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Better Cheer Jumps and Stunts for Cheerleading with Kinetic Bands

Better Cheer Jumps and Stunts for Cheerleading with Kinetic Bands

McQueen: Coach McQueen. If you’re a cheerleader
a lot of cheerleaders they want to jump higher. You want to be able to perform better stunts.
You’re actually getting into a lot of tumbling. You’ve got back hand spring, back tucks, scorpions,
and all those kinds of things. What I wanted to talk to you about just for a moment is
these kinetic bands. The key to being a better cheerleader is building
your core muscles. That’s from your abs down to your knees. You want to have stronger quadriceps,
stronger ham strings, hips, hip flexors. All your jumps, all your movements are going to
come from developing these muscle areas. The kinetic bands are going to be a great tool
for doing all of that. It’s not going to build bulk it’s basically going tight and tone and
firm and help you develop those muscle. When you jump you want to be able to just
come to right here in a normal stance, be able to explode and drive up, bring those
legs out, bring them back down, or any of the other routines that you’re doing. A back
tuck, back hand spring, layout, anything that you’re doing comes from right here. What we
want to do is help you away from your actual performance or your routine to help you to
be ready to be able to do those. If you want to jump higher, if you want better
stunts we believe that training with these kinetic bands, you can do it for just a few
minutes at practice, at your training facility. You can take just a few minutes at home. If
you will do some of the squats, squat jumps, lunges, knee ups, step ups, leg raises that
we suggest then you translate that into working on your toe touches and your scorpion, your
back hand spring and your back tuck, we believe that you’re going to become a very successful
cheerleader. You’re going to love it. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Better Cheer Jumps and Stunts for Cheerleading with Kinetic Bands”

  1. yes. You would see improvement very quicly. leg and hip strenght will help a great deal with jumps, stunts, landing and all areas of Cheerleading.

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