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BLACKPINK | Before They Were Famous | 블랙핑크

BLACKPINK | Before They Were Famous | 블랙핑크

“Everybody’s so interested in K-Pop right
now.” “It’s surreal. We’re kind of moving
along but we’re like whoa where is this going? So glad to be a part of it.” Before BlackPink would become the first female
K-Pop group to perform at Coachella Before BlackPink would have over 2 million
followers on Twitter , over 17.1 million followers on Instagram, more than 23 million subscribers
on YouTube, and more than 5 BILLION views. With songs like “Playing With Fire” which
is sitting at more than 373 million views, “As If Its Your Last” racking up more
than 568 million views, and of course, “DDU-DU DDU-DU” with over 750 million views. I really just love to say the name of that
song… “Hi, I’m Jennie from BlackPink.”
“Hi, I’m Rose from BlackPink.” “Hi, I’m Lisa from BlackPink.”
“Hi, I’m Jisoo.” Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa have become one
of the biggest musical groups in the world. As K-Pop continues to make its way into the
North American mainstream, I have a feeling their star power will only continue to get
brighter. But all of their didn’t happen overnight. The girls were training rigorously
over years and landing small gigs before ever getting a shot at the world stage. One of
the members was even worried that she would never get her chance to debut, can you guess
which one it was? We’ll get into all of that and their journey to stardom in this
video. What’s going on good people in the comment
section? I hope you’re having one Hecht of a day, my name is Jeremy Hecht here for
you on Before They Were Famous. First of all, shout out to all of the Blinks out there,
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names and words and places, but I’m bound to say some things wrong so if I pronounce
anything incorrectly, I apologize in advance, you can let me know how I should have said
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for those of you asking, Michael didn’t go anywhere, I’m just here to help out with
the content. Alright, now let’s get into the show! Jisoo Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea on
January 3rd, 1995. She has an older brother and an older sister. She can speak Korean,
Japanese and basic Chinese and although she doesn’t speak much English, she can understand
it very well, so if you’re watching this Jisoo, what’s up? In school, she was popular,
but it wasn’t just because of her looks or clothes, she was a kind person to her classmates.
Everyone in her family likes to sing so she was singing melodies from a young age. Jisoo
would even dance and sing in front of her entire family during their gatherings. This
made her want to perform in front of a larger crowd. She can also play the drums and the
piano. In terms of her musical inspirations, she loves TVXQ. But her talents go beyond
music as she is a white belt in Taekwondo. Jisoo is a big Pokemon fan and has always
loved Pikatchu. She even has a lot of Pikatchu merch. Apparently she also loves telling dad
jokes too. I’ve been a big fan of Pika, and if you’ve ever watched this show, then
you KNOW I love a good dad joke. So I feel like me and Jisoo have a connection. Apparently
Jisoo doesn’t know how to use sissors properly, but I guess it doesn’t matter because in
terms of the group, she made the cut. See what I did there? Ya. Okay I’ll go. But besides Pokemon goods, she doesn’t like
shopping because she never knows what to buy, and she is also scared of heights. For fun,
she likes to play with her dog named “Dalgom” likes to play “Overwatch” and read manga.
She also likes to write in her diary as a form of stress release and has been doing
so for about 2-3 years now. When she was old enough, she pursued that
dream and auditioned for the YG Entertainment trainee program and was accepted in the summer
of 2011. Jennie Kim aka “Human Gucci” was born
an only child on January 16, 1996 in South Korea, but she moved to Auckland, New Zealand
when she was just 10 years old to study abroad. When she was young, her nickname was Jerry
based on the show Tom and Jerry and she was also called “mandukie” because of her
cheeks. Apparently they looked like dumplings, which in Korean is “Mandu.” She’s fluent
in Korean, Japanese and English and lived and studied in New Zealand at ACG Parnell
College. While attending school there, she was interviewed for a documentary that made
her the first of the group to ever appear on TV. While in New Zealand, she began to
listen to K-Pop music and decided that she wanted to become a singer. Jennie learned
how to play the piano and the flute while she worked on her vocals. But she also studied
more contemporary music like Lauryn Hill and TLC. For fun, she is interested in photography,
designer clothes and also and likes to hang out with her puppies Kai and Kuma. “Oh my god!” She had the plan to move to the US and told
her mom that she wanted to have a career in music. So, Jennie headed back to Korea and
began to audition for musical roles. One of the places that she auditioned for, was YG
Entertainment. She signed on as a trainee in August of 2010. Rose aka “Blackpink’s Goddess” was born
Roseanne Park on February 11, 1997 in Auckland, New Zealand, but was raised in Melborne, Australia.
Her mother was a businesswoman and her father was a lawyer, and she has an older sister
named Alice, who is also a lawyer now. Rose was always interested in music learning how
to play the piano and guitar, and joining an Australia church choir when she was younger.
It was in Melborne that she attended Canterbury Girls Secondary College and was also a cheerleader
at one point. In terms of her musical influence, she really looks up to Gummy. She also cites
Malibu Nights by the band LANY as an inspiration. “I wish I could be able to listen to a song
and be able to find the chords for it and just play it. Like, on the spot.” She has no dogs, but she does have a pet fish
named Orange. She hates avocados because of their mushy texture. I completely agree. But
I do like guacamole, it’s just a better texture. For fun, she likes to play guitar,
draw and ride her bike. Eventually, Rose moved to South Korea to chase
after her dreams of becoming a professional singer. And her dreams weren’t just some
far off plan, she was working for them. But it was actually her father who booked her
a ticket to the city where the audition for YG Entertainment was being held. In an interview,
she said: “I used to live in Australia. It was a rural
neighborhood, rather than a metropolis. So I stayed home playing the piano or the guitar
and singing. My dad noticed that I liked music, so he took me to audition. Before I auditioned,
music had been a hobby, but once I came to Korea and realized where I stand in terms
of skills, I became more passionate and competitive about it.” But it was no easy task to successfully make
it through those auditions. The odds of actually making it through were allegedly 700 to 1.
But after getting to the audition, she was that one. She signed on with YG Entertainment
in May of 2012. Lisa aka the “Thailand Princess” was born
Lalisa Manoban as an only child on March 27, 1997 in Bangkok Thailand and is the youngest
member of the group. Originally her name was Pranpriya and her friends called her Pockpack.
But after getting a fortune telling, she changed her name to Lalisa, which means “the one
who is praised.” She attended Praphamontree II School. Her step-father, Marco Brueschweiler
is a top certified Swiss chef in Thailand, but apparently it didn’t get passed down
because everyone in the group says that Jennie is the best cook in the group. Instead, Lisa
was interested in dancing ever since she was young. When her mom saw how good she was,
she enrolled her in dance classes. “Lisa Lisa Lisa!” She wanted to sing too so she practiced. But
it was Lisa’s rapping ability that set her apart, looking up to American rappers like
Tyga because of their swag, she learned how to flow over beats. Lisa moved to Seoul in
middle school. She is childhood friends with GOT7’s BamBam and the two danced together
in the same crew called We Zaa Cool. While Lisa doesn’t have any dogs, or goldfish,
she does have two cats named “Leo” and “Luca” In 2010, Lisa passed her audition for YG Entertainment
and signed on as a Trainee in April of 2011. Although now, she can speak English, Japanese,
Thai, basic Chinese, and Korean she admitted that she barely spoke ANY Korean when she
first started. So she had to take Korean classes every day. She thanks the other members of
the group for helping her learn the language. Alright so now that you know the girls. Let’s
take a look at how they all came together as a group. In 2010, massively successful
Korean music executive, Yang Hyun Suk, I hope I’m pronouncing that right, revealed that
he was putting together a girl group. For those of you who don’t know much about The
YG Entertainment group, first of all, it’s not owned by the rapper from LA, and second
of all, it’s sort of like a boot camp for superstars. For aspiring artists who are lucky
enough to be hand-picked for the trainee program, their work is only beginning. They are trained
in performance, song structure, dancing, singing and every aspect of becoming a superstar.
And it’s not just like an after-school program, you train for 12 hours a day and in X-Factor
like competition, you’re performing alongside 10-20 other aspiring artists. And not everyone
would get to stay, some artists would be sent home if they weren’t performing up to par.
In a way, it’s like a label because you are under the company’s umbrella, but on
the other hand, they focus heavily on artist development, a lot more than most American
labels do today. So after all four of the girls were signed, they each began to get
their chance at exposure through commercials, guest appearances on songs, and other opportunities
to show their skillset. But like in Baseball, it’s up to you to perform in the minor leagues
to get your shot at a debut in the MLB. For BlackPink, when they all arrived separately,
each of the group’s members began to build their own portfolio: Jisoo has been working hard on her craft for
a long time, spending 5 years training with YG Entertainment. She was also scouted by
an agent at competitor, SM entertainment, while ironically attending a YG Entertainment
concert, but turned down the offer as she had already accepted a deal with YG. During
her training days, Jisoo became close friends with Nayeon from the group Twice and Seulgi
from the group Red Velvet. Jisoo appeared in commercials with actor Lee Min-ho and was
even featured in music videos for Epik High’s songs “Spoiler” and “Happy Ending.”
She appeared in HISUHYUN’s “I’m Different,” she had a cameo on KBS’s “The Producers,”
she was an MC for “SBS Inkigayo’s Super Concert” and in commercials for Nikon and
the LG Stylus2. When she appeared on the Korean series “Running Man,” she helped boost
their ratings to an all-time high. Jennie says that for her, the training was
stricter than school. When Jisoo met Jennie she thought she was very stylish. But Jennie
was a little bit more skeptical, she thought that Jisoo didn’t know what she was doing.
But it only took a day before she was proven wrong and say her talents shine through pretty
clearly. In fact, Jennie said that when she heard Jisoo’s ability to harmonize, she
was blown away, telling Billboard. “Jisoo would be the quiet one, but then
she’d be like, ‘How about this?’ She’d make this harmony, and we were like, ‘That’s
so good!’ She’d stay quiet and act like nothing happened, and then in an hour she’d
say, ‘How about this?’ And she’d have another amazing harmony. Even to this day, I’m like, “I
can’t find the harmony, Jisoo what is it?’” Jennie starred in the music video for G-Dragon’s
song “THAT XX” and was featured in Lee Hi’s “Special” and BIG BANG Seungri’s
“GG Be.” She also acted in Sprite and beer commercials and became a regular cast
member on the show “Village Survival, the Eight.” When Rose began training, she would call her
parents crying because of the rigorous schedule and high expectations. Rose said that at first,
she was a little bit confused as to what she should be doing at YG, so the other members
gave her tips and helped usher her in. When she first arrived, the four of them all bonded
together over an all-night jam session. She trained for 4 years and 2 months and worked
tirelessly on her craft. She was a contestant on “The King of Mask Singer” which was
actually the inspiration for Fox’s show “Masked Singer.” On the show she made
it past the first round, but got eliminated in the next one, losing by just one vote!
She also collaborated with G-Dragon for their song “Without You,” but since her name
wasn’t listed on the song when the album dropped, she still remained relatively unknown.
Rose had the shortest period of training and was announced as the final member of BlackPink. In 2012, YG released a video of Lisa dancing
without giving her name out and fans were excited about her potential. Lisa trained
for 5 years and 3 months starting in middle school. She plays the Ukulele and learned
how to play guitar after Rose taught her during their training days. She also appeared in
BIG BANG Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” music video, as a cast member on the show “Real
Men 300” and in ads for the fashion brand NONA9ON. Lisa described the training process to Billboard
as: “We all tried rapping, we all tried singing,
we all tried different kinds of styles and performances, so we naturally found our perfect
spot.” She said that there were a lot of trainees
coming in and out of the program but one by one, those artists left, and it ended up just
being the 4 members of the group. Once Lisa was officially announced as a part of the
group, her parents were so happy for her, to see her 6-year journey finally become worth
it. The group of 4 girls was paired with producer
Teddy Park, who is a rapper, songwriter and record producer, who has been signed to YG
Entertainment since he flew out to South Korea during a summer vacation with his friend when
they were just 17 years old. Since then, he has been a part of some massive hits, but
perhaps none bigger than the ones he’s produced and written with BlackPink. But not all of the members were confident
that they would break through and debut. Jennie admitted that she was terrified her shot would
never come. And there’s the answer to your question from the beginning of the video. She was wrong. The shot came, and it came
in a bigger way than any of the girls could have imagined. In June 2016, BlackPink debuted for the first
time as a group, becoming the first girl group to debut under YG Entertainment in 6 years!
And the reception, well let’s just say it was pretty good. Their first two singles charted
at number 1 and 2 on the Billboard World Digital Song Charts, becoming the fastest act to do
so. BlackPink Signed a record deal with Interscope
Records who is now a creative and business partner to YG Entertainment. The group became
the highest charting female K-Pop group, landing at number 55 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart
with “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” and at number 40 on the Billboard 200 albums chart with their
EP, Square Up. They made their US television debut on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert”
on February 12. As for the future, the group plans to release
a new album together and continue touring for their Blinks all around the world. And
the individual members will also be dropping solo work as each member is set to drop individual
music. Jennie told Billboard: “We all had to know how to perform on our
own, that’s always been there.” And with their success, the group has given
back a lot to their communities. In early April of 2019, each of the 4 members donated
10 million won to the Hope Bridge Association of the National Disaster Relief for victims
of the Sokcho wildfire in South Korea. Jennie said to the Hollywood Reporter: It’s such an honor to be receiving so much
love, and we never want to take this moment for granted. We feel very blessed and we hope
to see you guys soon. But as for the rest of the story, well you
know it because this is Before They Were Famous. My name is Jeremy Hecht, you can follow me
on Instagram @jeremy_hecht and let me know what you thought of the video and who to cover
next. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel be sure to do that right now. Also check out
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have one Hecht of a day, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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