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Bernardinho | The Best Coaches In The History Of Volleyball #1 [ENG, RUS sub]

Bernardinho | The Best Coaches In The History Of Volleyball #1 [ENG, RUS sub]

[Music] Bernardo’s engine known as bernandino was born on August 25th 1959 he is a Brazilian volleyball coach and former setter of this team he is a current coach of the female volleyball team rio de janeiro elect up presente is the most successful coach in the history of volleyball accumulating more than sitting major titles in 20-year career directing the Brazilian male and female teams as a child bernandino played different sports his father was one of the most respected Brazilian lawyers but Bernando Zenda has a degree in economics after completing the curse he even interned and Bank presenter played volleyball from 1979 to 1985 and competed in two Olympics winning a silver medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics also he won a gold medal in the 1983 Pan American Games when resented played for the Atlantic above Easter he was the winner of Brazil’s super league in 1981 in 1988 he stopped playing and starting his coaching career as an assistant to the bat total Freitas later he became the coach Brazilian female team presented with Brazil team took second place in the heavily big world championship and wonderfully big world in our brain he also was the coach of Italian female team Perugia since 2001 bernandino has been the coach of the Brazil male national team with whom he won two Olympic titles in 2004 and 2016 the choice couldn’t have been better bernandino led the team to memorable victories including first place in the 2000 some editions of everybody world leaked and the gold medal at the 2002 FIBA World Championship the coach has a lot of individual wallets best coach in Brazilian super Linga in 2008 in 2011 and Bettger chief volleyball club in 2012 also he was best coaching volleyball in 2011 in August 2017 resented resigned and now the main culture the Brazilian team is Renan de Soto bernandino is a guest lecturer in his motivational lectures he talking about several points such as work team leadership motivation insistence and other concept he is the author of the books burning genial letters to young could lead to determination and telling the weight of victory and transforming sweat into gold since 1999 Rezende is married to volleyball player Fernanda venturi knee with whom he has two daughters from his previous marriage to player OWASA he had a son Bruner is ender who currently plays for some Brazilian volleyball team [Music] dish keep on pushing but you bet

16 thoughts on “Bernardinho | The Best Coaches In The History Of Volleyball #1 [ENG, RUS sub]”

  1. One of the great volleyball coaches Bernardo Rezende 🏐🔥💪❤
    Thank you for watching 👍
    I also want to congratulate another great coach who has a birthday today – Nikola Grbic (Serbia) 🎉🎈🎁
    We wish him good health and many victories for his team 💜

  2. I will be very glad if you will help me to translate the video into other languages 💜❤💙
    At least in Portuguese 🙂
    I've allowed to add subtitles to all users 📝

  3. Brazil is the biggest in the volleyball, could produce a video about the Brazilian players between the years and 2001 and 2008 because they won all the possible championships at the time and are without doubt the best set in history and led by Bernardinho the greatest coach that the world has seen.

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