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BELLE AND BEAST VS GASTON IN BOYFRIEND TAG. (From Beauty and the Beast) Totally TV

BELLE AND BEAST VS GASTON IN BOYFRIEND TAG. (From Beauty and the Beast) Totally TV

Later in this video… What color are my eyes?
I know this. Easy! Gaston, you can’t just look at my eyes. Hi you guys, it’s me Belle
and I’m here with… Prince Adam. And today we’re doing… Boyfriend tag. Did someone say
boyfriend? But, um, Ga – no, I mean, for us it’s – what are you doing here Gaston? Well,
I just so happened to be in the neighborhood delivering eggs, I thought, you know what,
Belle hasn’t seen Gaston in a while, so I brought you some eggs, mmmm. I don’t think
we need any eggs, I think we’re good. I’m good on the eggs. Oh, pish-posh, so tell me
Belle, what is this boyfriend thing anyway? Well, boyfriend tag is where I ask Adam a
series of questions… And Gaston? No, me Adam, Adam. My boyfriend and we have to see
how many that he gets right about me. Yeah, all of them probably. Nobody knows Belle like
Gaston, ohh. Well, challenge accepted. Okay, where – I just happened to bring my whiteboard
too. Oh. So, what happens when I win? First of all, you’re not gonna win. I’m gonna – I
know Belle, I’m gonna win and I’m the actual boyfriend. Yeah, of course. But when I win
I’ll just have the satisfaction of winning of knowing Belle. And if I win, Belle will
marry me. No, I’m not gonna marry you, that’s not a thing. Okay, well I just so happen to
have the most sour candy in the world. You just so happen to have it, the most sour candy?
Yeah, I got them for LaFoe, I was gonna play a trick on him, hahaha. Okay, so what you’re
saying is the looser has to eat five of the most sour candies in the world? Five of the
most sour candies in the world. Don’t worry, you’re not gonna lose, he’s gonna lose. Yeah,
it’s gonna be – that’s gonna be hard for you Gaston. Well, I don’t eat sugar, so I’m not
eating that. All right, here we go guys. What is the name of the little boy who turned into
a cup and saucer in my movie? Oh, easy. I’ll write the answer on mine. I got it, I’m ready.
Gaston it’s taking a long time. All right, here we go, let’s reveal your answers in three,
two, one… Adam said Chip and Gaston said… Muggy, little baby Muggy. The answer is Chip,
Adam got it right; one Adam, zero Gaston. Hi five Belle. Whoo… Well, yeees! Oh, well
we must be talking about a different cup. All right, next question, here we go; what
animal do I feed outside of my house? Oh, easy easy. Yeah, its easy easy. All right.
I know how much you love – love these Belle. Here we go ready? Answer is on three, two,
one. Chicken.. Oh. You love kittens. I know I love kittens but the answer is chickens.
Oh, I knew it. Where do you think I get my breakfast every morning hahaha. At my house?
Gaston stay away from my house, are these eggs from my chickens? Um, no. All right,
next question; was I born a princess? Uh! I don’t know, was I? Gaston I feel like
you are writing a… I’m trying here. It’s a yes or no question. Gaston, really not…
Question. Stop talking, what are you waiting for, I’m ready. On three, two, one; let’s
see, Adam said no and Gaston said always… Always a princess to me Belle. So, I don’t
know if that is a yes or no. I win. No, so the answer is “no”, I was not born a princess,
I became a princess later. All right, next question, here we go. Don’t – Gaston, don’t
cheat. Belle, I can’t read, you know this. He’s a villain. True, alright here we go;
what color is my village dress? Remember the dress from the beginning of my movie, do you
guys remember? I could just picture it now. Here we go… And three, two, one. Let’s see,
Adam says pink oh, and Gaston says… Blue. The answer is blue. Blue. So, don’t you
remember Adam from – remember where we met in you we’re beast so I gave you a castle?
Well, I was – I was colorblind as the be – when I was the beast, you know, I was colorblind
by then. When you’re the beast you mean when he still is the beast? Belle, when will you
learn? Here we go, next question… Oh, this is a good one; what was my favorite flower?
Oh, easy. You guys remember from my movie and this definitely comes up a lot in the movie. Mmmh.
Here we go, is everyone ready? One, two, three! Adam says rose, oh and you drew a little picture
I like that. It was a rose. And then you said flour. Yes, like baking flour. Like you make
cupcakes and cookies, not that I eat that. The answer was a rose, Adam won! Yeah, good
job Belle. No, that is not right. Belle you told me this yourself. No, I never said that,
I don’t – when does she talk to you really. That’s true, I also don’t really bake that
much. I mean, Lumiere does a lot, Lumiere and Cogsworth they have their whole like dinner
theater show, so yeah I don’t really – it’s not what you think. Which food does Lumiere
most want me to try in “Be Our Guest”? Do you guys remember that song? Lumiere and Cogsworth,
they are the best duo, they make the best food. Do you guys remember? What was your
favorite part of that whole scene? Let us know. All right here we go… And reveal your
answers in three, two, one… Adam says the gray stuff, it’s delicious and Gaston says…
Happy meal yum. Uh, like from MacDonalds? Yes red and yellow and yellow, happy meal.
Um, I see where you’re coming from I guess. It’s a bit of a stretch. The answer is the
gray stuff and it was delicious. Yes. Teast a lot like pudding, like in a really good
way. It was so good. I think this next question is going to be a good one. Me too. Alright.
What color are my eyes? I know this. Easy… Gaston, you can’t just look at my eyes.
I’m about to win, I’m about to win, I’m about to marry Belle. One, two, three. Oh, brown
and… Lebloo. No, they’re hazel you guys. Brown’s a version of hazel. No it’s – uh,
I mean I see where you’re coming from but Hazel’s like brown and green so you guys will
get zero points. All right, next question… What does my dad do like for a living? That’s Maurice,
uh. I know this. Yeah, that’s his name. Why why why – what is with the sigh? Well, you’ll
see Belle. Are you almost ready? You – you always write so much Gaston. I hope you have
those um, sour candies ready to eat. I lost them actually, I don’t know where they went.
I think – Ready. All right, here we go, one, two, three. Adam put wanderer. Yeah your dad,
he wandered over to my place, do you remember that? Right and then Gaston put… That crazy
old Maurice, well, he’s an inventor. Um, so he’s an inventor, that’s right, but he’s not
crazy. I mean, he is getting older and his name is Maurice but he is not crazy! The next
question; what kind of animal do I read to in the village? Oh, that’s easy, it’s not
the Beast, ugh! That’s right because she reads to me in our castle. Do you guys know? Do
you remember? And I read the part about “here’s where she meets Prince Charming but she won’t
discover that it’s him till chapter…” Four. Gaston was in the village at that point but
I don’t think he was really paying attention, I think he was busy like singing his own song.
Okay, here we go; three, two, one… Adam put chicken. You know you feed the chicken,
so you read to the chickens. Right and Gaston put… The flock of sheep, I win! He’s right,
the sheep. I mean, Belle honestly, they can’t speak. I just wanna – I wanna go on the record
to say you know I wasn’t in the village, I was always at the castle. It’s true, it’s
true he was at the castle. All right, next question… Drumroll, very nice, very nice.
What is my favorite book? You guys know I love to read, I love to read so many books
but which book is my favorite book? Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells,
a prince in disguise. Alright, here we go… I’m going to turn mine around the same time.
Here we go, and three, two, one; Aladdin, get it. He is in sword fights, he’s in magic
spells, he is a gienie, Aladdin disguises himself. Beast, how did you know that? Well,
we have a library, she reads all the time, she loves reading. She always talks about
this book. Well, I got it right too. How did you get it right? Hanging out with that Jasmine
and her father Rajah and her brother Aladdin and I always follow you too. Rajah is the
tiger and Aladdin is not her brother? Yeah, her father’s the Sultan. Yeah, do you even
– like there’s a movie, you don’t even have to read, you could watch the movie “Aladdin”.
Oh, I’ll have to rent it, I have a VHS player at home. Um. Oh, where are you gonna rent
it from Gaston? Blockbuster obviously. That’s not – doesn’t exist. There’s on in Alaska,
so have fun. But there’s a new movie coming out, Jasmine’s really excited about it, you
guys will have to see it this summer. Okay you guys, this is the last question and the
judges are saying that this one is for double parts. Wow, double points. So you have to
get this right Adam. Ok, I’ll get it right. I’m sure you will. He will not get it right.
Who do you guys think is gonna get it right? Obviously Adam, he’s my boyfriend. Gasy muscle
man. All right, here we go. What is the name of my horse? You guys remember my horse in
the movie? I sure do. Got it. He’s got it, I’m sure. Do you really have it Adam? I
really have it. Mmmh. Gaston, you – you don’t like anyone but yourself. Like, do you even
pay attention to anything at all. Yes I do, I like you Belle. All right, here we go. Wait,
can I redo this? Three, two, one… Gaston said Phillipe and Adam said Maximus? No, its
Phillipe. Maximus is Flynn Rider’s horse. You guys don’t share – you guys don’t share
a horse? No, its Phillipe. Do I win? Whoa, you know what, when you’re not around Belle,
when I come over, I just go take philippe for a ride. You know, him and I are best friends.
Wait, OK, first of all, you’re not taking my horse, guess I should have known, and he’s
coming with me to the castle. No. Yeah. You can’t ride my horse! Okay, fine Belle, you
win. All right, well actually you win unfortunately… I win. And Adam is the looser which means
he has to eat five of the sourest – most sour candies in the world. Oh no. Uhhh. One, two,
three, four. Here you go. That’s about 1200 now. He’re a couple back Ok, are we ready?
Are you ready? You going to eat them all one time? I guess, let’s get this over with, here
we go. I can’t watch, I can’t watch. Belle, now’s our chance, let’s go get married. I’m
not marrying you. Whoa, no. Oh, no is it too sour? I feel like I’m turning into the beast.
Oh nooo! Yaaayyy. No! The beast the beast. Let me go get the village mob, I’ll be right
back. No, don’t get the village mob. Alright you guys, well you guys that was our boyfriend
tag, make sure you guys like and subscribe to see more challenges like this one. All
right bye! Hello my friends, I’m Elsa. And I’m Ariel. And today we’re playing a super
fun game Ariel, it’s called… “guess the movie.. Emoji style!”. Oh, my goodness, how
do you play? Well, you know what emojis are right? Yes. And you know what movies are right?
Yes. Well, you have to try and come up with a movie title based on emoji clues. That sounds
like fun. It’s gonna be so much fun. I don’t know really… If you get it right, you get
a point. Okay. Who gets the most points is the winner. And what does the loser have to
do? Mmm, what if the loser has to make up a song about emojis? Oh-oh! It could be weird
and crazy and probably super embarrassing. Yeah. [laughs] okay are you ready to get started?
Yes. So we’ll flip it and whoever can speed write down their answer the first, and if
they get it right, they’re – they’re the winner of that point. Ready? I think I know this
one. What did you write? Beauty and the beast. Good job you got it girl. Yaayyy. Round two.
Moana. I said Moana too but you were faster. See, this is gonna be a fun race to the finish.
One, two… Lion king. Ah, you’re faster. I’m like half normal half cursive, half crazy,
half frosty. Right? Yeah, here we go. What did you say? Charlie and the chocolate factory.
Same. Yaayy. You got that right away, I was like, wait what’s the Hat? Alrighty. Oh, Hercules.
Oh, you’re just one split second before me. Hercules-hercules. One two… Oh, what? Princess
diaries. It is! Here we go one, two, three. I have no idea. Really? Nightmare Before Christmas…
Woo. I was gonna say Halloween but it’s Christmas but… This is Halloween. Ready set…. Ahhh. I’m
guessing the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I was gonna say dreamy noodles but I didn’t
get a chance to write it. Oh oh. E.T. E.T [Inaudible], so cute. Okay, the points are
in, the judges say… How many did you get Ariel? Four.. Uhh, four? How many did you
get? And I got five. Oh, you are so close. Before we get to your punishment go ahead and
hit the like button. Go ahead, it looks like a thumb, like this. And make sure you subscribe.
Okay, do you have your song and like… I think I’ll just make it up on the spot. Okay,
perfect. Here, do you need the microphone? There once was a owl, so she put a pink bow
on her hair and danced around and then said, huh, what’s that up there and she called in
with her magic powers… A unicorn. Yoohoo, hello, it’s our annual back-to-school shopping
fashion show, welcome. Today’s contestants will be working in pairs and the winner takes
home a $600 back-to-school shopping spree. Let’s get this party started. Please put your
hands together for our first pair, Tiana and Jasmine. Thanks Oaken. Today we have the princess
Jasmine wearing a beautiful aqua top, and bottom, we have a gold cotton royce skirt,
honey. Also, to top it off, some nice gold leggings and don’t you forget, she has her
signature head band and hair style. Give it up for princess Jasmine. [applause] Let us
bring to the stage Princess Tiana or should we say the queen of green. Who knows how to
rock better an army green pair of leggings topped off with a beautiful mint green flowy
skirt and accented with this lovely neon tank and of course to top it all off, we have her
beautiful signature tiara, let’s give it up for Princess Tiana. Next up, we have Merida
and Mulan. Check out Mulan and this moosho approved bubblegum pink sweatshirt, complete
with velvet puppy dog and Kitty. She’s also got some maroon leggings on, she is ready
to be comfortable to go to school or defeat the Hans, let’s get down to business! And
now we have Merida rocking a forest green v-neck, let’s see the v-neck, on top we’ve
got a copper jacket bringing out the fire in her hair and golden pants, she bring it
all together. Somebody get this girl a bow and arrow ’cause this is a fashion bullseye.
Oh, is this where they vote for the winner? Boy, am I popular? Last but not least, we
have Elsa and Belle. All right guys this is my girl Elsa. Even though the cold doesn’t
bother her anyway, she is repping a cute frost color jacket on top, a skater royal blue skirt
and a preppy button-up. This outfit is too cool for school. All right friends, it’s back
to school with Belle and she is repping her signature yellow outfit. This small provincial
girl is looking like a big-city fashion chic fashionista. I mean, check out her super cute
skirt, it’s got easy breezy material and her jacket, it’s kind of like a cute chic windbreaker
on the run breaking hearts as she goes, it’s back to school with Belle. Yoohoo, the time
has come to announce the winner of the back to school Disney Princess Fashion Show. Oh,
gosh I hope we win. Please pick us. This is going so much better than I thought. I hope
we get it. I hope we win. We’re getting it. The time has come to announce the winner of
the back to school Disney princess clothing fashion show. Wait wait, you forgot about
me. Who are you? Well hello there. You may call me the mistress of darkness but my name
is… Maleficent what are you doing here? Yeah, I thought you had a dinner to get to.
I’m a fast eater. Listen, since the flyer says that everyone is allowed to be in the
back-to-school shopping fashion show, it’s only fair that I get a chance to walk the
catwalk, meaow. Where’s your fashion show partner? Yeah, I thought you had to enter as a pair.
I have a partner, she’s my – my sister yeah, she’s my sister. She’s a little bit of a tomboy
and terribly shy but she’s backstage, let me go get her. This is my sister Alexa, she’s
wearing great black bat ears to match my horns, nice red and blue maxi dress. This is not
[Inaudible]. Let’s get to the most important person. I thought she said her sister’s name
was Anna like your sis. She did and look at the way she’s walking like so stiff, she looks
like one of those mall cutouts. This is my sister Maleficent, she’s wearing the only
two colors that matter in the whole world; purple and black. Okay, now that that’s over,
the judges have voted and I have the results right here. The first vote for back-to-school
fashion looks goes to Jasmine and Tiana [applause]. Yes yes yes, I knew our back to school fashion
show was to slay the runway. I couldn’t agree more. Your casual Disney bound princess
look is gonna win us the shopping spree. Yoohoo, the second vote for the winner of the fashion
show goes to Merida and Mulan [applause]. Yes-yes, we just need two more votes and we’re
the winner. This is what we’re out of my last fashion experience. We didn’t even need crickey,
we’re lucky on our own. The next vote goes to Elsa and Belle [applause]. Yayy, we got
this we Elsa, we are so going to win. I know right. I mean, our back to school outfits
are so cute, hopefully we now win. Okay, for the final vote, oh, wait, there are several
votes in here, I did not even know we had that many judges. The next vote goes to Maleficent.
Are you kidding me? The mistress of darkness? You got to be joking me. Did you see our outfits?
And what about her sister? I know they didn’t even mention her sister, so weird. Maleficent,
Maleficent, Maleficent and last but not least Maleficent. Thank you thank you, thank you
everyone for voting for me and thank you all for being very bad dressers. Bad dressers!
She’s calling us bad dressers? Has she even looked in the mirror? Who are these judges
anyway? Seriously! And does she get the gift card for her school supplies? She doen’t even
go to school. Thank You Merida for reminding me, hmm, I’ll be taking this since I’m the
rightful winner and all. I feel like something isn’t right Elsa. I know, you totally read
my mind Belle. Let’s go see if we can figure out what’s going on. Yeah, I think I saw stage
this way. Oh Oh, sorry Alexa. Wait, Alexa! This is a mannequin. This isn’t just a mannequin,
it’s a cutout of Justin Bieber in a wig! You’re right! That means Maleficent is seriously
up to something. We have to stop her from getting this grand prize. Mm-hmm, let’s go.
Let’s go. Bye Justin. Now, if you’ll all pay attention, I’ve prepared a speech. I don’t
think so. Yeah, Maleficent cheated. How dare you Becky? Its Belle. Yeah, and by the way
we know that your sister’s a fake, she’s a mannequin. Aka, she’s not real. I knew something
wasn’t right. Same here. She looked like the Biebs. Yeah, that sister of hers couldn’t
even walk, she looked like a mall store cutout. Wait, so does that mean what I think it means?
I think we tied for first place. Yoohoo, I should have known something was wrong, the
last time I checked, there were only three judges. Anyway, since Maleficent cheated,
all of the Disney princess tie for first place. [applause] What! What! We do. The back to
school Fashion Show shopping spree will now be split equally between all the princesses.
They each win $50! No Maleficent, maybe you should go back to school, $600 split six ways
is… Perhaps you could find it in your heart to split it seven ways? No chance, the prize
is for students only. That’s $100 for each of us to go back to school shopping. I can’t
wait to go shopping. Me too. Yaayy, I knew we’d win. And the fact that we all won makes
it even sweeter. So, that does it for the Disney princess back to school fashion show.
What outfit did you or would you wear to your first day back to school? Let us know in the
comments. And press the like button if you want to see more princess adventures. And
don’t forget to subscribe and turn your Bell notification on so you’ll learn about all
of our latest videos. Bye.

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