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Basketball Equipment & Rules : The 3 Second Rule in Basketball

Basketball Equipment & Rules : The 3 Second Rule in Basketball

When we’re talking about the lane, which is
this square here, something that’s really important and it usually applies to big men
and not so much guards, but it applies to all offensive players on the court. When you’re
inside this lane, you only have a maximum of three seconds to do, to stay inside the
lane so usually what you have to do is, especially if you’re a big man, this is hard to remember
because a lot of times big men like to camp, camp out down here and do whatever they do
to get spacing so that they can catch the ball and make the shot for their coach. But,
when we’re talking about people in the lane, usually what the big man or anybody on the
offensive team has to do, is step inside of the paint and then step outside of it. And
once you get outside of these, outside of this border, these lines, you’re pretty much
good; the count starts over once you step back in. So, you want to keep that in mind,
whenever you’re in the paint, you don’t want to stay in the paint more than three seconds.
Just also, just as I was talking about the out of bounds line, this is also something
that drives your coaches crazy and if you know these little rules, these little simple
things before you come to the court, they’ll help you out in the long run. So, always remember
you only get three seconds inside these little, little lines in the paint.

24 thoughts on “Basketball Equipment & Rules : The 3 Second Rule in Basketball”

  1. I have seen a lot of nba players stay in there for 3 seconds or more but dont get called. Are there special rules for the defence? Is there more to it than just staying in the paint for 3 seconds?

  2. what i like to do. is have one foot in the lane one foot out. like straddle it. idk if it is legal but in the leagues i have played in. the 3 second count never starts untill i have both feet in the paint

  3. Yee a'ight so if the offense moves in the paint first then the defense follows inside and they both stay there.
    Who gets the 3 second violation first the offense who there before or the defense.

  4. This was amazing. Loved how you dropped the ball each time. I’m 30 played since 14 and you showed better than why my couch yeald the same thing over and over.

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