35 thoughts on “Basketball Rules | Basketball”

  1. Rule #1 – Be tall as Hell
    Rule #2 – Be black (really, I'm not racist it's just fun to make these stupid comments to get thumbs up)

  2. Yeah, they were informing people, by acting! Isn't that obvious? But I hope you had a good reason for calling me a jerk 'cause can't find it 😛

  3. go to hell
    Reason 1. they are bad actors
    2 they suck balls
    3 this is howcast, why would any one want to be in howcast?
    Thumbs UP!!!!!

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  5. When he mentions 3 second violation. This only refers to offensive? I have been informed that the defensive rule of having to keep within arms reach as a defensive player is only in the nba?

  6. Rule 1: 99% of the time, a foul against the offense benefits the defense.
    Rule 2: Once you start playing on the asphalt, no rules apply…

  7. im sad coz im the only Boy who dont know how to play Basketball i know a bit from ur tutorials BUT one more thing HOW TO KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE TO SWITCH BETWEEN 2 SIDE OF THE COURT :'(

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