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[BLACKPINK] [BLACKPINK DIARIES] Oh, here is KIA! KIA! [Tada] BLACKPINK Aquarium with KIA! You’re right! Welcome to BLACKPINK Aquarium with KIA 2019! [Applause] Jenchu! We’re now at the Georgia Aquarium! During our tour, we’re out to see all the sharks around the world! [The world’s largest aquarium, Georgia Aquarium]
How fascinating! [Packed with diverse marine life captivating Jenchu’s attention!] Do you see that? [Let’s begin the aquarium tour] [Excited]
– Oh, entrance! – Yeah! Wow, the welcome signs! [Thrilled to see Korean]
– I can’t believe it! – Awesome! They have it in Korean. You guys! – You guys, we are…
– We’re at an aquarium! Jisoo and Jennie came before us. Just in case it’s too crowded, we decided to split up and come as pairs. – Over here.
– The Cold Water Quest. I wanna see penguins! Okay, are you ready? Yes, I’m ready! [Excited]
Are you ready for the penguins? Penguins! [Can’t hide her excitement]
Oh my gosh! [Hey, that’s me] Penguins! [Talking fast]
Yikes! LISA, they’re up close! That’s scary! I’m scared! [Talking to them]
Why are you up so close? LISA, hurry in here! Oh my god! Hey, look at him! [Penguin-lover LISA is thrilled] They’re so cute! – You guys, take a look.
– Penguins! Hi, penguins! [???!!!]
– What’s this?
– You guys… – Look at this!
– Look at this! – Glowing in the dark?
– Glow-in-the-dark anchovy! [Fascinated]
– Where you going? – Amazing. Oh my! – Turtle.
– Turtle. – Ninja turtle.
– Ninja turtle. Ninja turtle! Turtle! [JISOO is connecting with the turtle] I know(?) [Kyaaaaah] [Suddenly this is a playground] [They surprised the kids] Kyah! [Let’s play] [Make some noise] [Makes a gesture] [Big cheer] – Let’s pose as if we’re swimming.
– Okay. [Great teamwork]
– Let’s sit with our legs crossed. – Yeah. [JENNIE & JISOO at the Aquarium.jpg] They swim so fast! [Picture with the penguins.jpg] [Next up, aquarium face painting!] This time we’re getting our face-paintings! You’ll find out later – what it looks like.
– Know what you want? I do! – Really?
– If it’s too much, should I ask if I could get it on my hand instead? [Picking their painting spot]
On your hand? That way, I can go like this. – Ah, over here?
– Yeah. – That sounds good.
– Right? Okay. [Not on the face!] [Hand-painting, start!] That’s amazing. Wow, look how it sparkles! – I love the sparkle!
– Cute! [Glitter]
I asked if she could add the sparkles [This is exciting] [JISOO gets it on her face] Wow, that’s like magic! [Impressive brushwork] Wow, that’s really pretty. [JISOO gets a pretty fish drawn] [!!!] [I love it] – Thank you so much.
– Thank you. [Excited about their completed painting] Now I’m ready (?) to see more fish! Okay, so… What’s next? What do we see? Let’s go see the whale shark! ♪ Whale shark, du-du-du-du-du ♪ Look! [Captivated by seeing marine life] This is fun! I want to go diving. Look at that shark! He’s huge! Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! They look awesome! Look! That’s a huge stingray! Wow, it’s as big as a shark! That stingray is even bigger! Their eyes are far apart! – Wow!
– Wow, they’re amazing. – In “Finding Nemo”…
– That’s an awesome one! The stingray is Nemo’s teacher. Yeah, he’s the teacher! Wow, he looks amazing! [Saying goodbye to all the cool fish]
– Bye, bye, bye! – Bye! – Hi, babies!
– Cute. [Dim lighting for sleep]
I wonder how old they are. [Curious]
How long do they live for? – Usually about 24 years.
– 24 years? How do they sleep? They turn off half their brain to sleep. [Dolphins sleep with one eye open
and with half their brain wide awake,
thereby allowing them to swim] [Full of questions]
Are they swimming around? And they don’t stop? No, they keep swimming. – Oh my! Oh yes!
– Wow! Amazing. Really fascinating. I got a pink dolphin! [Heading to the next spot]
I got a rainbow fish! – Wow!
– Wow! [Why are they surprised?] [Giant Beluga Whales!] – Wow! What are they doing?
– Wow, wow, wow! Did you get that? Huh? Send it to me. – Send it to me, too.
– Amazing! – Why do they swim together?
– They’re a couple(?) [The belugas are able to make dolphin sounds] That’s fascinating! [The fun isn’t over yet at the aquarium!] [Whale shark]
Wow! [Can’t take their eyes off the majestic whale shark] [Falling in love] – How can it be so big?
– He’s huge! Look at this! Look at this! Wow! Do you see that? Wow! That’s amazing! The fish is tagging along. Wow! [Mesmerized, Jenchu continued to gaze at the whale shark for a long time] That’s it! Done with the aquarium tour! I see a Korean sign! “Thank you for visiting Georgia Aquarium.” “Please come again!” [The last stop is the souvenir shop]
– Look at this. – Cute! – Cute!
– Hey, do you mind? [JISOO starts playing a skit]
Stop clinging onto me! You can’t stay here. He won’t come off. [Desperately clinging on (?)]
– Get off. – What’s wrong with them? They won’t listen. They want to go with us. [Solution]
Let’s calm them down. You like that? [Aggressive] Get off! He’s not letting go! – He’s stuck onto you today.
– Take him off. – Oh, hang on!
– Okay. [Skit masters, struggling with the doll]
Oh no, oh no! [Georgia Aquarium tour ends!]
That was exhausting! [2019.05.05 Infinite Energy Arena] [BLACKPINK, welcome to Atlanta!] [Thank you, Atlanta ♥] [2019.05.05 BLACKPINK in Atlanta]
Bye! Have a safe night guys! [2019.05.08 Fort Worth Convention Center] [Before the last concert]
We just want to thank everyone who has made this happen! You worked so hard to make it possible. Thank you, guys! Thank you, everyone! And thank you in advance. You worked so hard for this North America tour. Thank you! Thank you! I love you, guys! [Group picture with the staff] Kimchi! [2019.4.12 – 5.8, BLACKPINK in North America] It’s our last concert! [The last concert of the North America tour kicks off] [2019.05.08 BLACKPINK in Fort Worth] Blinks! It’s finally the last day of the tour! Yeah! Wow, my ears are still ringing. Ah, ah, um, ah, ah! Is my voice okay? Ah-ah, testing! Okay, I’m LISA. I didn’t think it would end, but it suddenly came to an end which makes me a little sad. It’s bittersweet I didn’t expect to get so sad. Starting out, it was a long tour so I was a little worried. It didn’t really sink in. Hearing about the North America tour, It all felt like a lie. I didn’t think that anyone would come, and so we just took it day by day, but at our first concert in LA, I honestly choked up. I realized that so many people have been waiting for us, and how much they wanted to hear our music. So I wanted to pat myself on the back. I felt that BLACKPINK, our members have been doing a great job. It was our first North America tour, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. You gave the best cheer and support, and sang along to our songs. I had so much fun. The concerts gave me strength, so I had a blast till the end. Thank you for hanging out with us. The past month and a half, a lot has happened. It’s been a great experience, and we made so many happy memories. I feel like the North America tour was so meaningful almost like a surprise gift I just want to thank all the fans for giving us such a great tour and great memories throughout it. When we’re back with more songs and more performances to show, I hope that our BLINKs will continue to cheer loudly for us like now. I’ll always try my best as BLACKPINK and BLACKPINK’s JISOO. We have the Europe tour ahead of us. We’ll try our best for you guys! I love you! I love you! Thank you very much! I love you, guys. Thank you! Again! Again! See you soon. Bye! See you soon, Blinks! Thanks for waiting for us BLINK! See you again. Bye! [Chu] I love you! I love you, guys! Bye! [To be continued] [BLACKPINK DIARIES]

100 thoughts on “BLACKPINK – ‘BLACKPINK DIARIES’ EP.11”

  1. I wish, one day they'll come to Portugal ♥ I think they would have fun too, since Lisbon's Oceanary, was considered the best in the World, so I think they would have fun <3

  2. Malaysia Blinks and other Blinks will always stay with you waiting for you!!! All we need just you guys our queens, takecare and always be happy ♥️🥰 We love you always gais✨ Proud Blinks here!

  3. Yes girls, you are doing a great job. I see how hard you work, you work hard to provide us with unique moments.
    South America (in my case Brazil) needs you. We also want to show our love and our gratitude.

  4. Yes girls, you are doing a great job. I see how hard you work, you work hard to provide us with unique moments.
    South America (in my case Brazil) needs you. We also want to show our love and our gratitude.

  5. Yes girls, you are doing a great job. I see how hard you work, you work hard to provide us with unique moments.
    South America (in my case Brazil) needs you. We also want to show our love and our gratitude.

  6. Yes girls, you are doing a great job. I see how hard you work, you work hard to provide us with unique moments.
    South America (in my case Brazil) needs you. We also want to show our love and our gratitude.

  7. You can feel the sadness in Jisoo’s voice when she mentioned. “When we have more songs to perform and show, I hope y’all will still be there cheering us like now.” Guys let’s stay strong. I know we get bored and demanding for a new comeback but the girls receives a hard time too. Fighting!

  8. Mandu: Turtle
    Chichu: Turer
    Mandu: Turtle!
    Chichu: Turer!
    Mandu: Ninja Turtle
    Chichu: Ninja Turer

    Myghod someone help their so cute…. 😆🙈❤

  9. gin roll the will ring diamond to you where darling want to meet daddy and mommy ft booked pass id real word from <<<>>>?

  10. please come to Vietnam to enjoy vietnamese culture and Blinks in VN really really want to see you. Hope you read this

  11. Are they still doing mv? If yes pls post me titles but I don't see anything after kill this love pls reply immediately 😊

  12. Rose:Queen Vocal

    Lisa:Queen Dance

    Jisoo:Queen Visual

    Jennie:Queen Rapper


  13. When they come back, they'll surely show a change in stage presence after this long concert tour. Can't wait!!!

  14. Jennie is really a good ambassador. Remember how some fans bought Samsung so that they can use the phone in their concert bc Jennie is so strict to follow the rules… now she points out that Kia car. So cute.

  15. I started crying when jennie was talking about the north american tour 😭

    나는 제니가 북미 투어에 관해 이야기 할 때 울기 시작했다.

  16. You girls should have done the behind the scenes tour at Georgia Aquarium. No visit to the Coca-Cola factory?

  17. sana all naiintindihan pinagsasabi nila bka naman may pa translate jan oh bka lng naman hahahahahahacHaaaRrrot

  18. ‏Today is the birthday of Black Pink band because it was founded on the date of 8: 8: 2016 August to skip 3 years of success, this channel I wish you good luck and I love you Black Pink🎶🖤💗✨😊𓅔

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