Basketball Tips : How to Shoot a Basketball

You know, when you’re trying to play a game,
one thing you want to always have in your arsenal, is shooting the ball. The first thing
you want to do when you’re shooting a ball, is there are several steps, and I talked about
it a little earlier, several steps. Spelling the letter beef, the B stands for balance.
Get your feet together, square them to the basket. The E, stands for elbows up. Get your
elbows up. Place your elbow directly on that rim, in the middle of that rim, if you can,
right there. The second E stands for eyes on target, because you’ve got to focus on
the basket. Just like any other sport, keep your eyes on the target, and then the last
step, the F is for follow through. Now, another thing you want to make sure you do is, whenever
you’re shooting a basketball, you want to make sure, try to, because a lot of times
in games, you don’t have time to make that adjustment. You want to try to make sure the
lines are going horizontally, with your body. You want to place your hands right there.
Maybe the fingertips, right on that line, or somewhere in that general vicinity, so
your other hand, your off hand will go on the side, just as a support, but you’re actually
shooting with that right hand. The last step, you want to follow through. Flick your wrists,
just like that.If you shoot it properly, it should be a backwards rotation, and the ball
should go directly in, and if you do hit part of the rim, that’s the purpose of the backwards
rotation, is so that if it hits part of the rim, it will still go in. A little something
like this. That’s shooting the ball.

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