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Hello friends, it’s Destiny and today I
wanted to share with you a Book Outlet unboxing! I used to be a complete Book
Outlet addict. I used to order from Book Outlet like all the time and I went
on a book ban for pretty much all of last year so I didn’t place any orders
last year until Boxing Day, but I couldn’t pass up the sale. So I’m gonna
be honest, I don’t remember about half of what’s in this box
so I’m gonna be just as surprised as you guys are. So let’s just get started. I’m
just gonna like blindly reach in and see what we get first, and it’s Burn Bright
by Patricia Briggs. This is one of the books in the Alpha and Omega series.
I’m nowhere near this point in the series but I have been collecting these
because I do love this and the Mercy Thompson series a lot, like what I’ve
read of it so far I really enjoyed. And these hardbacks tend to be a little
bit pricey new so when I saw this, I think this was like 5 or 6 bucks, I had
to grab it. Look at how pretty this cover is. I really love the cover artist for
Patricia Briggs’ books. I’m just gonna put that up there and next
is Godblind by Anna Stephens. I want to say that Anna Stephens is the author
that everybody keeps calling the daughter of grimdark?
Feel free to correct me in the comments if I’m thinking of the wrong author,
but I think that’s Anna Stephens. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about her writing. This is the first book in a series. It looks like this involves a lot of
dark gods and some war, and I don’t really know what else. I just heard a lot of really
good things about this from a lot of people whose opinions I trust. I’ve been
wanting to get into grimdark more anyways lately so I figured this would
be a good one to grab while I have the chance. This is a children’s book. I did get
a few things for my son. He’s three and I grabbed a few things for him, this Dragon
Egg book. Not gonna bore you with the details on those. This one feels like another hardback so this one should be mine. Oh yeah, Dead but Not Forgotten, this is an anthology of stories based in the Sookie Stackhouse world. I’m only a few books into the Sookie Stackhouse series. It’s not my
favorite but I do like it. They’re fun, quick reads so I figured I would go
ahead and grab this. Next is Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse. A lot of my friends read this and absolutely raved about it. I have heard
so much good stuff about this book. This is about a Navajo Monster Hunter and I
guess she hunts monsters on the rez. It sounds really interesting. I really
love this cover too and I didn’t know that it’s like got these shiny metallic
bits on it so that’s pretty neat. Okay, next is Alien: Echo by Mira Grant. This is a
sci-fi horror thriller, I think it’s YA, and it is based in the same world that
the Alien movies come from; however, I want to say Corey at Grimdark Dad told
me that you don’t have to be up to date on the movies to enjoy this, that he
thought that you could read this and enjoy it without seeing any of the
movies, which was great because I’m not up to date on the movies. I’ve seen the
first two and then I haven’t seen any more. I want to watch them but I wasn’t
gonna read this until I watched them, until I read his review, so I’ll
actually link that below, but anyways I mean I’m just immediately intrigued by
anything that Seanan writes under any of her pseudonyms. This is about two twin
sisters who have landed on an alien world and of course they discover an
alien threat. It just sounds really cool. And next I think I feel another
children’s book… yeah, Biscuit Visits the Big City. Who doesn’t love Biscuit? The Sacrifice Box! Oh, this cover’s so much cooler in
person! This is, I think a YA horror about a
group of friends in the 80s who each put a sacrifice into this box and there are
certain rules to do with the box and they can’t break those rules, but
terrible things start happening so they realize that somebody has broken a rule
surrounding the sacrifice box and they have to set it right. Next we have Teeth – it’s
just a collection of vampire stories, that’s about it. The Family Plot by
Cherie Priest – everyone I know who’s read this loved it. So I guess
this is about a guy who owns a salvage company that salvages historical
properties and they get a new property and he sends his daughter and a team to
go take care of it but of course there’s more to the property than meets the eye,
it is a horror story. What’s cool about this – and I had forgotten this until
reading the synopsis on the back – is that it takes place in Chattanooga, Tennessee
which is – I don’t want to say where I live, I’m not super comfortable with
giving specifics, but I will say that I am within a fairly short drive of Chattanooga, and Chattanooga is a city that I’m very familiar with, so it should be kind
of neat. I don’t get to read books that are set in towns that are near me all
that often so that should be pretty cool. Ooh, a thicc boi. What did I get? Oh god. The Best of the Best Horror of the Year. Okay, it says that this has
stories from the first ten years of the collection so I guess this is from the
first ten Best Horror of the Year collections. I read Best Horror of the Year volume 6, I
think, and I think that’s the only one that I’ve read so far, so these will
pretty much all be new to me, maybe all of them. It doesn’t say how many stories
it has. I don’t know, a lot. I’m not gonna count them. Anyways, they’re all horror
short stories. It’s a thicc boi. Oh I’m so excited about this! The Ruin of Kings by
Jenn Lyons. I feel like – I feel like all of my friends have been raving about this.
I’m not sure if this is YA or adult – I think this is adult fantasy? Demons and
dragons and prophecies and a chosen one… Oh, okay… So listen to this, this is the end of the synopsis – this immediately sells me on it.
“Then again maybe he isn’t the hero after all, for Kieran is not destined to save the
Empire, he’s destined to destroy it.” We stan antiheroes and morally grey
protagonists. Another Patricia Briggs book, Silence Fallen. This is from the Mercy Thompson series, the other one was from the Alpha and Omega series. They
intersect – you don’t have to read them with each other, but but that is the
way the author recommends reading them and I’m a sucker for reading things in
the order that – (meow) … hi? Say hi, Lyric. You wouldn’t know that I actually have three
cats because this is the only one who comes in says hi during videos! Cut
to ten minutes of me sitting here holding my cat. Say hi! Say, “Look at my face!” Quality content you guys are here for. (sarcasm) I don’t know which book in the series this is. Darius the Great is Not Okay – it’s a signed copy! Let’s check this out – oh look
at that, Adib signed it. I have been dying to read this forever, this has been
so high on my wish list – this is a weird feeling cover, it’s kind of like matte
and almost a little bit velvety? It’s got a Persian main character. This is a YA
contemporary and if I remember – I’m like 99% sure that Darius is gay and I think
somebody also told me that he is plus-size. I got Protection Spells by
Arin Murphy-Hiscock. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Dry by Neal Shusterman and Jarrod Shusterman – is that his son? I think somebody told me that’s his son.This is a – I think this is a near future dystopian novel where water, like the
drought is so severe that like nobody has water and it becomes like a war zone
over water, which sounds terrifying. Next, Contagion by Erin Bowman. I’ve actually read this and I’ve read the second book in the duology. This
is one of my favorite sci-fi horror books ever. So there’s this other
team that was like an excavation team, I want to say, on this planet, and they’ve
gone silent. Nbody’s heard from them in a while, and so they send out like a
search and rescue team to check on them basically, and when they get there they
find out that people have been infected with this virus/plague/whatever that
makes them super super violent and terrifying. This is one of the scariest
YA horror books that I’ve ever read but it is like a sci-fi horror too, so if you
like the sci-fi elements in horror, I really recommend it. The second book
Immunity was also very good, not quite as good as Contagion – this is honestly
one of my favorite YA novels of all time – but I it was good enough I still
gave it like four or four and a half stars, and I still really recommend both
books in the duology. I highly highly highly highly recommend this. Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand. This is another YA horror,
this is almost like a dark fantasy horror. This girl and her mom moved to
Sawkill Island and there’s a lot of like really weird stuff going on. These girls
have been going missing for years and nobody’s doing anything about it, nobody
seems to really care. It has amazing queer girl rep. Basically every girl
in this book is queer, one of them is ace on page and she’s also black, I think. So
there’s a lot of really great diverse representation in this. I just thought it
was beautifully written. One really cool thing about this book: the island itself
has perspective chapters. They’re very short, it’s not overdone at all, and they
are written in the coolest way, like I freaking loved them so much. It’s one of
my favorite things about this book. It’s so memorable, it really really set Sawkill Girls apart from pretty much anything else I had read. Next I got Five Feet Apart. I’m just like weirdly intrigued by this book. I really am. I’ve
heard a lot of people say that it was super overhyped and really
overrated and they didn’t think it was that good, and they didn’t like the movie
that much, and that’s fine. It was just one of those things where it was like
four dollars and I really wanted to learn for myself, and I think the cover
is really gorgeous, so at least there’s that. So I thought I would check this out. It’s a book about two kids – two teenagers with cystic fibrosis who fall
in love. I have no idea if the rep is any good at all. I really know next to
nothing about this. Spellbook of the Lost and Found – this is another book
that I read as an eARC. This is a YA novel set in Ireland. It’s like a light
fantasy, like it reads more like you contemporary but there are definitely
fantastical elements to it, and it follows these six teenagers who this
spell book kind of falls into their laps and all these strange things start
happening. They start finding diary pages from some stranger popping up all over
town, things are going missing, just a lot of
weird stuff starts happening, and so they try to use the spell book and these diary
pages to work together and figure out what’s happening to their town. I know
that there is a female/female relationship in this…
I can’t remember if there are more queer characters than that. I think there are.
But this was just really really excellent. I love it a lot. I love this
cover. I always thought this cover was so pretty, so I’m excited to finally have
this in a hardback. I’m running out of shelf space!
Next is After the Woods by Kim Savage. I know nothing about this, this was a cover
buy. A girl who escaped her kidnapper who hunted her in the woods for two terrifying nights – now it’s a year later and a dead girl has turned up in
the same woods, so now she’s she’s being plunged back into those memories. I feel
like I haven’t heard anybody talk about this but it sounds really interesting. I
really dig the cover so hopefully it’s gonna be good.
Always Forever Maybe, this is another one that I feel like I haven’t really heard
many people talk about. I’ve seen this cover around a lot. It looks like it is a dark
YA contemporary about an abusive relationship, like a toxic possessive
controlling relationship. I don’t know anything about this. I don’t know if it’s
any good or not. I’m kind of going into this one without knowing anything
which is kind of nice. I like to do that every now and then, like it’s really easy
to get sucked into the hype of all the popular books and sometimes it’s nice
just to pick up something that you can go into with no expectations and just
see what you get. I think this is last one and it is Robots Vs. Fairies. This is another one that I read as an eARC and really enjoyed it. It’s a
collection of short stories, they’re all sci-fi and fantasy, and they alternate
between stories about robots and stories about fairies. A lot of the stories
involve both. They’re really cool. There’s one story in particular in here by
Alyssa Wong and it was my first Alyssa Wong story. It’s about a future where,
when celebrities pass away, their memories and their personalities can be
uploaded to these androids that live in these brothels, basically. Our main
character in the story goes to spend the evening with the celebrity
from this – I think it’s a J-pop band that she’s like very fond of – and there’s a
lot more to it than that but obviously that would be spoiling the story. It really has a depth to it that I can’t
explain. I can’t put into words, like you just have to read it. And it is honestly
probably my single favorite short story that I’ve ever read in my entire life. Alyssa Wong immediately became a favorite of mine after that story and I’ve loved
every other short story that I read of hers, but honestly even if you’re
not intrigued by the premise of this collection, I recommend it literally just
for that story. It is so so good, but to be fair there are also a lot of other
really incredible stories in here. Seanan McGuire has got a great one in here,
Sarah Gailey wrote one in here that was my introduction to their work and it is
absolutely phenomenal. It deals with a lot of like old-school fae folklore. It’s a great collection, really recommend it, and I’m pretty sure there were a lot
of copies of this, like I think it said there were 100+ left in stock
of this one and it was only a few bucks. So if you do want to place a Book Outlet
order, I’d strongly recommend that you add this to your cart because I
guarantee there’s gonna be at least a few stories in here that you’ll enjoy if
you like sci-fi and fantasy. Okay, and that’s it! That was my Book Outlet Boxing
Day sale order. That’ll probably be my last Book Outlet order for a while
because I need to work on my TBR and not spend money, and my shelves are
overflowing. I may do a shelf tour sometime to show you guys because they
are legitimately overflowing. I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you saw
some books that maybe you want to check out. If you have read any of these that I
haven’t read, let me know in the comments what you thought of them, which ones you
think I should read first, and if you did like this video, please click like and
subscribe. It means so much to me and until next time, I hope to see you in
another video again soon. Bye!

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  1. The last time I placed a Bookoutlet order was May 2019 but I've been really wanting to place another one but I can't right now. I've only heard of The Trail of Lightning, Darius the Great Is not Ok, Dry. Sawkill Girls, Five Feet Apart and Spellbook of the Lost and Found and of course I haven't read any of them yet.

  2. YAY you got Trail of Lightning! And a copy of Contagion! Also, The Sacrifice Box sounds hella cool

    also also, please don't ever edit out cat content.

  3. I plan on reading Contagion and Immunity next month. Thanks for sharing. Subscribed to you channel πŸ™ƒ

  4. Spellbook of The Lost and Found was super mesmerizing I’m glad I read it! Darius sounds amazing and I love the colors and design on the cover. Literally about to head to the bookstore after this πŸ–€βœ¨

  5. Sookie Stackhouse and Patricia Briggs novels … some of my faves … though I have not read either of those that you got. Hi kitty-kins!

  6. This made me want to go online and order books and I'm not supposed to be buying at the moment. πŸ˜‚ You got a great selection!

  7. I’ve been seeing Patricia Briggs everywhere and have had no idea what she writes, but the covers always intrigued me. I really need to look into them! You sold me on the Robots and Fairies collection, I’m adding it to my cart now!

  8. <333

    Adding Patricia Briggs to my TBR.

    My Ra is the only one who pops into videos, unless Bastet happens to be doing something nearby haha.

    Spellbooook! I'm excited to pick it back up and finish it!

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