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Boxing Gloves – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Boxing Gloves – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Hey! Do you always walk with your eyes closed? I will show you right now. Big brother, you are always fighting, you should speak with love sometimes. Or else one day the person up there will himself come and hit you. We can’t hit you but one day the person up there will hit you. He is watching over you, he will hit you, bye!! Sorry sister. Thief!! One more thief! Catch them. What? Two thieves are flying away? Hey stop in the name of law. Sorry Chingam sir, I will return it back later. Motu, my brother, my friend, you should sometimes come decently by ringing the door bell. You always enter by breaking the ceiling or by breaking the door. Motu Patlu, you are under arrest, give my cap and revolver back, return that lady’s bags. And come with me to the jail. Chingam sir, Boxer punched us and we landed here. Dr. Jhatka, please do something, Boxer always beats us. Hey Motu, my brother, my friend, I swear on my patients, when I am here, there is no need to worry. Big brother, you’ve given us gloves but from where will we get the guts to fight with Boxer? Hey Motu, my brother, you cannot buy guts and strength from the market. But right now you won’t need them, and you don’t even need to fight. These gloves will perform their jobs by themselves. Take this, take this ball, press this button on it, and a laser ray will come out from it. On whom so ever this ray will fall on, this glove will beat that person up. Then we can easily overpower him, thank you Dr. Jhatka. Long live!! Who is hitting me? Who hit me? Who has a problem with himself, that he is hitting me? This idea is brilliant. What is this happening? Did someone really hit boxer or is it some ghost? What is this matter? Who is hitting me? Who’s that? Come in front! Why are you hitting me? I don’t know who is hitting me? It seems like Motu Patlu’s statement has turned into reality. Which statement brother? Motu Patlu said that if you will hit someone then the person up there will hit you back. It seems like the person up there is hitting me. What are you saying Boxer brother? The person up there doesn’t have that much time. Really the person up there is hitting you brother. Where did those gloves go? I don’t know, they fell from my hand, somewhere here. Hey Patlu! What is this happening? Who is hitting me? Somebody has stolen our gloves, look, John is there, catch him. Motu my brother, I made a mistake, Patlu my brother, I made a mistake. But what happened? Your statement has turned into reality, the person up there is really hitting me. He starts hitting me wherever I go. See, we told you, now don’t hit anybody. No! I will not hit anyone, ever. I am too bored these days, little entertainment is a must. Hera Feri I am hungry, Go and get idli, dosa from Mom. And don’t forget to bring sauce. Oh my god! I wanted to have idli, dosa and not beatings, who hit me? Sir, there is no one here but we saw boxing gloves hitting you. Oh my god! Ghost! So this thief is making noise huh. Let’s go and show him some power. Oh my god! What is all this? Come sir, we will tell you everything. Boxer brother where are you, what is this? You are a lion, but you are hiding like a mouse? What to do? I am helpless, the person up there is hitting me. There is no one up or down there, Motu Patlu are responsible for everything. I will show Motu Patlu right now! Hey! Motu Patlu, you both think you are lions right, come one let’s fight face to face. Ok big brother, as you say. Boxer brother, now hit Motu Patlu, now nothing can happen. Nothing will happen with this boxer, he is hitting me in return. Now I will have to do something. Boss, you are looking somewhere and aiming somewhere else? What are you doing? To hell with helping Boxer, I will have to go away from here. You should never interfere in others business. Boxer brother, everything was happening because of John and went away. Now let’s finish this boxing session and have a cup of tea and some snacks and samosa. Motu, you are right, let’s have tea and snacks, finish the fight and make your mood fresh. Somebody help me! How long am I going to get beaten up like this?

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