Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Stunts : How to Do Pyramids: Cheerleading Stunt Tips

Hi, my name is Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert
Village, here to talk about cheer leading stunts. Now that you have learned your group
stunts you can take it a level further and create pyramids. Pyramids are really awesome
way to incorporate the whole squad into one stunt which is really impressive and really
awesome. It can be as simple or as difficult as you want it. Here’s a couple of examples
of pyramids. These are going to be some of the more simplistic pyramids. This one right
here a heel stretch pyramid is probably one of the most common that we’re going to see
on almost every squad out on the football field. Now, pyramids generally are going to
have three levels but they can have two levels. Basically, if you want to do a simple pyramid
you’re just going to take two normal stunts, say we learned the group heel stretch earlier,
we’re going to have a girl on the right side doing her right heel stretch and one stunt
group over we’re going to have another girl doing her left heel stretch, co-joining in
the middle. It is really nice if you can have a girl in the middle that you can both put
your arms on so everyones touching it creates a nice pyramid.

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