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Blind karate teacher shows students how to beat obstacles

Blind karate teacher shows students how to beat obstacles

My name is Joshua Espinal from the
Daytona Beach Police Department Victims Advocate. How are you doing today? I’m
pretty good. I have a report here concerning a domestic violence case and
We’re calling to check up on you and see if everything’s okay and if you need any
other services. Hi, my name is Master Joshua Espinel, I’m the founder of the Zan
Getsu Jitsu martial arts system and I also founded the Marshall Science
Federation and we’re teaching kids the goodness and the advantage of the martial
arts which teaches them not just discipline but also teaches them
self-control, guidance, as well as not to fight unless they really have to. It’s a
last choice. The system is a compromise of karate, jujitsu, both Brazilian and Japanese, Taekwondo, as well as Iaido, which is the art of studying the samurai sword.
It’s a great program to help our youth to understand that there’s nothing
impossible for them for example: me, I’m blind, and I’ve still
been doing this for 26 years. I have my wife helping me — she’s my extra set of
eyes — but I also can hear the techniques. If a technique is being done wrong or
sloppy, for example, a punch… You can’t really hear it, but if you hit
right you hear a snap. That’s how you know a technique is done
right. Same thing with the front kick. Anybody could go ready front kick
but if you snap it then you know technique is done right. Just by sound. OK, see what I’m explaining? Way back
there right? So you want this leg, to actually extend out… I hope to bring
the knowledge for myself down to the next generation to create future
champions and hope you guys could come and visit and try it out.

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  1. I'm so proud of you Joshua!!!! God is so good!!! I tell you ALL the time God has SUCH AMAZING plans for you and I couldn't be happier for you!! You're an inspiration to so many and definitely one to me!! God bless you always hun πŸ™πŸ™

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