Beach Volleyball Strategy for Serving Deep (BEACH VOLLEYBALL SERVING STRATEGY EXPLAINED!)

Okay let’s say you’re serving. You’ve got
two players in serve receive. If you serve deep and you make this
player go back, they’ve got to take a whole lot of steps to get in position to hit.
So, if you take the ball near the endline, there’s a long distance that you have to
move to get in position. Also, the rules for overhead passing in beach
volleyball are different than indoor. So most passers won’t ever take the ball with
their hands. When receiving the serve, they’re going to use their forearms to pass
usually. So, what you need to do is figure out how well your opponent can pass the
deep serve. If they have trouble for I’m passing the deep serve then serve them
deep. Also, if they pass deep and then have trouble getting to the net to hit,
that’s another reason to serve deap. A lot of times when a passer passes a ball
from deep in the court, the setter doesn’t try to put the ball tight to the
net. So what you can do is see where the setter sets the ball after you serve
deep. If they never set the ball to the net and they always set way off the net
after you serve deep, then that’s another reason to serve deep. And
whenever you can force your opponent to take a lot of steps to make a play, a lot
of good things can happen. So if you’re making your opponent move a lot to get
to the wall then you should be in good shape.
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