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Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Stunts : Important Positions for Cheerleading Stunts

Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Stunts : Important Positions for Cheerleading Stunts

Hi my name is Lucy Spain on behalf of Expert
Village here to talk about cheerleading stunts. Now that you know how to get in your stunt
with your stunt partners, what do we do once we get in the air? Well, the most basic, we’re
going to stand in elevator position, up in the air, it’s definitely appropriate to hit
a high V if that’s as high as you’re going to go. The next step up will be called the
full, so instead of the bases holding you here at chest level, the bases are going to
press you all the way up above their heads like this. Now if you’re going to go for a
full, when you’re at mid level you want to keep your arms down, and when you go all the
way up to your full you want to hit your high V. Now that we’ve gone over that, we’re going
to go over the next series of stunts is when the bases are holding you by one foot. So
after you’ve entered into the air, usually we’re going to start just by holding our extra
foot out to the side, keep it tight, but it’s not going to have any hands below it, so make
sure you stay balanced on the ball of your foot. Don’t stunt flat footed because you’re
not going to be able to carry yourself. The most basic one foot stunt that we can do is
the liberty. The liberty, we’re going to lock the side of the foot into the kneecap and
hit a high V. Now this is a straight on liberty, we can also cock the foot out to the side
a little bit and give it a little twist. Now that we’ve gone over the liberty, you can
take it to the next level, which is going to be a heel stretch. Now a heel stretch we
can take from the down position that we discussed earlier. You can build it from a liberty position.
You want to grab the inside of your foot, pull it up and hit your high V with the other
hand. It’s really important to keep your arm and your foot together. Another way to get
into your heel stretch is to go straight from your preparation all the way up and just kick
it. Now that one’s a little bit harder, so if you’re starting out, you might want to
start with the liberty before going up. Some girls will choose to hold it by their ankle
if that’s an easier reach. Some people’s arms are all different lengths. So whatever’s most
comfortable for you. These stunts can be performed with both right foot and left foot. It’s really
nice to be able to know how to do both, because if you’re going to into a pyramid, you never
know what side you’re going to be on, so just always practice with your flexibility on both
sides. Now that we’ve learned the heel stretch, another step up of difficulty is going to
be our scorpion. Now the scorpion, you can’t go straight into it, you’re going to have
to build it from either your flat footed position or build it from your liberty. Now, how we’re
going to get into a scorpion, first and foremost, this kind of confuses people so watch closely.
We’re going to take the hand and lay the back of it on our foot. Once you do that, you want
to curl it around, grab by your toes, flip it over and then you want to grab your elbow
for support. It’s really nice if you can keep this looking forward and then pop out of it.
Sometimes if you can turn your head toward the crowd it’s nice. We always want to perform
the scorpion sideways, because it’s got more aesthetics than if you do it facing forward.

20 thoughts on “Basic to Advanced Cheerleading Stunts : Important Positions for Cheerleading Stunts”

  1. OK, "full" is an 80's term…it's called an "extension" now. Libs are now done with the knee as high as possible or as high as it takes to get the top of your leg flat – locking the foot at the knee is way old-school. Stretches are now held from the back of the foot in competition unless you live in ghetto-ville. Scorps are done with both hands on the foot and pulled high over head, never held at the elbow- and yes, you CAN go straight into it if ur good. From a pro coach, this vid sucks!

  2. @bbott22 i agree. Even in figure skating if your gonna do a bielman, a scorpian on the ice, then you grab the foot. Not the elbow, not unless your transition and learning to do it and working on flexibility. But never in competition. Looks super sloppy

  3. That was a horrrrrriible heel stretch and scorp. I've never been a flyer in my life and i can do both tons better. And i taught myself at that.

  4. . if yur gunna du a video to teach us stuff , go learn and then come teach us . thats probably why some of the cheerleaders suck because of yuu . p.s . Yur reely draininq !

  5. oh my dear lord. who the hell actually pulls a heel stretch from the inside of their foot? or out to the side? this is terrible. please take this video down. it is not informational at all.

  6. if you have taken the time to watch this video, please take the time to make sure none of this information stays in your head. worst cheerleading instructional possible

  7. @mcslamma100 that's because she can't do a bow and arrow, she can't even do a good heel stretch…she needs to work on her flexibility a lot!

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