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dude I love your background thank you
I’m a big fan as well oh my gosh Adrienne this looks amazing Adrienne and hello everyone its Adrienne
and I’m here with my roommate Morgan today we were doing a really funny video
that I was like very hesitant about doing mostly cuz I’m embarrassed
she had the awesome idea actually coming from Allen and gen-x pens video where
they roasted each other’s old Instagram photos I do a lot of videos about
Instagram and stuff so I was like this could be funny actually because I know I
posted some really cringey photos so she’s gonna roast me and it’s gonna be
great over on her channel I roasted her she roasted herself
it was great they had a feast of roasting go check her video I’ll link it
down below and Italy funny cuz I you know go on her video obviously subscribe
to Morgan subscribe to me and let me know what you think the craziest photo
was because I’m serious and this is actually alright without further ado
Morgan’s gonna roast three things I signed myself up okay we’re back at the
beginning of the feed my babies prom that day yeah and we talked about my boy
a guy who wore the white oh yeah oh he was the one okay alright laughing like
missing summer like whatever you know what I mean like finals but wishing I
were here when it rains it pours I was deep okay I missed the poster on my wall
is that weird you’re traveling and you missed a poster that hashtag
I always I don’t either my bro with the biggest banana that cotton can be taken
like in such a row I was in a band you were not bad what band see you know I
was a cheerleader and I didn’t know we were in a band
yep I was a singer in a band that it was calling me eventually
essentially oh my god I didn’t make up a minute while you that’s like some
baddies oh that happened those writing boom the riding boots you’re wearing a
button-down collared shirt under a crop denim jacket in my defense that was a
button defense with leggings yep and a short shirt and riding boots eight year
old swag hashtag cousin lovin and you know what’s scary he’s now like Oh
selfie you spelled it wrong I did because I know selfies hashtag make
sense oh you’re just like wow I look so hot so I’m gonna post it back I don’t
want to post it the eyeliner dude I know that was like I always when I own hair
and makeup for like dances and stuff and everyone thought I was good at it
breather friend everyone else is nobody out me – oh yeah I still get caught in
for weddings never really know what I thought I was so tan I’m glad my mommy
loves shopping as much as I do I just remember wanted to prove to everyone’s
like my parents dude my favorite pic news that gymnastics picker you look
like an actual boy oh how long were you here what’s that oh I was in coconut
water in a glass wait is that – doesn’t well oh I was 19 I was my dad what are
you doing I was in the huh I have a lot of stomach problems as you
guys know for like a long time so that wasn’t he just hit up the hospital
yeah I got an endoscopy because they had to like look down inside my stomach
I look like a guy I went to elementary school with I mean every time I see that
I’m not surprised people like when I was doing like my I told my mom I want to
work here because my hair would fall in my cereal I go I’m not short hair no
like really short hair and I did that and I loved it what is this illnesses
about that’s not good yeah well what are these shoes that I
didn’t own them now it’s just at Nordstrom I took a few – I would so do
that – I dark hair don’t care or do i what you
you don’t look like yourself at all you look like someone who is it in a weird
way you kind of look like a little bit of Jennifer Lawrence right there can we
also just talk about how my other ex-boyfriends that really likes every
picture of my other ex-boyfriend because that’s like the petty thing to do when
you’re in a relationship in college and they’re like me you have pictures still
up of your ex like me I’m gonna like all them I projectile vomited that night
party rockin no no not Theta you’re clearly like my butt that’s what
I’m about and you may not people referencing it like filter Friday dude
that was like my first photo shoot ever and why on earth did i filter it like
where’s your butt there that’s the fashion has changed so much it was like
tight skirts on t-shirts oh my god everyone’s albums yeah everyone’s outfit
all-star team Luke yeah Rob literally say one more thing all you did was
tagger you just wanted a bikini photo like cat-like it’s just funny to think about
what we posted back then versus now like I would never post a picture balloon cat
dude I would fire you so tan oh my good pal Joey why good has there been
friend-zoned then I don’t know who this I was tan okay I was obsessed and rot
shut like oh I went to a Leadership Conference
Wow mirror pics recruit you know I think I like wanted to show people that I got
recruited but I like you wanted pink nation VIP whoa look out Oh senior back
look how over edited hey tree what’s going on up there how’s your day that’s
like what it looks like you’re saying we thought we were cool oh my gosh headed
to LA for the first time that was it throwback Oh back in high school that
was me every day just how Mr weeds class yeah mr. weed would like not wake me
okay just a new he’s like so why are you boxes so much I like saving
your life in boxes Roback prom from t hauntings what does that just mean
things yeah I’ll give a surfer oh no but I like totally live long die
happy hashtag I’m kind of like weird I suppose this was a promote like breast
cancer stuff I’ve got good general like talk about death yeah be a drummer now
and eventually eventually and I wasn’t the drummer but the drummer was like
teaching me how to drum so I thought it’d be cool you know what it is it was
my 20th birthday 20 I’m a so hardcore winky face hashtag faded Adrian I was on a game to
you look at my could your boobs literally be pushed up in I went on
birth control for the no hashtag now if anyone only wonder everyone nacho they
can see yeah 21 yet why didn’t you poke so much I’m never gonna get anywhere
booty Shotter work yeah but wait I hate hold on they’re tiny they’re the same
length as the shorts are wearing but these are like PJs I wouldn’t go in
public these are like going which ones that’s your boyfriend like actually no
research on my face doing that girl before I miss the Bubblegum days what is
that oh but that was like really weird rolling with the punches yeah I might go
with the fuckin why did I like that pic will twerk for cash hashtag homeless you
know what it’s good to know that I’ve had forehead wrinkles since then because
I’m like over here freaking out about them now but I still have men so we’re
going car salvie’s huh car selfie because I’m too full to start driving
now it was like a real thing when I had summer drive sometimes you 21 yet nope
but that October I was gonna throw anyone I’ll dye my way before I live
yours that’s totally a cryptic exploit yeah oh
you’re finally 21 yeah Tony Wan alright do like your home photo yes I bet my
facebook has a grocer pictures oh my facebook death has grosser
pictures wait this is what I knew you yeah I still remember Smet knees for
like the pics aisle I stalked you know anything yeah yeah that’s so weird that
those are the pictures off yo yeah I feel like my captions were horrible
Tommy I want our videos and let us know who you think of the Crim to your
Instagram all right well that was that video let us know also what other videos
you would want to see his roomies cuz we should like do
you know subscribe and give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to Morgan’s
channel and go watch the video on her channel and let us know what other
videos you see I love you guys we’ll see you next time bye

27 thoughts on “BEST FRIEND ROASTS MY OLD INSTAGRAM PICS! w/ Morgan Yates”

  1. You should do more videos like this. I hope you notice my comment because i love you so much and it would make me so happy.

  2. Friendship goalโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ. Love you so much!!๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐ŸŒน

  3. I definitely think your photos were worse haha – but in a good, comedic way. You have to do your facebooks next!!!

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