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Basketball Lessons for Beginners : The Pivot Foot in Basketball

Basketball Lessons for Beginners : The Pivot Foot in Basketball

Hi, this is Travis on behalf of Expert Village
talking to you about beginner basketball. What we want to talk about now is the pivot
foot. The pivot foot is the foot that you last establish as your pivoting foot. For
example if I’m dribbling down the court, when I pick up my dribble, like this…well if
I pick up my dribble while both of my feet are planted, and not moving, like this, you
can have a choice of which foot you want to remain as your pivot foot or your base foot,
which means you can step around, if I decide to make it my right foot, you can step around
all the way in a circle pivoting. So you can come here, you can come back, you can step
up, but you always have to keep that foot planted whether you choose your pivot foot
as your right foot or your left foot. Also what you want to be careful of, and they’ll
call you for if you’re in an officiated game is a travel. And what that means is your pivot
foot has to stay planted on the ground. If you drag it just a little bit, you will get
called for a traveling violation. So when you establish your pivot foot when you stop,
it’s the foot that you decide is going to be your base foot. So you can pivot around
whether you want it to be your left or your right, it’s the last foot..let me show instead
of telling you. So we’re running down, and I stop. I used my left foot to plant first
while my right foot was still moving, so I can’t decide to make my right foot my pivot
foot, it has to be that foot that was planted. And then you can move around however you want.
And that’s the pivot foot.

16 thoughts on “Basketball Lessons for Beginners : The Pivot Foot in Basketball”

  1. Just want to add that while the pivot foot must be in the same spot, you CAN lift the heel of the pivot foot as long as the toes of the pivot foot is still touching the ground.

    You can also jump in the air but you must shoot or pass the ball before the previously established pivot foot returns to the ground.

  2. Pretty useful. Although I'm stille wondering why you can only move one foot. I mean.. I see basketballer do a lay-up all the time after taking 2 (!) steps!

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