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Boxing Day!

Boxing Day!

This is a EJ car damm look so sick Yo yo what’s going on guys it’z your boy Callum here and today it is Boxing Day and before I started this video take 0.5 seconds hit that subscribe button and comment down below as always Love you guys feedback so I’m gonna head my way to the Boxing Day sales at casuarina So Im goons take you guys with me. So let’s get to it. All right guys So I’m going to open the gate now . Walking outside My mum taking me To the Boxing Day sales at casuarina . So Yeah, really exciting days. We had just before yesterday. Just before we had Christmas and now we have Boxing Day sales Yeah Pretty lot. I love this time of the year. So good see you guys when I get in the car. So see you then Im at the Boxing Day at casuarina shopping centre And wow there’s lots of people here So yeah a lot of people flooding in so yeah , I’ll vlog the eatery so vlog then So yeah guys just in JB hi-fi checking out all the TVs and stuff so I’m just taking out TVs and what to buy for my Also for my youtube stuff to work on and yes, I vlog on soon. So see you guys then Pretty packed yet. JB Hi five. Yeah or a lot people here Know The volume adjust the volume like this now didn’t realize it was a touch screen till I saw all these laptops Yeah See you guys I’ll vlog along later , alright Guys I’m with my best mate from primary school Ej Yo what up So walking to his skyline now so I’ll vlog along then so vlog when I get there so see you guys then So this is EJ car, man looks so sick Damm this a skyline aye , yeah , dammmm Yeah, Damm I’ll vlog along when I get inside so I’ll vlog then Alright guys I’m with my mates in his skyliner, pretty sick so I’ll vlog on my back camera That’s Carla and it’s called it’s pretty sick Yeah, lovely combos Alright guys, we just finished at rebel now we just gonna walk to super cheap auto across the road We look for some stuff but yeah see you guys when I vlog in there And mom doing with shopping Alright guys , I’m in Kmart now so yeah Hey So, yes, it was shopping in Here and clothes yeah so I’ll vlog along soon see yous then Yeah, alright guys so I’m in this clothes store shirts are pretty nice good design Actually like this one might get this one so yeah Alright guys now finish looking at the store I’m gonna get some sushi now Hello – chicken teriyaki chicken teriyaki Crispy chicken those good. They’re crispy chicken and chicken. Teriyaki. Yeah. No. Thanks Yeah guys so just doing some foods shopping with the family for some food in the trolley getting stuff and Stuff. Yeah, see guys when I get to the car, so Alright hope you guys enjoyed my vlog today of me going casuarina the Boxing Day sales I didn’t know the Mac laptops you can touch it was pretty interesting But yeah and also i was hanging a few of my mates my primary school friend EJ which was pretty good bloke guess he got a good car good skyline Pretty nice car and he’s tagged along him and he’s mates and it was a pretty good day Yeah I love you guys always support I’m thanking God for supporting my channel For this year and like I’ll continue saying this year I’ll achieve so much stuff getting audience and interacting With you guys I’m getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. Just want to thank you guys for that and okay, so don’t forget guys take 0.5 I can hit that subscribe button and hit that like button also comment down below I love all you guys feedback as always it’z your boy Callum ❤️❤️🔥🔥👍🏽 This is awful you own sister David, I’ve been owning blowing on my phone

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