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Basketball Shooting Tips : How to Follow Through when Shooting a Basketball

Basketball Shooting Tips : How to Follow Through when Shooting a Basketball

Okay, the F in our beef if following through.
The follow through is very important you would see some people hesitate when they shoot.
Again if you want to see bad shooting styles and position just go down to your neighborhood
playground and watch the people down there. You would see all sorts of crazy shoots. But
you see we got our elbows in, we got our wrist cocked back, we got our fingertips, we got
our opposite hands that is not shooting. Whether you are left or right handed guiding the ball
only guiding the ball not holding the ball. Just guidance so it does not fall off and
the follow through. In our follow through is going to be if we are in line with the
basket and we are squared up, we are going to be following through. We are going to be
snapping our wrist pushing towards that basket, keeping our eyes focus. Just passed in front
of that room and flipping our wrist. With a good follow through you are going to see
and I would show you before we shoot the ball is back spin. There are some players that
shoot with very little back spin, but the back spin number one shows that you are shooting
the ball properly. Number two when it gets up there and gets around on the rim of the
back board it kind of gives it a English spin in pool. Where it has a excellent chance of
staying in so the good follow through you are snapping in the ball if you notice it
is going to rotate backwards. The nice things about that is when you hit the right shoot
and it swooshes it makes that swoosh sound even better when you have that back spin on
it. That is the follow through.

26 thoughts on “Basketball Shooting Tips : How to Follow Through when Shooting a Basketball”

  1. I don't think this is good advice. You should not be snapping your wrist, rather the shooting hand should be relaxed so that when you extend on your shot, it will naturally fall over. Flicking your wrist or "snapping" it will flatten the arc on the shot, making the shot tougher and easier to block, as well as making it inconsistant.

  2. actualy he`s right .. think. he doesnt give advise for pro`s . if u saying u kinda pro shooter. tell me. why did u typ basketball shooting/or just training in search.
    i find this a pretty good advise for those who didn`t had a dad who did ball.

  3. actualy he`s right the thumb is there maby 5% for ONLY the shot not the whole progres its mostly there holding the ball still doesnt .
    i dont really kno its a instict if u play since ur young.

  4. lol for these other comments here like : yay i did go to college ball now . or yay im good now. STFU how can u getting better by shooting this 15 times this supposed to be basic

  5. @6eggc Get more snap, don't grip the ball with your other hand, just lightly hold it. You want to snap your elbow really fast as well,

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