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Basketball Rules & Regulations : Basketball Rules: Traveling

Basketball Rules & Regulations : Basketball Rules: Traveling

Now, we would like to discuss ball handling
penalties. The first one that I will discuss is traveling; the basic traveling call. OK,
there’s many different ways to travel. Anytime you’re moving without dribbling the ball and
with the ball in your hand, is a travel. For example, running with the ball is a travel.
Anytime that you are moving and you have the ball, you should be dribbling it. So, if you’re
picking it up and taking more than two steps, it’s a travel. Palming the ball, as well,
is a travel. What palming the ball is this, holding it upright in the palm of your hand.
This is a travel because you’re holding the ball; it’s not a consistent dribble. Your
hands should always be on top, so this is a carry. Sliding across the floor, like if
you are going for a loose ball, you catch it and you’re sliding on the floor with it,
then that’s a travel. You can get called for that. So, there’s many different types of
penalties. If you are dribbling, you are going towards the goal and you take more than two
steps for a layup shot, that a travel. You should only take two steps, like we discussed
earlier. Anything more than that will be called a travel.

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  1. i've got a question about one situation…

    let's say i block someone who shoots a jumpshot and swat the ball in the basket direction… and the guy who got blocked run towards the basket and catches that ball before it hit the ground (after i blocked it) and then he scores…

    is that a traveling ? or this is legal move ? or maybe some sort of other violiation ?

  2. i got a question.. if im standing in one place, the ball is passed to me and i take a jab step to test the defender and then start to dribble does it count as travelling double dribble or any other violation?

  3. if you're coming in for a layup, off the dribble, you take 2 steps, then without changing pivot feet you put down your other foot, and jump off 2 feet for the layup. is that travelling?

  4. my friend and i are arguing over this type of thing: If i put my hand over his eyes while he's preparing to throw the ball (but not touching him!) , so i can make him not see where he throws – will that be considered a foul ? I think not

  5. 2 steps ? What if you do a sprint with the ball to prepare to jump and you do like 3 steps to jump and dunk ? I've seen it on nba matches

  6. in knowing more about traveling it seems to be the person who has the ball is the one that travels if they hold it and walk more than two step's etc.. but I was wondering couldnt you use the travel to your advantage for instance purposfully pass it to the opposing side very fast in a dribble like motion causing them to travel and be awarded the violation and take a free shot basicly or even use it on their defence getting their defence out the way via the traveling rule.

  7. @M4NGO2K No, you do not violate any rule. UNLESS you lift your pivot foot. Other than that, you may start a dribble after taking a jab step. Think of it, why would you need a jab step if you weren't able to dribble afterwards? The defender would know you couldn't move, and make an easy block for instance.

  8. @ekidna666 If you surprise a player of the opposite team by passing the ball to him and he makes 2 or more steps, it most likely wouldn't be a violation. The reason is that the travelling rule is not in effect until the player has control of the ball, something he will not have if it is thrown purposely to him without him knowing.

  9. Can i dribble up to the basket, then stop and hang on to the ball for like 3 seconds without moving…and then continue dribbling again?

  10. I have watched NBA for a long time and still wondering why for some passes, the players always have more than two steps. Can someone explain it?

  11. @zoocrewsk8er Not traveling, that is carrying. Which is also a violation with the same consequences as a travel.

  12. no maybe a double dribble depending on your position.If your in triple threat position than it is not a double dribble

  13. NO. So basically if you have the ball while dribbling then you stop and jab, or fake pass and then start going again, its a double dribble. If you are standing still and catch a pass, you can jab and fake pass or any triple threat moves, and then keep going!

  14. How much money you earned for that video? It seems like you lost some bet and you must taped that funny video, my grandpha would give better explanation of traveling rule!

  15. if u dive for ball in continue to slide……is not a travel unless you roll over or try to get up. if your passing the ball or shooting you could lift your pivot to do either or, as long as you dont put your pivot back to the floor prior to the pass or shot. if your going to dribble, you have to release the ball/dribble prior to moving your pivot foot. this guy is horrible

  16. Sliding, alone, is not a travel.  If the player's feet or hands touch the floor in more than 2 instances, its a travel. 

  17. It is not a travel if you slide! Only when you stop sliding and roll over or get up without dribbling (considering it was not an interrupted dribble prior).  Simply, if your pivot foot returns to the ground before releasing the ball on a shot or pass it is a travel. It is also a travel if you lift your pivot foot before releasing the ball to start a dribble. Carrying and palming is not qualified as travelling. It is it's own violation.

  18. This explains almost nothing, at what point do the steps begin? after ball touches the floor on last dribble? once it touches the hands? or leaves the hands? also what about hop steps? if second step is a 2-foot hop jump stop, are you allowed to leap off 1 foot or only off both feet? can both steps be hops? what about 2 steps between a dribble as long there is no carry/ palming of ball? for example using a high dribble where ball goes above the hands or even if ball bounces twice between dribbles. Or crab dribbling? How about using a pivot foot? How about when a foot is dragged? etc… etc…..

  19. everytime I see James harden do a layup hes always taking these big steps while holding the ball how come that's not a travel

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