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Binging with Babish: Breakfast Dessert Pasta from Elf

Binging with Babish: Breakfast Dessert Pasta from Elf

[INTRO MUSIC] ♪Hey baby, I hear the blues are callin’, tossed salads and scrambled eggs♪ [MOVIE Clip Begins] “No, no but Buddy don’t, uh, you don’t have to call me, okay?” “Good idea, you call me.” “Okay, I’m gonna hang up now.” “I painted a picture of a butterfly!” “Good.” “I’m gonna hang up now.” [Buddy off-screen] “I tuned the piano.” “Okay, I love you. Bye.” “Mmmm.” [gross spaghetti noises] *crunching noises* “Mmmmm.” [Movie clip ends] Hey, what’s up guys. Welcome to a special gross-out holiday episode of Binging with Babish. And I think this place needs a little bit of holiday cheer. Let’s uh, ah that’s good enough. So to make Buddy’s dessert breakfast pasta, and that’s a rare triple oxymoron by the way, boil your pasta, have a friendly Frasier debate: And you want to cook your pasta slightly underdone because we’re going to finish cooking it in the sauce. This is an important tip and easy way to upgrade almost any pasta sauce- so you want to add the pasta to some bubbling sauce in a sauté pan (give it a good flip). Now we’re gonna finish it with a solid tablespoon of butter (this is gonna add a lot of richness and unctuousness to the sauce), and, of course, don’t forget a little bit of olive oil. Toss that in, now really try to get some air to impress any kind of Youtube audience that might be watching… And just visually, you’re going to see a huge difference between pasta that was just tossed with a sauce and pasta that was finished with butter and olive oil in the pan. I mean, which one would you rather eat? I’m gonna go ahead and destroy the worse one and save the good one for later ’cause I have a feeling I’m gonna need it. And it’s time to Buddy-up our pasta. We’re starting with chocolate chips, handful of M&Ms, an entire fudge Poptart, broken into pieces (make sure you use one of the hard corners for a little bit of garnish). It’s oddly beautiful in a David Lynch movie kind of way. Handful of marshmallows, good glug of maple syrup, caramel sauce, and of course, chocolate sauce. And it’s time to tuck in. Now this was far and away the most disgusting thing not only have I made for this show but I ever made in my entire life. Gotta get that horrible flavor out of my mouth, stat. [music fades out]

100 thoughts on “Binging with Babish: Breakfast Dessert Pasta from Elf”

  1. You failed to notice the plate he is eating from (unlike the communal bowl also in frame) had no sauce check the movie about 10sec before your clip starts that’s why you never liked it and that’s why people did like it in the buzzfeed video banish was in.

  2. Tried doing this once, and he's right. It tastes like absolute garbage, I don't know how buddy can even stomach that stuff, let alone continue to enjoy the sorry excuse of a pasta.

    Chocolate + spaghetti = shit. It just doesn't mix well, no matter how you slice it.

  3. Am I the only one who will actually want to try pasta and chocolate chips? Like that savory and sweet I'm starting to crave it rn

  4. Will ferrell actually had to go to the hospital after the many takes they had to shoot of him eating all that sugar at once

  5. "finish cooking it in the sauce"

    See when I was growing up my mom always did it out of some kind of laziness (and no I don't mean we assumed, I mean she legit said that she did it that way because she was being lazy and my dad complained about it a number of times but… fuck him), all my neighbors would eat pasta by serving the cooked noodles and sauce and even meat additions separate, most of them treating it like the "right" way to do it.

    I always thought it was odd, especially since I always preferred the sauce "cooked onto" the noodles, and always felt that the noodles would get too cold served separate and feel a little undercooked and the sauce always seemed bland.

  6. The time has come for me to defend dessert pasta. Pasta in a well cooked Nutella sauce is freaking delicious and I will defend my statement until my last breath.

  7. I'd rather call that a six year old's italian's birthday cake. Although, it might taste bad, but good work

  8. I sent this to my italian friend, who then showed it to his mother and now I‘m not allowed to visit him anymore.

  9. i eat maple syrup with everything, even on pasta or hot pockets. my friends have asked me if I have seen elf but i said no. i think im gonna watch it now

  10. The quickness with which you said Roz, but then had stipulations, tells me that we have the same taste

  11. Would probably taste pretty ok without the tomato sauce though. I once had deep fried spaghetti with Nutella, I think it was from an official Nutella cookbook. It was a real mess to eat, like a birds nest, but tasted great (mostly of Nutella, to be fair). Deep fried spaghetti is an interesting food though.

  12. "Who is hotter, Roz or Daphne"
    "Roz… Wait which season?"

    Never have i related to somebody more than from this reply

  13. well in your stead, I would have used one of those special cutters tu make apple pasta (pasta made out of apple). I think it would have tasted much better

  14. not gonna lie.. after watching elf i did try spaghetti with syrup (just syrup, no poptarts or shit lol) and it was actually pretty good.

  15. When i saw the reference clip I just went NO NO NO, and shouted NO NO NO!
    But hey next to the gross thing I also now know how to make pasta taste better. Seems easy enough.

  16. the tips about the pasta is correct but maybe do not add the butter…just the olive olive to let the pasta's amids caramellazing with fat and form the "cream"

  17. Uuuuhhh… have to TOAST THE POPTART FIRST!! Then it's waaay better, lol! 😉🤣🤣
    But, YES…..absolutely the butter, with or w/o the olive oil, is a must in any tomato- 🍅 -based sauce.

  18. I think it would have been a bit more palatable without the tomato sauce. The clip seemed to show just plain noodles with all that junk on them.

  19. mmmmmmmmmmmm

    how buddy bounced happliy eating that gift from the human creativity wrinkle of the brain
    giving me the notification that the more than exquisite dish was giving him comfort
    and that gave me comfort

  20. Daphne is the epitome of an raven goddess. She's beyond perfection, Roz doesn't even come close to her beauty. Not that Roz is bad looking, far from it.

  21. After I saw this movie I tried pasta and tomato meat sauce with syrup ( whilst pregnant) …and I thought it was delicious 😁

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