BEST TRICKSHOT WINS!! Fun Basketball Challenge!

(upbeat relaxed music) – Oh? (cheering) – Business. (shouting) Welcome home! you guys are here on the Carl and Jinger Family Channel, and today we are going to play an awesome game of trick shot basketball. We’re gonna play it inside and
outside, it’s gonna be epic. We’re gonna play it just
like a game of horse. We’ll have Luke go first,
’cause he’s in the middle of the family, right there, in age. So he’s gonna take the first
shot, and if he makes it, then Gage is gonna have to
try and make it, while he gets an A, we’re gonna actually
play awesome and have to spell out the word awesome. So if you missed the shot,
when the person makes it before you, then you get a
letter to spell out awesome, and as soon as you spell out awesome, you’re out of the game. (gasping) So check this out, we’ve
got a really cool hoop, this is actually your ball, Jinger. I’m gonna use this one here,
we all have matching balls with our color, and we
have this mini hoop. Luke, you can pick a trick
shot, anywhere that you want, just don’t break anything
if we’re in the house. – [Jinger] On purpose. – I think first of all, I’m
going to uh do something basic. I’m going to stand right on
this gray mat, and I’m gonna pump it on the ground, and
it’s gonna go in the hoop. – Okay, everybody out of
the kitchen except for Luke. Really quick, one more quick rule, you have to call your shot. What I mean is, you have to say
what it is before you do it, you have to say, you have to
stand on the corner of the rug, you have to bounce the
ball and swish it without touching the rim, so if you
wanna get that specific, then that’s the shot you
have to make for it to count, does that make sense? – Okay, that makes sense, yeah. – Okay but you have to call your shots. – Okay, got it. – Alright let’s do it. – Okay, so we have to stand
on the gray mat, okay? And you have to just bounce it, and make it into the hoop but you can’t touch the backboard. – [Carl] No backboard, Okay. – Three, two, one, go! (shouting) – No! – Alright, so Luke missed his shot, that doesn’t mean anything, so all this means is its Gage’s turn, and you can pick a shot however you want, you can even move the hoop inside or out, or whatever you want. – [Jinger] Alright Gage, it’s your turn. Oh my goodness. – [Carl] Wait, what
are you doing in there? – He’s gonna go inside the cubby, – Oh I see, He’s gonna make the shot… and then make the shot from the cubby. – He’s gonna make it so it’s
impossible for me to fit, that’s his strategy. – I’m going to throw it from
in the cubby up into the hoop. – [All] Okay. – This is.. (laughs) – Okay. – And you have to do
it with your left hand. – [Jinger] Aw left handed! (laughing) – Jinger, your up next, but I think we need to change the rules, instead of a game of awesome, we need to change it to a game of cool, because were never… – We need a shorter word! – Were never going to
spell out all of awesome. – Based on the basketball
talents of this family. – We should just make it a game of OK. – Let’s just do a game of cool. We’ll do that. Jinger do you have an idea
of what your gonna do? – Okay, Oh yes! – [Carl] Oh boy here she goes. – Okay. – Your moving this thing? – Oh yeah, I gotta square it up… – [Carl] Oh gosh, you know what? I just realized. – [Jinger] What? – There’s that plastic stuff, that’s like the most
satisfying in the world. Peeling the new plastic off
of things is my favorite. Ready? Here we go. Everyone be super quiet. (inhales) (sound of plastic peeling) – Uh, smash the like button
if you like that sound! That’s such a good
feeling, I love doing that. – [Jinger] Okay, Okay! Oh yeah, you guys ready? OK the only rule is, the ball has to go over the top, and into the hoop. – [Carl] Oh, your gonna go up and over? Ready? – Alright you guys, smash that like button
to give me good luck! Here we go. – [All] Three, two, one. Go! (alarm sound) – [All] Oh! – I missed it! – That was so close, I think its my turn. I’m gonna do the same thing I’m just going to modify it a tiny bit. Alright, I have a pretty
interesting strategy here because Kyle is after me
and has to make the shot. So you have to stand right here and you don’t have to do anything fancy you just have to Try make
it in no matter what. Okay? – [All] Okay. – That’s the trick. – [Jinger] That’s it, you
just have to stand there, do you have to go over
the top or anything? – Just make it in, it doesn’t even matter, you can hop this thing right here. Okay, ready? – [All] Yeah! – Okay lets see if I can even do this. (screaming and laughing) – Alright Kyle, tell us your shot. – So you gotta stand right here, and you gotta shoot it
into the hoop, over here. – Behind the backboard. Oh boy – [Jinger] Go Kyle, do it, do it ! – Don’t hit the chandelier. Here we go. – Three! Uh! (screaming) – Wow! (cheering) – …first official trick shot ever! And hey, wait doesn’t that
mean Luke has to follow that? – [All] Yeah! (screaming) – [Jinger] Alright Luke, are you ready? – I’m ready! – [Jinger] Here we go, in three, two, one. Go! – [Carl] Whoa! Oh man ( excited shouting) – [Jinger] That gives Luke the letter C. – [Carl] Uh oh! That also means that Kyle, since you gave him the letter C, and you made the last trick shot, you get to pick the next shot again. – Yeah! – He gets to keep going. You wanna move this? – Yeah. – Where do you want it to go? – I want it, right about there. – Like right here? – Yeah. – [Jinger] That’s like right under it. – I see, I think I know
what he’s trying to do. Your, He’s trying to box it in like this so he can roll it over the top. – That’s exactly what I’m going to do. – [Jinger] Oh! Okay this is going to be crazy. – [Carl] Alright Kyle
lets see what you got. (cheers) (mumbles) – Yeah ! Whoa! – [Carl] Pressures on Luke, cause now… – [Jinger] Pressure’s on! – Kyle is on a hot streak! – [Jinger] Luke’s up. (laughing) – [Jinger] What is that? – I’m just trying to get
myself pumped up, I got this. – [Jinger] Alright. Here goes Luke! – Its C-O if you miss this one right? – [Gage] Yeah! (Jinger laughing) – Lets see what you got. Here we go. – [Jinger] Luke, everybody
comment hashtag orange to give Luke good luck. He needs it! – [Carl] Lets see what you got dude. – Eh! – [Carl] Whoa! (shouting) that was really close! That’s a C-O, that means its Kyle’s turn, he gets to shoot again! What’s your plan Kyle? You’ve got the shot again. – Dad, can we get this outside? – You wanna go outside? – Yeah. Do you know where you want to take it? – Yeah. – Okay, lets go. – [Jinger] Lets go! – Kyle looks like you have
a shot all figured out. Are you ready? – Yeah. – Alright. – So, you have to stand
right here on this square. – Okay. – Bounce it and make it into the hoop. – Alright lets see what you got! – Here we go. (cheering) – [Jinger] Oh my god! – I can’t believe you made that. (shouting) – Uh were gonna have to
let if Luke can make it. – Alright dude. – [Jinger] C’mon luke you can make it! – Okay, hopefully my orange
ball will give me good luck. – [Jinger] Lets do this. – Here we go. See if you can make it. (cheering) – Oh yeah! – [Jinger] High five Luke! – Okay, Luke saves the day and
takes control, its your shot. – Hmm – Okay I think I figured out
why the game is going so slow. Because were playing it
wrong this whole time. – Oh! (laughing) – Alright so were sitting here talking and I think if somebody makes a shot everybody has to try take the shot. – [All] Yes. – And either you all get penalized, or you make it and stay in the game and it moves on or whatever. So should we do it like that? – Yeah, I think that will
speed up the game anyways. – So it’s gonna speed up the game. Alright, so Luke made it so
now everybody has to try. So Gage, you gotta try
make the bounce shot too. Lets keep going. – [Jinger] Alright, Gage is up, lets see what you got Gage! – The direction the wind is going. – [Jinger] I don’t think
that will help you. (laughing) Ready? – [All] Oh! – Dang it! – So wait that’s your first one, so Gage has got a letter C and Jinger you gotta try and make it now. (Jinger screams) uh oh! – [Carl] Okay, boy this is
gonna go over really quick. – I’m feeling so lucky! Oh yeah! – [Carl] Lets see what you got Jinger. – Okay, here we go. Three, two, one. Ah! (screaming) – [Carl] Some of the basketballs are a little more flat
than others, aren’t they? – That’s a C for me. – [Carl] Oh man. – Your turn Carl. – [Carl] Okay. – [Jinger] Carl are you feeling lucky? – I’m feeling lucky, I even got
my awesome Nike Jordan’s on. – [Jinger] Oh yeah, I wanted
to point out Carl’s outfit, How awesome he looks. Okay, tell me about those socks, your always wearing crazy socks. – Uh these are rooster socks. – [Jinger] Those are so cool! – And these are pink shoes. – [Jinger] Those are Jordans man. – I even have the matching underwear. (laughing) – You know a little bit superstitious maybe a little bit today. – [Jinger] That is so cool. – Alright, wait can I
bank it or anything ? – [Jinger] It doesn’t
matter it just has to go in. You can do it Carl. (shouting) – That makes me a C as well. – Okay so. – [Carl] Luke has control. – Yeah, I think I’m going
to move it over by the swing and then try to swing and
make it into the hoop. – [Carl] You’re gonna sit
on the swings and do it ? – Yeah ! – [Carl] Oh my gosh. Here we go. – [Jinger] Alright Luke have
you decided on your shot? – Yeah, so we have the hoop
right behind ya right here Mom. And I think I’m gonna try to swing pretty fast here and make
it straight into the hoop. – [Jinger] Oh that’s pretty tricky! – Alright lets see what you got. (cheering) – Now all of you have to try it. – Uh oh. – [Jinger] Alright, Gage is up! Good luck Gage. – One ,two, three! – [All] Oh! – Good try Gage. – Jinger’s turn. – I’m feeling pretty good about this. – [Carl] Alright, are you really? Oh yeah, here we go in three, two, one. Go! – [All] Oh! – [Carl] That was pretty
close, but not quite. – Oh man! – [Jinger] Alright Carl’s up! – I’m even going to do it with my feet up! (shouting) – [Jinger] Should have let your feet down! – I know I tried to get funny. – [Jinger] Carl, I think your funny. Alright Kyle you are up! Good luck man! [All] One, two, three! – [All] Oh! – [Jinger] No! And Kyle gets his first letter! – A C! – I think we should leave this here, I’m going to try from
the guest house window and to our hoop that we
already have over there. – Oh were we did the
magic tracks and stuff? – Yeah! – Okay so he’s gonna go up there. – [Jinger] Oh that’s going to be tricky! (laughing) – Okay wish me luck you guys! – [Carl] Here goes Luke. Oh, no! (laughing) – That’s a crazy angle. – [Carl] Alright, Gage is up next. Here you go, what are you gonna do man? – I think I’m going to do the exact same thing that Luke did. – [Carl] You wanna try it too? – Yeah, I totally wanna make this shot. – [Carl] Alright lets see. – Hey guys I think I can make this shot. – [Carl] You ready Gage? – Wish me luck! – [Carl] Its kinda windy. – [Carl] Oh! – [Luke] That was so close dude! – That was so close! – He hit the rim, that was way close. And you gonna try this one too Jinge? – I think I can make it, and if I can that’s pretty much a
guaranteed C-O-O for Carl! – [Carl] Oh that’s true! Oh man you better not make it! – Ready? – [Carl] Yeah. (shouting) (cheering) – [Carl] Oh no Jinger! Where did she go? – Carl ! Carl ! Are you ready? – There’s no way I’m going to make it. – You have to make it! – Doesn’t this et me out
of the game if I miss? – That would be C-O-O Carl, you would still have one left, its fine. Go Carl ! Carl! (chanting Carl) – I can do it, I believe in myself! – [Jinger] Alright Carl are you ready? – No! – [Jinger] Your gonna need some good luck, you guys comment hashtag blue down in the comments below
to give Carl good luck! – I can’t believe you
swished this from here. It looks so different from up here. Here we go! – Oh! (shouting) – [Jinger] Uh that is C-O-O! – I think its Kyles turn. – [Jinger] Come on Kyle you can do it! You look so little in the window. – Here I go! – [All] Oh! – [Carl] That was pretty
good, that was pretty good! – So close! – [Carl] So close. – [Jinger] Alright, Luke is up! – Okay are you guys ready? – [All] Yeah! – Here I go! (laughing) – C-O-O for me! – [Carl] Is it really? – Yeah. – [Carl] Uh oh! (laughing) – Whoa Nice, okay. – [Carl] Okay now Gage has to
go to see if he’s out, right? – Yeah, this is my last
letter, this is my last letter. – [Jinger] You can make it
Gage, I have faith in you! If he doesn’t make this
shot he’s out of the game! – Enter the Matrix ! Blah! – [All] Oh! – [Carl] That was pretty close! – I’m out now, I lost! (sad piano music) – [Carl] Gage is the first elimination! – No! – You guys that means
Gage is out of the game, I’m still in control and I know exactly what I want to
do for my night shot. [Jinger] That’s right you guys, trick shot over the swimming Pool. I hope your all afraid! – Don’t fall in! (screaming) (laughing) – Are you scared? Because I’m about ready to make this shot. – Yeah we should have a
fun rule change right now. Gage is already out, so
I sent him in the house to get his swim suit on so he can uh retrieve the basketball’s
and all that stuff and rebound them, but the game is now,
we have to keep playing in this spot and make
the shot and everybody that’s out has to jump in
the pool to end the game until there’s one person left who wins. – Okay this is awesome! – Lets do it, trick
shot challenge lets go! – [Carl] Jinger I can see
what your going for now and this is gonna be crazy. – Oh man. (laughing) – I haven’t played basketball
in a long time but here we go! – [Carl] Ugh! – [All] Oh no! – [Carl] Oh just to the right! Alright, here we go! My turn next! – [Jinger] Carl’s up! – Here we go! – C’mon Dad you can make it! – Oh! – [Jinger] That was close! – [Carl] Oh man that’s
quite a ways over there, your gonna have to throw hard. – [Jinger] C’mon Kyle ! – [Carl] Don’t fall in! – I won’t ! – [Carl] Ugh! (laughing) – That was super close. – So close! – Luke your up next! – I hope I make it! – You can do this! – [All] Oh! – [Carl] That was super close! – [Carl] Miss, miss, miss, miss! – [All] Whoa! (cheering) – She totally swished it you guys! Instant replay! (relaxed electronic music) – Oh man that means I’m
probably gonna go out unless I make it too! – Oh yeah Carl I hope your feeling lucky because your gonna need it! – [Carl] Wait so who’s left after me? Then where are you at Kyle? – I’m at C-O. – [Carl] C-O ? Uh oh! – Aw! – [Carl] There’s one
more after this probably and then where are you at Luke? – C-O-O. – [Carl] Uh oh! – [Jinger] No! – [Carl] So its probably gonna
come down to Jinger and Kyle. – There’s a good chance Carl and Luke are going to be eliminated! I don’t know though you might get lucky! [Jinger] Okay Carl your up! Give ’em your luckiest shot ever! – My luckiest shot? – [Jinger] Your luckiest shot! – Okay , you said so. – Oh no! – Don’t Dad! – Oh! – Oh that was so close! – You hit the rim that
would have been epic! You would have won the whole thing but instead you lost! You’re out! – I know, Ill go get my swimsuit on. Nevermind I gotta run the
camera I can’t get wet! (laughing) [Carl] Good luck Kyle! Its not easy! – Ah! – [All] Oh! – No! I’m C-O-O! – [Carl] C-O-O , oh man. Here we go. – I have to jump in the
pool if I don’t make this, – [Carl] This is your last one huh? – Alright here we go! – [All] Oh! – No! – [Carl] Alright in the pool you go! Luke said he wants to
launch the basketball, lets see how this works Luke. – You ready? – [Carl] Yeah. – Here we go. (splashes) (laughing) – It went right by my face! – [Carl] I know it didn’t launch at all, it just went bloop. (laughing) – I think I’m gonna actually
just go right here on the mark, on the cement, just you
have to be on the patio. – [Carl] Okay. Oh man Jinger, it’s a long one! – [Carl] Oh no! (laughing) – That was crazy I think
we gotta fix the (mumbles), Kyle its your shot! [Carl] Here he goes! Whoa! – Oh! – [Carl] That was a close one! – Here we go, shout for me here! – You got this! – [Carl] Whoa! (shouting) (cheering) – [Carl] Now Kyle has to make it. – Oh no! (laughing) – Kyle I hate to say this bro, but if you miss this
shot it means your out and Mom wins out of everybody! Oh ho ho a girl is gonna win! (tense music) [Carl] Its all come down to this, can Kyle make a basketball trick shot over the swimming pool to stay alive in a game of basketball trick
shot cool over the pool? (laughing) – [Carl] Are ya ready? – Yeah! – [Carl] Here we go! – [All] Oh! – No! – I thought for sure that was going in! That was a great shot! – [Carl] That was awesome! Jinger you totally won the
trick shot basketball challenge! (cheering) – Jinger you won the challenge, so you get the golden victory ball! That means you get to
control the first trick shot when we play this game again! – Yes! – So that’s awesome, that’s
your challenge victory, good job Honey you did awesome. – Um what does this mean for you Carl? – I have to jump in the pool! (laughing) [Jinger] what does this mean for you Kyle? – I gotta jump in the pool! – Go for it! – [Jinger] Woo! (cheering) that was such a fun game you guys! If you guys enjoyed this
video your gonna enjoy these others onscreen that
we’ve picked just for you, if you like this one your
definitely gonna like these others and well see you guys next time. – [All] Bye!

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