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Basketball Equipment & Etiquette : Airing Up a Basketball

Basketball Equipment & Etiquette : Airing Up a Basketball

In this segment I would be discussing proper
ways to pump up basketballs just in case you don’t know every ball has a hole. Here is
our hole for our ball, let me bring it in closer so you can see. You don’t want, this
is just a simple pump it is really not expensive they have better basketball pumps but this
is probably one of the least expensive ones that you can get. You want to moisten your
needle as well as the area where the hole is being by salvia or some kind of lubrication.
I just use my salvia and I stick it there. Now if you do that without moisten the needle
it is not good for the hole or your needle you can get it bent or stuck. After you have
your needle in then you can begin by pumping until it gets pretty firm you don’t want to
put too much area in it or it would be too hard and it would bounce to high. You just
want it firm. Once you get firm then you can take the needle out and you would be ready
to go. The main thing to remember is to moisten your needle as well as the hole.

25 thoughts on “Basketball Equipment & Etiquette : Airing Up a Basketball”

  1. All balls have a hole you want to moisten the hole and needle before pumping. You can use saliva or lubricant but I usually just stick my tongue in there..

  2. moisten the area where the hole is…you may want to do it with your saliva. You dont want to enter the needle without moistening the hole. …. thank you sir!

  3. Its just like intercourse, first you get the whole wet, then you get the needle wet, and then start pumping

  4. end of this video gives 1 of the best life advice's you'll ever hear. perhaps the most important of all 

  5. Just letting you guys know water also works for most ing the inflation needle and you need to cover the top of the basketballs inflation hole with spit from you'r mouth so air dose not leak out of the from it sitting over time

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