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Bikini top falls off naked embarrassed

Bikini top falls off naked embarrassed

♪ I think I’m growin’ older
But it feels all right ♪ ♪ I don’t know
But lately I’ve been sleepin’ ♪ [LAUGHING] It looked like your top
was about to come undone. Dude, dude. Will you give that back? You want me to come in there,
or did you wanna come out here? Give that back. ♪ You should see me now ♪♪ Keep your eyes closed. Are they closed? They’re closed.
Hurry up. All right,
I’m almost finished. Come on, already. Okay, you can open up
your eyes now. ♪ Baby, you should see me now♪ Heads up. Oh, my God. I tried to warn you. Hi. Alex. Jackie.

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