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Best of Season 1 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

Best of Season 1 #DCCMakingTheTeam | CMT

♪ You’ve got your mother
and your brother ♪ ♪ Every other undercover ♪ ♪ Telling you what to say ♪ – To get through the
initial audition process, they have to be talented entertainers. That’s what impresses the judges. ♪ I’m looking for attention ♪ ♪ Not another question ♪ ♪ Should you stay or should you go ♪ ♪ Well if you don’t have the answer ♪ ♪ Why you still standing here ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey, just walk away ♪ They’ve got field presence. – You have all these things in your head that you’re gonna do, and
then you get out there and I did none of it. ♪ I waited here for you ♪ ♪ Like a kid waiting after school ♪ (speaks Japanese) – Hi, my name is Yoshiko Danjo, I came from Japan. – I think the thing that
stood out the most to me was the international presence. – I’m from Colombia. – I’m from Canada. – People that have traveled so far to be part of the Dallas Cowboys. The girls are trying to make a connection with the judges, for the
first and possibly last time. There is a fine line
between having a positive, memorable energy, and looking desperate. ♪ I’m looking for attention,
not another question ♪ – Is she for real? ♪ Should you stay or should you go ♪ ♪ Well if you don’t have the answer ♪ ♪ Why you still standing here ♪ ♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey, just walk away ♪ ♪ Just walk away ♪ ♪ Just walk away, walk away ♪ ♪ Walk away ♪ Good morning everybody. Welcome to the final round
of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders auditions. As you know, we will
go through each of your individual talent presentations, and then this afternoon, we
will revisit the kick line, and then we will announce our squad that is invited into the training camp. (applause) – [Man] Please welcome Andrea Richards. (police siren) (rock music) – I hope the judges were dazzled, that’s what I was going for. They all had great expressions, and I was just trying to entertain ’em. – Andrea was definitely captivating. I mean the judges were like “Oh, arrest me, arrest me.” – [Man] Yeah, make some
noise for number 16, that’s Andrea. (cheering) – We’re so ready. – You okay? It’s gonna be okay. – [Man] Ladies, let’s see who made it! (cheering) – We will be having our panel interviews. What we’re looking for are
their interpersonal skills, their personality, and mainly, can you see them in front of our audience, on a very close and personal level? Today’s panel interviews can absolutely make or break our
impressions of the ladies. Who’s your role model? – Definitely be my mom. – I just really look up to
my dad, I’m a daddy’s girl. – Mariah Carey. – You got 10 minutes to live, and one phone call to make, who would you call and what would you say? – My husband, we married eight months ago, and he is truly my best friend, I would call him. – Call my husband and
tell him that I love him. – I would love to call Miss United States, she’s just currently won,
and I’ve always wanted to be Miss United States, I’d love to ask her how it feels. – You heard what I said,
you got 10 minutes to live. You would call Miss America? – Yeah, Miss United States. – Okay, Miss United States. – How would your best
friend describe you as? – I’d have to think. – My best friend would describe me as probably a sister. – Just that I’m a really loyal friend. – She, I think, think about the friend. – Who’s your favorite
Cowboy football player of all time? – Emmet Smith. – Troy Aikman. – Troy Aikman. – Troy Aikman. – T.O. – I don’t know. They asked me the easiest question ever, “Who’s your favorite football player?” And I said nothing. – Oh boy. – I think she sank on that one. – Lesson learned. – Yeah. This is absolutely been
the most competitive group of contenders that we can recall, so thank you guys
everyone for auditioning. Our first 2006 Dallas Cowboys cheerleader training camp candidate, number 68, Megan Flairty. Welcome to Texas, number
28, Darren Durbany. Number seven, Natalie Woods. Please welcome number six, Star Spangler. – I can hardly look at the girls as their names are being read off, because it breaks my heart, for the ones that are sitting there. I know they really want it. – [Kelli] Number 23, Sarissa Home. 44, Yoshiko Danyo. We have four names left. Congratulations to number
four, Melissa Rycroft. – [Melissa] I don’t see
how it done that, it hurts. – [Kelli] Please welcome
number 78, Julie Jacobs. Welcome number two, Brooke Sorinson. And we’d like to welcome one more person into our training camp, number 37, Kalli Fullerton. Congratulations to all of you, and we will see you at training camp. Kalli, how are you doing so far? – Well I mean, I’m having a great time. – I’m gonna be real honest with you, you, in the judging process, were lowest on the list with 11 judges. With me, you were very high
on my list, personally. So I tell you that because I think you do have potential here, and I hope it’s the cheer for you, but it might not be. Tomorrow I’d like you to start wearing a little less eye makeup, just soften it, ’cause
you have beautiful eyes, and I think you’re overwhelming ’em. Softer eye makeup, try
to leave your concerns and your pressures and
your problems at the door. – I totally agree. – [Kelli] Are you okay? – Yes, ma’am, totally. – [Kelli] Is it school
problems, boyfriend problems, daddy problems? – I feel so bad. – Boyfriend? – I never cry, ever. – It’s okay, you’re
under a lot of pressure. – I think you’ve been
under so much pressure with the auditions and everything, that you’re just now letting it go, so shake it off, and come back tomorrow. – There will be a better Kalli tomorrow. – I still believe in Kalli
and I think she has potential. So I still wanna observe her, I just hope she can be
mature and confident enough to handle the pressure. – Well I’m gonna work
them like I own them. It’s not my ideal of a workout, it’s the military’s workout. It’s what those guys that are over there, the battle-hardened terrorist
fighters, do for a living. If it’s good enough for them, it’s even better for the
Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. Who’s glad to be here? (cheers) All right, way to go, way to go, you guys. This is reality, you’re
no longer Amy or Ginger, okay, you’re the Dallas
Cowboy cheerleaders. A lot of people fail, they
fail in this endeavor. It’s what you had inside of
you, to make it out here. The only easy day was
yesterday, all right? You gotta get that mentality of a soldier. If you don’t have it, you’ll get it. Anything else is an
interruption of my time. Okay, here’s what’s gonna
happen today, you guys. We’re gonna test your fitness abilities. You’ve got three events, the push-up, the sit-up, and the two mile run, okay? If you score 280 on that test, you win the coveted Power
Squad T-shirt, okay? Are you guys pumped? (cheers) All right, well let the games begin. You guys gotta get down, go ahead and get down. All right, here we go, show
us your war face, and go! Come on, come on, come on, get some. Oh yeah, come on, all the
way down, touch it, touch it! The army physical fitness
test is an assessment, a baseline of their dynamic strength, their abdominal strength, and their cardiovascular endurance. Come on, Natalie! Come on, Denisha, let’s go! Come on! – I’m not one for push-ups, I have no upper body strength, so that was a challenge for me. – I can’t even do 24. – [Jay] Five, four, three, two, one! Way to go. Time, time, time. Time for sit-ups, and go! Come on, Langley, come on, come on. – The physical stuff has
been a little bit harder than I expected, it’s a
workout, and it’s a challenge. – I do wish that I could do more sit-ups. – I did 100 sit-ups. – Are we ready to do the two mile run? (cheers) And go, do your best! Power Squad is the best of the best of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. Those are the girls that have worked beyond the minimum standards. – If I earned the Power Squad T-shirt, I would probably wear it day and night, every time I came here, all
the time it would be on me. – All right you guys, gals,
I’ve got some news for you. And I just want to inform you that 22 of you guys made over 280. I’m elated, 22 girls made
the Power Squad team, that shows a lot from the last PT test under a month ago. Dolce Gabriella Rosales. Jennifer Nicole Nix. Natalie Nicole Woods, 300. – I was so excited, I made it, and I got the T-shirt. – [Jay] Daren Gia Darbeni. Yoshiko Danjos. Julie Jacobs, way to run. – I was quite excited, because I’ve been working out really hard. Now I’m on the Power Squad. – Okay, it is now time for
our dance technique training, and I would like to introduce to you Miss Kitty Carter. The dance technique classes are a different learning environment, it will really reveal who has the skills that can handle the job. – My job’s to teach you
technique, preferably style. Some of you are dancers,
some of you are not dancers. Hopefully you’ll pick up fast, if you don’t, that’s okay too. We don’t have gum, do we Becka? Okay, hope not. Gum doesn’t help you, you’ll
choke on the way down. – Kitty is a brilliant dance teacher, but brutally honest. – Extend your back to a flat back. Lemme see flat back, show me
what you think flat back is. Reach out, no ET fingers. Would that be flat back,
Becka, I don’t think so. Yeah, I’m very in their face. I mean, if you do not tell the truth, then you’ll never know. If I tell you once, I’m like “Great, she’ll make the correction.” If I tell you twice, I’m
like “Okay, she’s stupid.” And the third time I’m like “Forget it, I don’t wanna
mess with her anymore.” Because you don’t listen. – Walking is real important, when we enter the field at Texas Stadium, that’s the first thing you do is strut out on the field,
we call it a sexy walk. There’s just no little
girl walking anymore, you have to put some oomph in your walk. So let’s start now,
trying to step out big. ♪ Here I come, I’m ready, ready for you ♪ ♪ Here I come, I’m feeling good ♪ Go Carmen! – At first it was really scary, just because the veterans were going, and you’re like “Wow, they look so good.” You’re like “Oh my gosh, I have
to make it look like that.” – Where are the rookies? ♪ ‘Cause here I come. ♪ – See, there’s the style. – She looks thinner. – She’s pretty. – Okay, stop, sorry,
sorry, stop right there. Hey, stop, hey! Walk on your toes. – I’ve been in cheerleading my whole life, and we don’t do walks and turns, and so it’s all very new to me. – Allie is kind of just messy. She is real flat-footed,
she’s kinda clumsy. – I’m not getting that one. She doesn’t move mature. – No, she looks like a little girl. Toes, toes, walk on your toes! – The sexy walk was very intimidating, so I have note to self, work on sexy walk. – Oh my god. – Megan is a mess. Lemme see Andrea and Brooke, and do two rookie good walkers. – Judy called out Brooke and myself to demonstrate our sexy
walk across the floor, that was fun. – The uniform doesn’t leave
much to the imagination. It’s rather revealing. – [Kelli] You get both sides,
and you kinda criss cross, and you go underneath, tie your girls in. – [Kandi] Well Kelli showed
me how to tie the top, ’cause it’s hard, she’s
doing it, and she’s like “Did you get that?” and I was like “Yes, ma’am.” – [Kelli] Did you see what I did? – I didn’t get it. – [Kelli] They’ve all
worked on ’em so much, they all kinda know, it’s kinda soft. – She can’t go anywhere. – [Kelli] What does this say? – I’m sorry. – [Kellie] What does that say? – True love. – You know you have to
cover that with makeup. – Yes, ma’am. – What we’re gonna do is
put you in four groups that you can start rehearsing in. At the stadium, there are four corners that we put the cheerleaders in, that’s why we do four groups. The first leader is Lindley. – It’s a big honor to be
chosen as a group leader, because we put a lot of trust
in these four young ladies. Group two, your leader is Megan Fox. Group three, your leader is Elizabeth. Group four, your leader is Lisa. She been waiting a long time. – This is my fifth year
of being a cheerleader, and I’ve never been selected
as a group leader before, so it’s been a long time coming for this. – Today is Camp DCC, it’s a
fun and energetic dance camp teaching them cheers and chants. – [Girls] Cowboys, let’s fight! – [Megan] And jazz, a
little bit of hip hop, and some poms. So it’s a wonderful experience for both our team and these little girls. One, two, three. – [All] Go Cowboys! – Camp DCC, it’s really
an exciting experience for the little girls,
and for our cheerleaders, even especially the rookies, it’s their first experience where they are a celebrity, it’s their first experience being asked for autographs. – There you go. – Here you go, Savannah. – I’ll miss you. – I’ll miss you too, thank you so much. All throughout this
process, been looking up to the veterans a lot, ’cause
they’re always around me, and today and throughout this week, the little girls look up to me, and it feels good, because
they’re looking at me as a cheerleader, and even though we’re still in the training camp, it feels good. – I had so much fun with you, are you gonna come back? Promise? Okay, gimme a big hug. – And up, yeehaw! – How do you say yeehaw? – Just gotta get really into it, gotta get that southern accent and say yeehaw! – Yeehaw. – One more time, ready,
say it with me, ready, go. – [Both] Yeehaw! – What does it mean? (dance music) – One dance is fine,
but then when you get on your 13th, and your 14th,
it starts to pile up, and you have to keep going
over them and over them, so it’s kind of hard to remember them. – I didn’t think it was gonna be as hard as it was
teaching them this dance, ’cause I thought that
they knew a chunk of it, but it was a little bit harder once we started breaking it down. – Why are y’all so lost? – Today we are at the USO headquarters at the DFW airport here in Dallas, and we are actually mingling with a bunch of guys that
are finishing up their R&R and getting ready to head
back over to the desert. – I was downstairs sleeping, all of a sudden somebody
kicks me in the leg and says “Hey man, you gotta
wake up and walk outside, man.” I was like “It better be worth it.” I walk around, there’s
Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders all over the place, and
I don’t know, it’s nuts. – Wonderful to meet you. – I’m never gonna forget this. – Okay ladies, today is
our etiquette training, to help us learn more
about the social graces that are part of being a
Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. So it gives me great pleasure and honor to introduce Colleen McEnbocker. – Thank you. Now, unwrap the napkins, I’m gonna show you how
you’re gonna do that. – One thing I learned at
the etiquette luncheon was definitely how to set
the proper table settings. – So this is a little daunting, when you sit down and you have 20 pieces there in front of you. – My group actually had
to put the silverware in the right order, and I was like “Oh my gosh, I don’t even know.” – I love this, ’cause
you’re all doing it wrong. – I kinda had a feeling
that I’d done it wrong, I mean I really had no clue. – Can anybody tell me
where the iced tea spoons should be on, which side? On the right side, okay? So I’m gonna have you move your spoons over to the right. That was cute, I saw that. She just lost her bread on the floor. You don’t wanna go for it. In the house, I know this
five to 10 second rule, if it hits the ground
within five to 10 seconds you can pick it up and eat it. You don’t wanna do it here. – I thought it was a lot of fun. – Like that. – I think it’s important
for a DCC to know etiquecy, is that a word? Etiquecy? I think I just made it up. – Today we’re at Premier Atelier, our hair salon, and we’re
doing the hair makeovers and cosmetic makeovers on
all of our rookie candidates. – I’m really excited, ’cause
I love getting my hair done, I mean what girl doesn’t? Maybe not too drastic, but whatever. – I think you could go darker, yeah. I mean, she’s still gonna be
for me considered a blonde, but just not a bleach blonde, it’s not like the level 10. – I think it’d be great,
it’ll make your eyes pop. – Surprised, Leah? It looks good. – I just have somebody sitting there, almost crying, with red hair. I mean, that was never, we never
even talked about red hair, and maybe we pushed it, but we added a little bit more gold to it, and it turned out to be
a little bit too reddish. So right now we’re still working on her. – Leah was actually at the salon for close to eight hours, and went through several different processes. It has taken longer than we expected, and we’ve had to kind
of retract some things and start over. – Well it absolutely made
her eyes pop, can you tell? – Yeah, I really like it. It’s a big difference, but I love it. – She’s had some moments
in our dance studio of blending, and I think this might change her destiny. Ladies, lemme explain to
y’all what’s going on tonight so you won’t be alarmed. We’ve invited some of our
judges and friends back. Judy and I are kind of, for us, we’re hoping to show off a bit and reveal how far you guys have come in 11 and a half weeks. We want y’all to show
them why they chose you. Okay, I think it’s time to dance, y’all. I wasn’t satisfied at all with
the rookies or the veterans, I actually thought that
they rehearsed poorly. They weren’t in sync together, they didn’t know all the choreography, and I’m gonna attribute that to nerves, they really were faced with
another very nervous situation with the judges looking at ’em. Today we’re going into media training, which is designed to help prepare all of the cheerleaders
for upcoming interviews, both on newspaper, radio, or television. – It’s intimidating, but I
think it’ll benefit all of us, and hopefully we’ll all
be very trained in media. – Today, I’m going to show them how to be a little media-savvy, ’cause it’s not as easy as it looks. – Dulce. – I wasn’t nervous about
getting interviewed by Sandy, but I was kinda nervous
about Kelli watching me. – Now, do you have to be single, or do you have a boyfriend, are you married, or how does that work, can you make yourself
available to the players? – We like to provide a very
professional environment, and we are not allowed to date or to talk with the players. – Mkay, it was very smooth, very calm, nothing
nervous, just on camera, the frosty eye shadow doesn’t work. And you can always use extra powder. – What about those,
the ones that have been cheerleaders for a long
time, they just let them in every year, or how does that work? – Well, once you’ve made the squad, you have to re-audition and
earn your position back. – [Sandy] So will you do
that next year, do you think? – We’ll see, I hope I get
my first year going, first. – [Sandy] Great, thanks. – Anything here, y’all? – [Woman] Only thing is her shirt looks like her bra’s showing through it. – Oh, really?
– Yeah, I would simplify that. I mean probably the pattern and the color and everything’s maybe too
much for a TV interview. – Tell me about the look of
the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. – Being a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader takes so many different aspects of… – Start over, that’s not what she asked. Start over and really
listen to her question, and just answer. – Being a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, you, what did you ask? – [Sandy] How do you get that look, do they help you, what
goes into making that look? – Being a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, you do have to keep up your appearance, and that’s why they have
so many professionals for hair, makeup, that
help us the whole way to make sure that we look
the best that we can. – Your answers right now
sound a little rambling. – [Sandy] Has it been difficult for you to learn the dances and the routines? – Yes, ma’am, this is
very difficult for me because to learn another
language, and I have no family, and no family here, so
sometimes I had homesick. – [Sandy] Well good luck,
thank you, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Great, thank you. – I think to know that you’re
gonna be in front of a camera, and you’ve got people
throwing questions at you, is very intimidating. I think the girls did a great job. – Tonight is the first
night that our training moves to turf, and we
will be teaching them our entrance, our traditional entrance that we do at all the football games. – Go, down, go, five percent,
don’t get there so fast! One, two, three, four, five and six, slow down, Candy, eight, one, two, three. Natalie, you’re stiff,
two, three, four, and five and six, seven and eight, one, two, toes, Yoshiko, walk. No no no no. – She looks really awkward on this. She’s definitely not grasping this, I don’t know if it’s ’cause
she doesn’t understand it. But you’re right, 37 other people do. – Kelli and Judy warned me last week about my confidence levels, so Kitty showed me some exercises that I can do on my own, how I can do them more fierce, move my body, move my head. – When you’re dancing
in a group like this, you’ve got to come on strong. Freeze. – One, two, three, hit four. – And go, and, walk, two, three, boom. The whole idea is just to be fierce. Boom, two three four, then hit a pose, hit a pose, hit a pose. The way you move your head,
there’s definitely an attitude, so if you look out the corner
of your eyes like this, that’s an attitude, this is an attitude, or this can be an attitude, okay? That should, you got something to work on, yeah, we’ll work on it,
I’ll keep my eye on you. – I’m definitely gonna be
practicing these exercises so I don’t end up back in that office with Judy and Kelli again. – We already have the
Power Squad, where you at? All right, now we’re gonna have the people that are inducted into the
Power Squad, all right? All right, now we’re gonna
let all the veterans in first. Misty Duncan. All right, the next
one is Andrea Richards. June Hill, double T, Trisha Turvino. Brittney. Now that’s all the vets, okay. So we got one, we’ve got one rookie inducted into the Power Squad, all right? Melissa, come on down. All right. – I’m very excited to finally
be wearing this shirt, it took me three times to make it, and it’s the last day of training camp, so if I was gonna make it, today was the day to do it. – This past 12 weeks has
been difficult for us. Fatiguing, tiring for y’all,
competitive for y’all, exhausting for all, and we are ready to be through with this phase. I’m gonna read something to you that we are releasing
tomorrow to the media. Irving, Texas, July 25th, 2006. Auditions for the 2006/2007 squad for the Dallas Cowboys
cheerleaders were conducted at Texas Stadium early this spring, with over 1000 women trying out to become a select member
of America’s sweethearts. Today, an exclusive squad of 35 women were named to represent America’s team for the 2006/2007 football season. After 12 weeks of fitness training and arduous rehearsals,
these ladies will proudly don the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders’ famous star-spangled uniform for their first official appearance. – Since day one, there’s
been so much stress, and today was the first day that I woke up and I was like “Oh my god, “I’m a Dallas Cowboy
cheerleader, watch out.” – The day of the squad shot, all of the girls are staggered
in for hair and makeup, and that probably goes on
for a good four to six hours. As they come out of the hair and makeup, they are fitted with their uniforms, and they will slowly start
being brought into this room. – The squad photo is definitely an image that’s very well-known,
it’s something they will be autographing for the next 10 months, hundreds of thousands of photos, they’ll be autographing all
over the world with their photo with their name and
their place in history. – One, two, three. – So the retreat is designed to be the first opportunity that we have to bond with the girls in
a more casual environment. New game this year is
called global awareness. We play games, we have
special guest speakers, seminars, and we just have a good time without the pressures of rehearsals and constant evaluations. The dinner is something we started about five years ago, we called it the Spirit of DCC dinner, where we invite specific
former cheerleaders who really contributed
to the organization. – Life isn’t about the
number of breaths you take, but the moments that
take your breath away. And I’m excited that y’all are about to experience that moment. Because I can guarantee you, we all remember coming
out of that stadium tunnel for the first time, and
it taking our breath away. I remember every minute of that moment, and y’all are about to experience that, and I’m so excited for you all. – As Ronda said, a breathless moment, you never forget your first game. And you also never forget
your first squad photo, right? So, it is with great pleasure that Judy and I present to
you our 2006 squad photo. (cheers) – Just seeing all the people that you went through with it together and how close you’ve gotten, and everybody else crying
and hugging, it’s just, it’s emotional, and it’s awesome, and you just keep thinking “Oh my god, “I’m a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, “I wanna put on that uniform
and know that it’s mine.”

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  1. It’s so funny seeing Melissa Rycroft get called, knowing that she has a mirror ball now and is the showmanship coach for DCC

  2. Wow dance has changed dramatically over the years. I can't never see a DCC making the team with the turns they have here and the dances they're doing

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