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[Basketball] Motivation – About The Haters

[Basketball] Motivation – About The Haters

They said I changed… Maybe… they were just jealous because they didn’t change Maybe… They were ashamed because they didn’t change Maybe…They were dissapointed in themselves that they remained the same Yeah I changed Like anyone with ambitions would remain the same Yeah I changed… I changed everything but my name I wasn’t born a miracle to be average I have absolutely no desire to fit in No desire to conform to anyones wishes But I have every desire within myself to improve myself Every day, every hour…Every minute They’ll say you didn’t have enough time for them Well maybe they weren’t worth your time They laughed at my dreams and my goals Well maybe they were embarrased Because they didn’t have any Maybe their dreams were really nightmares Maybe their lives were just really a horror story They said that I was arrogant Maybe… they just hated my ambition Maybe… they were too ashamed because they had None themselves Maybe… I reminded them what their weakness is They said I wouldn’t make it to the top Listen, they said I couldn’t make it full stop They said that I would fail, that I would fall That… That no one would believe in me They gave me so many reasons But they forgot to ask about my desire They never asked about my willingness to sacrafice They never asked if I was willing to Do whatever it took to make it Maybe if they did, they would have kept quiet Or maybe… They wanted to ensure they had someone To sit with them at the bottom of the mountain You know… With the majority of people that didn’t put in the work Those who didn’t have the courage Those who didn’t have the drive Those who didn’t have the will or the passion TO FIGHT FOR THEIR DREAMS To sacrafice, or even to conquer Maybe they were afraid… Because they didn’t have what it takes What it takes to keep up with my drive To go toe to toe with my passion You know, they say you’ll never make time for them But maybe you only make time for the people That are worth your time There is a lack of those people Maybe they are not that type of person You know, someone once told me: It is better to be hated for what you are Then to be loved for what you’re not You know, it’s better to walk alone and be succesful Then to walk with those that are wandering aimlessly Through life and end up in the middle of no-where But it’s okay Because when my circle got smaller My drive got BIGGER When my circle got smaller, my vision got larger When my circle got smaller, my circle got stronger The proof is always in the putter You can’t fake results! I move on without them I know I’m stronger! I know I’m better! I know that I am greater! Without them is a blessing Without them I keep on growing Moving forward I’m constantly on the move without them You are not a puddle, stop letting them walk all over you! You are not a door mat Stop letting them wipe their dirt on your face! You are not below them Don’t let them look down on you! And listen, stand tall! Walk strong! And hold your own! Listen to me, there is no one above or below you There is no one that is superior or inferior to you You must always remain hungry Don’t ever Ever lose your passion or your compassion Listen to me You have enormous drive But don’t lose your humility Put yourself in their shoes, but don’t live in them Live your life Let them live theirs Go after your dreams And let them decide their own fate You said I would never make it in life You said I would fail, you said I would humiliate myself I didn’t have it in me, I was no good I wouldn’t succeed You said I was weak You said I was not strong I guess they didn’t know what I knew That I would it make it Maybe not immediately, but absolutely and definitely The difference between winning or losing The difference between those who do And those who don’t make it in life And listen to me, it isn’t about talent It isn’t about any type of magical formula The difference is character It is your human spirit And if you’re going to make it in this world Living out your dreams Or living out your nightmares It is completely up to what you do It all comes down to you

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