Black Panther Stunts In Real Life (Parkour, Tricking, Tumbling)

What’s going on guys? Today I’m gonna be recreating some of the stunts from the Black Panther So in the first time he pops out of the woods and does a front flip into a truck So to recreate that, I’m gonna do a front flip onto this block like the block is my truck In the next so we got someone shooting at the Black Panther and to kick the gun out of his hand He does what we call a gainer flash. So he basically kicks his leg and does a backflip and then the other guy falls over If you guys still don’t know what a gainer flash is, it looks a little bit like this. So to recreate that I’m gonna be doing a gear flash by kicking Brandon shooting at me and he’s gonna fall backwards So the next time we got the Black Panther on the ground on his back and to get onto his feet He does what we call a Kip up So a Kip up is actually really easy and you guys can try it at home basically you go onto your back like this You try and push off of your hands and the top of your back Kick your legs up and try to get your legs underneath you to go on the ground So the next up we got the Black Panther doing the gainer flash Again, but this time he’s getting a lot of height and he’s landing in the superhero landing on top of a car So to recreate that I’m gonna be jumping from here doing the gainer flash and then landing back on the Block in the superhero landing So until the movie is released in DVD I can only show you the stunts that he does in the trailer But as a bonus here are the stunts that Black Panther does in civil war So there’s a little bit of movie magic in the next stunt because the Black Panther is doing a cartwheel Arabian But you only see the Arabian part So what they did they cut the clip right after his car wheel when he’s in this position and only showed the flip So I’m going to recreate that by showing you guys what the cartwheel Arabian looks like So next up We got the Winter Soldier Punching black panther and the black panther catches this punch and then they go into a roll together on the ground So to recreate that, I’m gonna punch at Brandon He’s gonna grab my fist and then we’re gonna roll at the same time on the ground So for this stunt, we got the winter soldier on the ground and then he has one foot on black panther stomach and he kicks him into a dive roll over him So to recreate that we’re gonna have Brandon as the Winter Soldier and then I’m gonna be the black panther being kicked in the dive roll So next up we got the Black Panther fighting Hawkeye and then he does a raiz So I’m just gonna do the raiz right here on the ground in two separate shots So in this one the Black Panther does a dive roll and then as he’s coming out of it he does a half twist So because of the camera angle on this one I’m going to be doing a dive roll over the cameraman with the half twist at the end So in the next stunt we got the iron patriot carrying the Black Panther and in a black panther does a huge jump and then does a roll to absorb the landing So to recreate that I’m going to be doing a jump off the tallest structure that we have which is this wall and Doing the roll to absorb it so that my knees and my ankles don’t hurt So for the next thing we got the Winter Soldier hitting the Black Panther and then he goes into a suicide kip-up on the ground And gets back on his feet It’s already recreated this stunt when I filmed my Civil War video you want to watch it make sure you click here So this is what it looked like right here Thank you so much for watching my video guys if you enjoyed it Make sure you hit that like button if you want to see other content like this make sure you subscribe If you want to see my latest video, make sure you click here. If you want to see another cool video make sure you click here. And as usual, I’ll catch you guys on the flip side

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