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Basketball Fundamentals : Basic Dribbling in Basketball

Basketball Fundamentals : Basic Dribbling in Basketball

When you’re dribbling the ball, we want to
take about the basic dribble. When you’re dribbling the ball, certain rules apply. You
want to always keep the ball waist and below, waist and below. You don’t want to go above
the waist because once you go above the waist, you get a possible carrying calls and some
other things that can happen. So, you want to keep the ball waist high and dribble right
beside your body. Keep it outside of your body. You don’t want to ever, try not to cross
your feet ever when you’re dribbling, you want to keep proper spacing. Proper spacing,
proper spacing. So when you’re dribbling, keep the ball like I said, waist below and
also you don’t want to go too high because when you go to high, what can happen is when
you’re taking off, if you’re taking off and dribbling and you’re too high, that gives
a lot of room and a lot of time for the defense to actually steal the ball, reach in there
and try to swipe it. So that’s why they want to keep the ball from their waist below because
it gives you more time it gives you gives you more control to use your body to kind
of keep the ball where you want it to be. So basic dribbling for all you out there just
starting out.

19 thoughts on “Basketball Fundamentals : Basic Dribbling in Basketball”

  1. That is right. You should practice dribbling enough so it becomes second nature to you and you don't have to even think about dribbling. It needs to be like walking.

  2. still dont get it. is your hand supposed to be on the side of the basketball? then you bring it back on top of it and push it down?

  3. @nick60444
    it's basically a more comfortable way to dribble… also lets you "sweep" the ball real quick in case the opponent reaches in. If you place the hand directly under the ball to let it rest, even for a second, it's a carry.

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