4. yep you hold wrists not forearms and plus you CANT put your hands on the flyers butt during a basket OR for any stunts…. ITS ILLEGAL!!!!! DUHHHH… except for like a one legged stunts

  5. you can in england push on the flyers butt thats what we have to do. its illegal in some country's not all.but u do make a point on the forearms thing

  6. she sucks !
    you hold wrists ,
    the backspot should push from under the basket .
    and never a loose grip !
    should be tight at all times

  7. ohk, this is not true, you hold onto wrist & when you back spot you load them in and go under the basket, wow shows how much you know about cheerleading…. this is girls sucks

  8. we learned it differently,
    we learned to hold our wirstes and eacch others near the ball , and not suppose to keep our arms bent, cause if there bent then your not going to be able to get your climber high up in the air when you throw her up.

  9. Bitch take dis bullshit off here for somebody tries to do dis nd get hurt cause dis shit is all wrong. Yo ass goin cause somebody to get hurt

  10. yea i am a cheerleader 2 but mii squad doesn't kno how to do it . Can u help me send me a message ! ! ! PLZZZZZ HELP ME ! ! !

  11. @MassageTherapyVal ummmm….. I do basket tosses every day it is WAY easier to grab the wrists than the forearm! p.s me and the other base and back base have NEVER dropped our flyer

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