Becoming Tana Paul.

Once upon a time in a land far far away. I married Jake Paul and this Is that vlog but a lot of shit went down in between those clips, so without further ado here’s my wedding vlog That’s three weeks late and you’ve already seen everyone else cover first things first. My assistant, I went shopping for the perfect wedding dress I started Driving in silence like Falling over and I realized like don’t get me wrong. This is my wedding. I’m appalled I’m getting paid I’m excited but This is also gonna be one of the funniest YouTube videos of my life, uh-huh I just started the hashtag live rain. Oh gosh, I Talked to the wall We have a gas, you know, I Already know it’s funny you Live right now or we do need a like a live as I close to the wall I’m fucking coming for the pause. Sorry Pam. I’m your daughter glass eye Logan. I’m uses harima, holy Fucking shit, you might get this blog six months late, but I’m gonna try not to because my soon-to-be husband will buy me editors There was ten more minutes of silence and then Natalie decides chuckling Inga’s princess Paul No one should have given me a wedding Hashtag poles to the wall We are styling your Well this one kind of slaps I don’t know their box. I already chose some pieces for you. Okay? Wow, okay, so we get to get in uh-huh, okay You know me I’m actually getting married no, oh my god Like I would suck all the money on em, like I would be like a professional money sucker like I’d be like a Dyson vacuum and I would just be like Dress my right bitches. Oh, there’s a fucking bride. I just looked at myself was like wait, bitch. You’re a bride, like holy shit Damn, it’s so pretty People come to get their wedding dress a year or six months in advance, but not you two days And make it work. That really is like our relationship in one Simon. Hey, I’m getting married in two days you Always come through. That’s why you’re the Usual I Love the idea of a crown. I feel like it’s so you Might be the best idea for me to wear it and watch it while she’s not wearing it so she doesn’t actually fucking know That for you right now, here’s one for the fashion Nova’s Once I’ve chosen my dream wedding dresses no celebrity wedding is complete without a syringe of lip filler to the face while this wedding vlog is really really taking a turn for the Worse, I think that the whole first five minutes of this vlog is just me looking as busted as possible right now I’m talking funny cuz my lips are numb because I’m getting some pre-wedding filler because who doesn’t get a quick surrender in their lips before They get fucking married and then Jake and I are gonna go throw myself dropping off wedding invitations to a bunch of celebrities And I’m gonna have a skull and ask bleeding ass lips, but that’s just the tea on that So again, you still have that little bump from sucking dick that’s It’s like giving birth You okay? Yeah, this this was no I keep trying to camouflage. This book tannaz sucked a dick after thing We did you really I really do do the darkness this Is my wedding blog section, okay? Yes Literally, these are gonna be so good for so many things Really So worth desert though person. Ooh, good job. It’s gonna be so good. I was the one All right guys, I’ll see you later when I’m kissing on these lip injections objects day After getting lip filler it was time to drop off invitations to our celebrity friends wearing a mask I know I’m stoked about that. You need to get more scandals and boost your fuckin Clarify yeah I Refrained from saying something that I felt like was sociopathic in front of Jake any look, sweetie You can’t even say sociopathic things to me today the dichotomy and the irony of you hurting over me not saying something sociopathic What you mean, you’re not a sociopath because you’re hurting exactly we have sociopathic tendencies Yeah, and that’s why we’re in love together and getting married ever and you know, I don’t know I feel like a fight is one of those things that like Oh, oh Muffin cupcake I feel like a fight takes two people’s energy and I just don’t have energy to give so are we even fighting do not have that energy I knew I realize you’re The same bitch, you know, I would do the same shit With you are you ready? For the You need to get rid of your dog or trainer fucking sucks My baby How is it oh One invitation down Lily’s not going to the fucking wedding. So we’re failing everything Then we drove an hour across town to drop off to King botch or back. I’m not sure you’ve been keeping up with me Polly Wait the wedding or challenging games both are unistream to wedding life. Yes. Is it really full set? Ever been done. I don’t think so. I’m a backing badge is also gonna fuck some hot bitches at our wedding, right? Don’t tell my girlfriend. Oh Hello, next up. We headed to Trisha Paytas who immediately started a fight with Jake You worried you’re like saying about what I said about David You’re like I don’t like that shit because people do that that’s not talking about shit though. I said, I don’t like that, but why? And the next stop was Makita dragon’s pussy palace Yeah, that’s I’m saying I’m like undefeated controversy was chained awesome India undefeated I was distracted I think We’ve been dropping off wedding invitations for like six seven hours, how does that work hard together play? I find it really funny that all of the youtubers Jake lined up for us to go drop off invitations to are like Lele Amanda Cerny Logan the Jolynn twins and minor like Trisha and Nikita Adam 22 like little blown like a meshing of world But that’s what married couples do. We put our worlds together it gets demonetized I get 40 year old fans, then we stopped at Adam and lenez to drop off another invitation Yeah, two things I do archery and for Jake’s is watching all of his monetization go out the window Adult stars, I mean Even though he’s been one of the bigger skeptics of our relationship We had to stop and drop off an invitation to Jake’s brother Logan. Hey is Jake Paul’s brother home? Pretty sure this is coming back Mavericks big fucking maverick that Bush right there and I can’t I can’t pee in bushes though in my content because of the legal theme doesn’t let me you can do it on my content baby area say you peanut I mean Smile smile everyone smile. Oh Oh That’s super cute. Hey, brother, we came over to drop off a wedding invitation for our wedding that’s on July 28th this Sunday That’s so nice right after the Challenger games. We’re getting even going on the best man. I’m your best man Oh yo yo, what are the your bridesmaids? Yeah, let me talk some I’d also like you to be my best man, didn’t I? Make just oh no, you guys are actually loved like is this a real marriage? Yeah, we’re signing prenups siteswap Like your brothers getting married to me I just don’t believe amanda cerny I forgot to vlog It was a chill vibe, but I just want to ask you. How are you know, what? What’s going on? You look really handsome right now After leaving Amanda’s her knees or calming down blues obsession with her. Our final destination was the twins house Where are we Yes, what is this the wedding wait is this your fragrance thank you I smell bad, right? Oh Wow, this is honestly so red Wow. What are you smelling smell like? Then we finally headed home for some sleep and I woke up the next morning ready to get my vagina waxed Good morning, wedding vlog. I’m so sick. I literally think I have walking pneumonia like actually which is so so terrible my lips are a little swollen today, but also not really so I go meet I’m going to get my pussy and Not even really for the wedding but more so because we’re going to mikonos and a visa for the honeymoon And I’m not trying to shave my pussy every two days for fucking two weeks like fuck that shit and I’ve been wanting to do This for a while especially for a YouTube video, but obviously the title getting my vagina waxed would probably get C monetized so I feel like just including in a video is like smarter and this is probably gonna get the apologize no matter what YouTube and Google preferred probably is not in support of the Gianna wedding. This is gonna be really painful I’ve never ever done this before. I feel like I don’t have that. I have a pain tolerance. I’m scared. Let’s go That was an experience for sure. Oh my god, one of the more painful things I’ve ever done But I feel like I handled it like a boss. Yeah, I just was like, no, it’s fine. But like it wasn’t fine Like imagine laying on this table like legs spread open barbecue sauce on my titties like what this girl just ripping out your fucking pussy hair it literally hurts so fucking Bad literally halfway through she was like are you okay? Like are you gonna pass out and I was like, honestly I’m in so much pain. She’s like we should do the new bikini It’s also crazy that bitches be doing that shit like monthly just go get laser hair removal Do you wanna get laser hair removal? This is an interesting YouTube video They wait till after they’re done waxing you to tell you that they have like a topical cream that numbs your pussy Like they make you feel the 100% most painful thing ever and then they’re like by the way for next time we can numb you marketing why is that so smart because no one’s ever gonna turn it down because they just experience so much pain, but like Suck a fucking dick after getting waxed. I came home to Natalie and Trevor trying on bridesmaids dresses Natalie you looks so good in Trevor can you come show me over here, please? a real-life kirakira Fan on the roof and I don’t have a Rolex tan line, even though I think it’s such a flex But how’s your talking out of it? Because I think it’s safer on a person than like Caption it thinks that jig Holy shit feel Like I just feel my CPM raising, well, it looks pretty in the lightweight Jesus Christ. Thanks. Daddy dad. He’s rich Ashley and I both have rich daddies or is daddy rolling Later that day. I ended up losing a veneer. So my dentist doctor Gabe came over to put it back on on my kitchen island Kitchen islands industry These teeth are ready to get married the next morning Jake and I decided to Spontaneously go to Vegas so we could see the house daddy could take some meetings and mommy could get her nails done For the wedding or another time another time before the wedding We got a big medium and we got to walk through we got to do a bunch of crazy shit Thing is Biggest to go look at the house before the wedding and then coming back in the same day. I was like, I wanna go Yeah, the past five fresh oh my god Hipster tight challenger games no a slutty cheerleader outfit and I oh My god many ladies Twitter we go just this morning. You’ve said fun Reference to talk to you Charles I’m walk On the car ride to the jet Jake and I did an interview with one of the biggest news outlets in the UK. Yeah Yeah, how is the house day? How’s the heat wave there? Well, we’ve known each other for a long time So I feel like it it seemed quick to the public but when you know, you know Don’t I don’t think I’ll live past 32 My brother Unfortunately, um, he is my best man and I love him and he’s quite the guy. Yes, man. He’s the best man Are we flirting with her right now? are we yeah, have you ever been to uh Wherever we invited you to our wedding what if we literally started pitching? You usually usually come I also have your phone number on This your office number damn we thought we were close I thought we were close Well, I was having sex with Jake in my mind months and months before it was good sex By the way, you have the good mind sex. Yeah I think that anybody who has their doubts is really super far from our concern because at the end of the day if we spend every Second trying to prove something to the people that doubt it will be doing that enjoying the day that we die go off queen Dolloff queen Can you please type that of that after I set all of that Jake said go off queen three times in all caps, please We are going to Vegas Vegas on Daddy’s jet hard eyes. Jake’s actually flying me to Vegas on a jet just to get my nails done Sorry, I’m a fucking Ivana blogger blue. Are you this or Google Drive? Is what the surprise was oh my god the whole day We’re passing out invitations Armani kept showing all the celebrities a surprise for us and he wouldn’t show us. Oh my god They are painting right now, I’m outside and riding them like We’re going higher than oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god Oh my god. Oh my god. Why am I this high up with a palm tree? I think I got off Don’t dive I’m pregnant. Oh My god, babe. Oh my god. We’re getting married in a day. And he’s just sitting on that shit Jen’s here Hi, she’s fixing my nails right now How about it my nails on a scale of 1 doesn’t it? And what did you just say about Jay? This is so ridiculous body Armani Armani, I mean like it’s your own if you’re fucking forklift thing like you can do this yesterday I got my own fight. We got in a medium fight and after the fight was over. We’re driving in the car There’s like two minutes of silence and Jay goes so do you still wanna get married? As you know our money Painted the entire house for Jake and I white Jake and I decided because we’re ignorant fucks that we want to paint a wall Did you get to do a sinking in rubble outside as well people? We should do a signature wall and like make lines My signature, hey, Dad talk to you guys for like two fucking hours MTV’s here. We’re still going in on these nails Just wanted a quick update. But hi guys Everyone take a fucking screengrab put this shit on Twitter. You will never see my nails this girly again ever. Holy shit We decided to do the ring finger different than all the other fingers you fucking girl, bro Holy shit, how did I get surrounded by so many fucking people as crazy? I was super busy visiting my parents but this legend what are you doing on black magic? Does that mean you 120? Excited happy drain. I’m at the lowest Big video anyways, like how do you be at the lowest point and at the highest point? I’m just We’re all together once we know how to go and I love pigtails. Imma bite them. I’ma find a hand towels. Ya know. See you Like oranges oh Yeah, right. Yeah, and it’s wedding day in true Tana fashion I didn’t sleep the night before and started the blog at 5:00 a.m Starting my wedding day vlogs with a little sunrise view from my house, which is an emotional. It’s fuckin 6 a.m. And everyone’s name Good morning. It’s my wedding day These are my last few hours an emotional today these my last few hours in Los Angeles as an unmarried woman, holy fuck Should I go suck some dick? I think I’m making a video for Jake as a surprise and I’ll just start doing that I just have lost our face tuning photos for rusty Yeah our flights in 3 hours. I have a lot to do I’m just gonna shut up in this vlog and oh my god, it’s my wedding. Damn. Breaking. The my god. Okay guys It’s 7:50 a.m. I have to be at the airport in literally an hour and a half I actually just stopped crying like we haven’t even gotten to the wedding bug yet. No party like a mess Okay, quick outfit of the morning I call this look I’m late for daddy’s jet Actually, we can’t find my passport and I needed to go to mica know so everyone’s freaking out. I’m going my outfit Um, I went for this top. It has a matching jacket And matching biker shorts Should I look for it Yes, we all need to be looking for it Okay, John’s a young Reaper for the custom step though, but I’ll call you guys back. Fuck. I’m so fucking angry. Hi vlog. What’s up? Vlogging right now because the only thing I can ever turn my pain into is content for the world I would say art. But this is the furthest thing from our wedding vlog has taken a turn for the worst. Bridezilla Nice to meet you I’ve actually never been this angry on camera because normally when I’m the same gray I just fucking full-blown refrain from vlogging about it because what but uh We can’t buy my passport And I’m leaving to Vegas and I have a flight to mikonos tomorrow. That was upwards of $20,000 And I have no Passport. I can find it and I don’t know how it’s gonna turn out So I’m just recording this so you can be along with me every step of the way. I’m so fucking furious right now It’s absolutely ridiculous. And it really was one of those things where Anything bad could happen and I would’ve been like it’s my wedding day. It’s fine. It’s fine except this And my flights of 11-inch 10:15, and I’m gonna miss it God really loves me Never gonna have good luck. No matter how lucky I am really fucking curious about it And that’s all I have to say and the next step might just be like happy me. This is a fucking weird video It’s 1103 the flights at 11:00. I was so ready to show up to angry Jake but the Paul’s are here without him. Oh Wow, that’s so amazing. Things could not have worked out ready. I’m not even on time though I’m crazy when I’m recording horizontally Because like Damn your ass is so fat Wow, the one law authority back to fucker Oh, it’s only month I was right in there for a millionaire because Vegas fucking richer than all of us Well, I think we have to I’m gonna make coffee. Is there alcohol here? We’re pulling up to a liquor store right now I’m gonna just then I just be monetize my blog by existing but I ate some mushrooms this morning for Jenna’s wedding What if we just had nothing else in a jump cut into the next clip do you see the colors – is it just me This videos like 30 minutes because I’m just logging everything. I don’t really care This is for the people who want the wedding experience out loud – Jake’s mom I was just like I know Jake’s gonna want alcohol for his vlog and she was like really do you think so like it’s an Hour, and I was like, no. He’s something in a wine and not minute He was calling her she picks up and I already else I can hand up a little psychic He picks up and he goes mom. I need tequila for my vlog Am I psychic or do they just know might be on their Wedding day T’s and we can heat their wedding. It’s my purse Us together is so time to go I’m freaking I watch your video and I almost cried My shirt is my mood are you ready? Are you ready? Little bitch your mom’s like behind us I’m marrying your client today – Marie. Oh my god, you’re ordained. I’m weirding – but I can train myself Maybe I meet her today at the wedding. I’ll set you up with a badass Vegas bitch. Oh my god. Hi. Hi No, you can’t Rather read that our wedding day sipping a four loko She’s shy right now a four loko is like energy drink mixed with like really shame later I don’t even know I’m logging this but I just like I can’t find my passport and I don’t have it Okay, never fucking we’re going to Europe yeah, oh shit do I have my passport? You know, honestly, that’s why you’re my husband and love of my life, I’m serious Wow, wow, that’s so crazy Not so crazy doesn’t have a fucking Passport. Oh my god Kiss marry – people, that doesn’t have a passport Please think about that like I just stressed for 12 hours I was like Jake seemed to be so mad at me cuz I’m late and don’t have my passport and then you were later than Me and didn’t have your passport Marry me Where did you abrahams? She’s cleaning up though, and that’s why we’re different. Yes. What else you haven’t done what in our vows Yeah, you’re also wearing a Mario when you’re amazing, yeah, I realize that I already slow motion is fuck don’t move it so much. This slow motion attitude on my hands have your own moment already? Go Let’s go In order to take Responsibility It’s been ten minutes and Logan’s the fighters I Had to do I did what I had to do Disappointment We survived the flight and landed in Vegas, but the chaos didn’t stop there we hopped on a party bus straight to the graffiti mansion It’s been Riley Reed’s tips and writing in the aisle Right now, I love that I’m one of your hands but also Yeah, it’s been a lot of things but now we’re on our way to the wedding house. How do we feel fun? We’re only getting progressively drunker – I’m ready. I’m ready for this a lot of pressure, but I also like You look here right now Looking outside I think those cameras are a little too big and the booms are a little too professional to be YouTube MTV You know second Network show to me. Ash I got this boy’s room read like Jay bro, bro Yo, you had a house tag Beautiful. Don’t these last for a really long time – oh my god. Maybe the Roses will last longer than our marriage stay tuned We’re married forever Jennifer by far was the craziest chair I’d have had my entire life and I know for a fact every other time I take one it will not be like that Now that we’d settled in it was time for the 8:00 hour getting ready process to begin. So are we are by her and Oh My god you rich bitch is your needs Liqueur in hand pair bleach shorts March my wedding dress forty-five fuckin swimsuits for me. No you go I remember got me something expensive, but not you not me doing things No matter what Charlie really is the type of stylist to hand you like a thousand other shoes See you excited or happy the people see us as you catch me do bad things or bad moments, right? But today you are Really it’s like were sweating to Isis wedding I was at me and Tara don’t know a lot of trouble. Oh my god the last wedding has even been a part of my life Isabel and I were also simultaneously getting banned from the cosmopolitan here in Las Vegas Some of the biggest hotels here like fingerprinted arrested handcuffed banned during her mom’s wedding. Holy shit. Yeah and like on their honeymoon Yeah, that’s crazy. Now that I’m here I’m about to have a honeymoon if I was on my honeymoon at my kids called me like oh, I’m arrested I would literally big rot in jail for two days, but it’s like let me go out bitch. Fuck. Oh my god you guys My passport my fucking passport was just found you guys. I just want to say thank you to not only God but Jesus My password has been found Kids MTV I’m eating my hair wash now. That’s where we’re at. Jade’s taking a peaceful nap right now. I’m just relaxing too It’s so fun. I love this There’s gonna be a problem She’s the only person washing my hair I really don’t run around the whole treatment Everyone really thinks like cars and money and shit or flexes like I don’t wash my own hair. No Are we I mean entirely me she’s pitching everything else Laura’s over here on some fucking Home Depot handy woman shit. Oh But really I was just telling Meg, I think it takes a very very special group of individual that come back here It takes a very special group of individuals to create order inside of chaos And it’s not like this is like a one-time thing This wedding is just an amplified version of how chaotic my life is on a day to day basis I’m sure the three of these people can attest to that and all three of them in any situation or like oh We’re on the side of a road. Okay, look fun back there. I’m back to make up them. Let’s go They always make it happen and they are the best fucking people in the business where it’s an email moment I told them should I and not only the best people in the industry? But the best people for me and they’ve been there for me through most, you know I’d be crying in this chair. Probably more than anywhere else and that’s just second So I just want to give a big shout out to them and no you can’t fucking book them cuz they’re with me every second Estella’s a minute right now. Tyler’s what I get his hair bleached. Well, she need this marriage Are you sure about this and cars are definitely cars are deadly Attacks, what is it? Just normal, sir. In fact, I went to get another suit this morning literally two four different places Okay got one every day. So I just forgot it coming out here. Just Jamie Dornan I need your I need your opinion No, you just you just took my text and just decide to place it all over the Internet. Yeah Yeah, and I deleted the story of Riley reads tips, but I left your text set up So if anything you are now more famous than Riley reads tips right now, but that’s not Tyler I think that I should walk down the aisle in the small bedazzled dress and then chained into the pink one But you think opposite are you partying and literally will be oh do I actually do party in my wedding dress to? The fact they were associating hot girls summer with my wedding you like hot because it’s 104 concerns like vouchers you Sarah Jessica Parker. Hey, I Love the you guys are besties, but also always like on my blog Keep the pink dress the height keep the Pinterest thing. That’s what I agree Like no one knows also jake would also be like, holy fuck I got to dope I think his reaction to me in this small dress of the O channel looks hot in a bedazzled dress possible where I was like We have a full-blown bond accession awesome fucking second grade shit me like listen Hannah do it often is not huge man what my favorite artists in the clothing industry Now D, but no Nana Fernandez I Could give a list of 15 people for a fancy style them for this that are coming in I know I’m like you guys not think I’m not living buddy Fontana and I’m already busy Honestly, I’m worried. This is a blog question. If you were me we think with the st Brand if you are me would you be drunk at the altar? Since you are me would you be drunk the Baltic liked it a lot in all honesty? Yes, but it looks like I’m kind of drunk right now What’s a bug been getting ready for a few hours getting so ready that I missed my own rehearsal which means I Don’t have one to be honest with you. I don’t think anything is more ten emotional fashion than missing your own wedding rehearsal But also what the fuck do I do? I’m just gonna really cross my fingers and hope Jordan was there and can help me have my own mini rehearsal Yo, Jordan just walked in here and I go you know, I missed a rehearsal were you in on it? And he was like, yeah, and I was like, okay can we have a mini rehearsal? And he looks at me and goes Yeah, but it’s pretty much just walking Wait speaking of which though did you write vows? I wrote a speech. It’s pretty funny. Uh vows though. Oh, yeah I don’t know. There’s gonna be an off-camera talking cheeks. I’m nervous and I’m gonna throw up But it doesn’t match the dress it’s for another dress once I was ready I went upstairs to have a pre-wedding chat with Jake going Thank You me here babe. How was your now? Cannot really do the napping. What do we have a wedding in an hour? What don’t we have vows? That’s where we’re at guys. Stay tuned. Yeah, your boats big telling me about your wedding neighbor big The children a new breed of super youtubers Not sure where in fact I think I speak for not only myself but everyone Is watching around the world today I ship holy And now when they call out any other pause Right so fucking much. Oh my god actual feels right now prompt 1:19. Dynamic trio right here I can’t move so everything I drop like other people Like wins or whores like I’ve been always warm, but I also understand that we didn’t sign up for winter whores at the women look at us Look at you. Did you maybe we’re gonna run a train on some winter bars No jumping. All I’ve been doing is jump. No jumping. Can I get one more ready? Ready? Ready? Tyler I really did everything you wanted and you let me have the one thing I wanted and that’s the fact that right now with This wedding dress underneath. Nobody knows I’m wearing Air Force One. No story coffee chefs. Oh my god, Tyler we look good Tyler’s blonde and I Know I like someone who loves me some Straight vodka no Express. That’s right. I don’t see how this one. We’re all getting married today Like fashion, no, but they would be wearing like Juba D is that really tall guy your date? She doesn’t date you go under six foot. I was like, what’s your type like? Jordan Jordan don’t know press it was gonna be sentimental but it just wasn’t right. No, no, fuck it, right It’s my daughter’s wedding day when I was five. Oh wait You’re nine years older to me eleven you’re Older than me It was finally time to head outside and do some press which is like a totally normal thing to do it wedding, right? Right your daddy. You’re sorting that The only guide touching daddy’s butt tonight this is my first wedding clip of us right now yo, that’s crazy How do you feel that’s really like intense Teddy Mia? It’s so awesome. I know I feel like the center of attention Well, you are it’s literally your wedding What did you need advice on being a married man We did that We saw each other like an hour ago, which is super non-traditional What do you think when you saw each other? Let me smash right now We’re gonna smash oh my god I Didn’t know her vows were until an hour We’ve been really excited. Okay I really thank Tyler Lambert. I’ve been coordinating about this time ask me all night. He carries Tyler that is so iconic Go to be at my wedding and my cousin be fixing my hair right now is like I’m gonna tell them no Hi feathers, I’m lacing me. I’m switching dresses to walk down the aisle Man all day I’ve really been cooling all the stress all the crazy shit Jake and I have this great little pre-wedding pep talk or was like we’re Not stressed. Everything’s great. We both just kind of looked at each other mid to be interviewed just now and we were like god damn We’re nervous and we’re stressed. Is there like water other? I don’t cry at all. Are you crying? Okay guys, it’s a wedding dress. Oh This is the moment You go get married now because we got to walk down the Aisle no, come on Tony, I guess. Yeah seven to Gila shots later. It was finally time to walk down the aisle Marit Marit Is what brings us together? today Bro to hold each other’s hands and they have a vision for a greater family plan. Can I get an amen? You Jake take Tana to be your lawfully wedded wife I do exchange the ring I’m a pronounced by the power vested in me. You may kiss the bride And if you’ve ever seen any tan appalled video, you know, I wasn’t really blessed with the best of luck And now instead of going straight to my wedding reception Hehe I had to go back to the bathroom that I just spent eight hours getting ready in hee hee to wash the champagne out of My hair hee hee and put it in this ugly ass up – hee hee and try to redo three hours worth of makeup in 5 minutes he which was like totally so much fun and exactly what I wanted to do right after getting married hee hee I’m ten appalled Jennifer Reeve. All right Now I’m in my wedding reception dress and I’m holding a bombshell bra and there’s so much going on I don’t even know how to sum this up without just sounding like Tanner fucking oh but someone just threw a glass of champagne on Jake and I and wedding dress champagne royalty, but this be Crazy I’m not gonna lie. This may be emotional. Maybe I was wrong Meg’s is literally fixing the champagne out of my face right now, but you guys I Couldn’t think of something more Jake paulandhannah mojo to happen and oh My god It’s not that it’s just an appalled I made a youtube video today about Jake that was super fucking sappy and the entire mo of that video this about Jake and I Slow dancing while they screamed no matter what chaos going on. We find a way to fuckin Sunday have an amazing Like I fucking love Jake and I’m not Fixing the glam. I’m drunk. You could tell I love everyone in my life And today hasn’t been such a magical fucking day the gentleman and I think that’s what was cool about it Wedding reception time at last and of course, it was held at none other than a Sugar Factory This guy I Love you, thank you. She’s got with she’s gotta back When we plan the wedding Jake requested one thing and it was to cut the wedding cake with a sword And then they lived happily ever after the end

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