Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Stunts : How to Perform Partner Cheerleading Stunts

Hi my name is Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert
Village here to talk about cheerleading stunts. After you’ve learned your all girl stunts,
it’s really fun to move into partner stunts. Now a partner stunt group is going to consist
of a male, a female and a spotter who can be either sex as long as they’re tall enough
to catch where the bases height is. So now that we’ve got our two people that we need
involved, you really need to learn how to do your job. Now if you’re a female, you’re
going to be a flier. For the stance, you and your partner are going to be about a foot
away with the male in the back. Females, your arms are going to go behind you, grasping
like this onto your partner’s wrists. Now males you’re going to have your stance in
the back. And you’re going to be holding your partner’s waist. Now this is really important
to do. You can hold wherever you feel comfortable and wherever your partner feels comfortable.
Don’t go too high up because your grip’s not going to be as good. And really make sure
you’ve got a firm grip with your thumb in the back, your forefingers in the front. Now,
the way you get into a stunt, the back partner which will be the male is in charge, and he’s
going to do the same call that we always do to get into a stunt, which is ready, one two.
Now you guys both need to be on the same page here. As the flier, and the female, you are
going to dip on his ready, one two. So you’re going to go down, bend at the knees and really
push yourself up off of his arms. It’s half your job to get in the air, half his job.
So don’t slack off, nobody’s going to want to stunt with you. Make sure you jump. It’s
really important. Don’t just let the guy take you; you really need to push yourself off
the ground. That’s half the momentum. Now men, the most important thing you need to
remember as you’re holding your partner’s waist, ready, one two, don’t bend forward
and lift her up with your back, because she’s not going anywhere. You need to lift her up
with your leg muscles. So make sure, I know it’s hard because not all of us are that flexible.
You’ll learn it over time, but once you call your ready, one two, really, you want to get
under her before you can throw her. Now it’s really important to practice toss drills before
you stunt. That’s how you can find out if you and your partner are compatible to stunt
together. Toss drill is going to be what we just learned. And you’re going to do them
over and over again until you want to hit the floor. So you’re going to go, ready, one
two, throw her, catch her, throw her, catch her. No break in between. Do about fifteen
to twenty of these, as many as you can stand. Girls, your legs are going to be burning,
guys; your arms are going to be burning. It’s a really good drill. Now two of the most basic
partner stunts are a chair sit. Now for a chair sit, we’re going to start with our basic
toss. Females, your position is going to look like this: sitting. Now males, you’re going
to be holding the girls, bottom ankle, this is kind of like your steering shift. And this
hand is going to be underneath her bottom like this, one side. So you’re going to have
a hand her, you’re going to have the other hand here. Girls, it’s really your job to
sit back into the guy’s hand. Get comfortable. Guys, it’s really important when she hits
that peak, you’ve got to get this hand under cause she’s going to fall on it. Keep your
arm stiff. Make sure you can hold her up. The next stunt we’re going to do is toss hands,
similar to an all girl stunt, but you need to throw her up there. So basically we’re
going to go from here, do our toss, you need to complete, all the way up to the ceiling
even though we’re only going to catch her right here. It’s really important for momentum.
Girls, you need to keep your eyes forward, and basically you can’t see where your feet
are going to land. The most important thing is just to jump. Though guys, you really have
to catch her feet. If they’re out a little further, pull them in and you’re going to
rest them right her by your shoulders.

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