Billings cheer squad headed to “Super Bowl” of cheer and dance competitions

back here in Billings apex elite cheer has been busy the team traveled to Portland Oregon in March and competed at the Pac West Nationals in all-star dance sq – Jenny Thicke tells us they’re about to get even busier apex elite scores at Nationals in Portland secured a bid to the exclusive summit in Orlando Florida this is held at the ESPN World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World in Maine which is the Superbowl of cheer and dance so we’re really excited about that the summit will expose them to top-level competition instruction and memories I’m just excited to be with all the athletes cuz like one thing about competitions is everyone’s super nice they’re like they’ll go and they’d be like you did such a great job well they’ll be like good luck before you go on and then just everyone’s really nice there before they head to Florida they will put their skills to the test in another national competition in Anaheim California great experience for the girls to go down there and kind of see what the other part of the country’s doing before we head off to the summit and lessons and critiques given here will help them prepare and polish me through the summit as we get feedback on what we should make better what they liked gives us some ideas to change our routine for some more difficulty and know what we want to unveil while we’re down there so we’re pretty excited apex is the only all-star dance and cheer team for Billings to earn a spot at the summit the five high school students pour hours into their training their work ethic is probably that’s impressed me the most it’s every other day we do two to three hours of dance and then to the three hours of cheer they surprise me every day it doesn’t matter how tired they are house or they are with the consensus II it’s worth it I just love the experience you know like having a team and going out on that stage there’s nothing like the feeling in Billings Jenny ping MTN news awesome and Jenny tells us this is apex elites first year competing as a gym they leave for San Diego in two days the group is a nonprofit gym so all travel funds are raised by the young ladies to learn more you can visit their Facebook page that’s

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