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Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Stunts : How to Start a Cheerleading Stunt

Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Stunts : How to Start a Cheerleading Stunt

Hi my name is Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert
Village here to talk about cheerleading stunts. Now that we’ve learned the positions we need
to be in for our stunts, we’re going to learn how to get into a stunt. Once all of our girls
are in position, the flier and the back spot have the most control over when and how the
stunt goes up. Now as the flier, we’re going to take our right and left hands and put them
on the bases shoulders that are closest to us. Now there’s two ways you can get into
your stunt. The best way I think that has the most control, is we’re going to start
with one foot loaded in. This is going to be in your main base’s hand. Now, the back
spot is in charge of all the timing. If you’re a back spot, you should have your hands firmly
around your flier’s waist. So it’s going to look like this if you’re the flier. Now, once
you make the call, which is always going to be, ready, one two, and that’s how we begin
our stunt. After you’ve called the ready, one two, the flier has their one foot prepped
in. Ready, one two, step, give your foot to the other base, make sure that you bend at
your knees, you’re going to push off the shoulders and ride up into your stunt. Now as the back
spot, it’s really important, once you’ve got her waist at about mid level, you can get
under the butt and give a little push up, just to make sure that she gets there. Most
fliers are going to be able to pull themselves up, but it’s always important to give a little
help. Never push forward, because that’s going to send her right out of the bases’ hands.
We don’t want to do that. So make sure, if you’re back spotting you lift straight up.
Bases, just remember, always bend at your knees. It’s the flier’s decision of when they
want to go up, so just ride the flow. Remember the one two. The second way we can get into
a stunt is two feet at once. That’s going to be with a jump, similar to earlier, hands
on shoulders. Ready, one two, both feet are going to go into the main base and secondary
base at the same time so they can ride you up on your elevator together.

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  1. As a base, I always had a hard time keeping my flier from wobbling around once my arms were fully extended. What can I do about that?

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