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Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Jab & Cross Combo in Boxing

Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Jab & Cross Combo in Boxing

Once you get the technique and the form on
your jab on your right hand you can throw, you can put them together which is a combination.
It’s the one two or the jab cross. You can throw your combination and that is a really
effective combination because your jab blinds your opponent and your right is your knock
out punch. So I’m going to demonstrate how to throw your left right with the movement,
the footwork of moving forward and backward. So this is how you set it up: and if he steps
back you’re going to step forward and you’re going to release, one two – and if I step
back, he comes close and I’m right here, one two. And notice how I’m turning, I’m
bringing him back, I’m keeping my hands high and I’m keeping an angle. Let’s do
it with speed. He’s going to step back, step this way, step back, step this way, step
back, step this way.

99 thoughts on “Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Jab & Cross Combo in Boxing”

  1. Boxing would be great to learn for self defense. It will raise your confidence and get you in great shape and also make your reaction time much faster. One nice thing about boxing is that you can learn the basics pretty fast. Karate and judo are great to, but I believe they take much longer to master. Main thing is, join a boxing or martial arts gym. You can only learn so much from a video. You need to eventualy spar with other trained fighters to really be confident.

  2. Why would you diss a vid if you dnt know shit about it at all ? These vids are for techniques and lessons .Dont hate little one!!

  3. Haha, yeah, I agree. There's many shitty dojos and stuff. I'm training Taekwon-Do myself, not in the states, but anyway: if someone here is thinking of joining a karate or taekwon-do dojo, join a dojo which is member of ITF or WTF at least, and make sure that they are serious, and that it's not a mcdojo as kelvin said they often are :p

  4. yea like the one i was unfortunately signed up at when i was younger. some white guys running a place with the long belt system in place..pretty weak pretty sure the real version was better but these guys sucked ass

  5. This is truly basic. In a pro gym which I have trained in the LENNOX LEwis gym, you have to ensure you bring the right back far quicker than this, as you can get countered by a southpaw throwing an straight left. I personally only watch the pro trainers who have actually trained world champions…As I said for a complete beginner this is god vid.


  7. @Narutav They can be dangerous but I think you are speculating this only because they have more orthodox opponents than orthodox have south paw opponents. So it really depends on how well a fighter can deal with an opponent with the antagonist stance not if merely a south paw is trained well!

    As there are some orthodox fighters who systematically train more so with south paws.

  8. @Fitoldo It's easy to look at a building and point out its cracks and weak points. It's alot harder to prevent these mistakes and that's what separates a guy behind his keyboards pointing out these faults from actual professional. Tony hawk has broken many bones before he became the best. Most of the best fighters in the world have been bullied and beaten up before they decided they wanted to fight back. Maybe u should make a how to video and show him what he is supposed to do.

  9. jajajajaja, este tio jamas se ha subido a un cuadrilatero, llevo apenas 5 años boxeando a nivel amateur y de verdad que hasta un niño boxea mejor que este subnormal, joder, que para dar consejos de cualquier cosa, primero debes de saberlo.

  10. One thing incorrect. Never EVER move backwards and kick or punch (unless you stop wich he did, but that is also bad).


  11. I like his style, the only thing I disagree with is you should never end with a right hand punch. The proper way to do this is after you throw your right hand you should throw a jab or another punch with your left hand which places you body back in the right balanced position and it also places you in the fight position to defend yourself.

  12. If you are a right handed fighter and you throw a right hand and bring the punch straight back without throwing a left hook or jab you could easily set yourself up for a quick counter. There are many different styles, but most would say that you should never end with a straight right hand unless of course you knock someone out. Can you get away with not throwing a left hand to put you back on balance? Yes, however it will catch up to sooner or later.

  13. Absoulutely. I study Muy Thai. I've been away from the sport for a while though. I know the foot work, even though i'm rusty, but i studied tapes of my self, and compared and contrast my styles. I knew something was wrong. I wasn't corkscrewing my punches. Foot work and sways were okay, but i was lacking that power. Even if you studied for years, its always good to review techniques, and revaluate your skills.

  14. @Telfer81
    Hes Mexican? You ARE the ignorant one for assuming that….Also, what was the point of displaying your bigotry in youtube comments? it adds nothing and is pointless….God what a pathetic human being you are. Not replying to this…your not worth it.

  15. Is this guy a boxer or a kickboxer, if I hit pads like that at my gym I always cop shit for reaching for the punches (boxing), what they taught me is to move forward into the punch and hit the pad without your arm fully extended because that is too much commitment, but when I was training MMA noone said anything about it, although that was a class of like 20 people.

  16. Is ok, but let me tell ya, I don't know if you're doing it just to mark the tempo and show it slowly, but you should say that you should never leave your hand fall from gravity after doing a cross, NEVER. Even doing it correctly is a very high probability of eating a left jab or any other left punch. So at least let's minimize the risks. Keep going on 😉

  17. i learned to box after i watched my friend get beat up on his own front lawn and i couldn't do shit about it because i was too scared. (i was 16 at the time) let me tell you, boxing gives you confidence and makes you feel much safer so if you are considering learning, go for it.

  18. @excop360 Hmm… that sounds motivating. I'm also interested in boxing. Is there any good way to practice.? as in a good run down of things like basics on punching, moving around in the ring, and maybe a couple of exercise routine that would be best for a beginner.. [I mean if it's not too much trouble for you that is]

  19. @BenLozareXIII do you have a local boxing gym? if you do, i would say start there and talk to a trainer. i never had a personal trainer but i was lucky enough to have a ex boxer train with me and motivate me. i don't compete, i just do it to be strong and as a method to protect myself.

  20. @excop360 That's my idea too. I have a couple of people who are out to get my neck so I'm looking for something on self-defense but after a while I started to like boxing. Sorry but I don't have a local gym thats close enough and no mentor. So I may as well be pulling my own weight while I am still at home and not at the hospital

  21. @BenLozareXIII give boxing a go bro trust it builds confidence like u wouldnt believe, after i knocked out my first guy in sparring ur confidence soars and im only 5'11 so im not exactly tall but i know enough to defend myself against the average person fairly good. If u wana do boxing and learn it first thing, fitness if u dont have it start working on it cause without being fit you cant practice technique or anything.

  22. @mdocmiller yeah but he made it for beginners so when they learn to step then jab hopefully they'll be able to put both together, for some it takes awhile

  23. @Grogorian17 your 5'11!? That means I'm smaller -__-
    So far I've only got good enough arms. Can you suggest something for me.? I know a place for trainers but since you mentioned I need the body first, tell me what I need to do.?

  24. @BenLozareXIII first u need cardio so do running but wen u start do a build up process so u wont get injured, i.e make a goal to run further then u did last time or run for an extra 30seconds and then build up on that each week. Do u have a skipping rope? if not id recommend it, i do rounds on the pads so i.e ill do 3mins where the first min i do 1,2/left rights 2min i do double uppercuts n the 3rd min i do double hooks. u dont stop between the mins either and that counts as one round.

  25. i love how the same poster found in this guys boxing environment is up on the wall in my AP English teachers classroom! lol

  26. @USxxARMY well no offense hes younger looking so i doubt hes a trainer or a professional boxer, this is simply a little instructional for begginners. second you say your not a traine, well in my opinion unless you have instrustional videos up, dont criticize, this is just for people i assume who want it as a hobby, not profesionals, theyll go to boxing gyms and get trainers

  27. i noticed the right hand drops slightly after he throws it, like when it's at its full extent he drops it to his chest before bringing it back to his chin

  28. @excop360 after i got mugged when i was 14 (last year) i always wanted to box. but never tried because of an dislocated knee injury. but after i read your comment i am now inspired… thank you. =)

  29. @the69fantasy dont be too hard on the man , i mean i kno what your saying but sometimes fear can be powerful especially to somebody who experienced something traumatic like that , n i kno u may not mean directly try to fight with his friend n call the police or get help or ect but to me it sound like he was conflicted as he ddint wanna abandon his friend n prolly thought bout helping him but was too scared n theirs no shame in that , n im not bashin u or callin u out dude n btw u sound B.A

  30. @fallentrooper09 I've been taught to bring the fingers of the glove to my cheek and allign the centre of the glove with my chin which works for me best

  31. Yu messed up because yur suppose to bring yur hand back towards yur face while the other hand is progressing towards the person. Nice video tho.

  32. @africavsworld

    that's becuase a lot of them are useless in a real fight. Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian jujitsu are useful in real situations.

  33. @excop360 i was watching these videos really consedering starting boxing,because im a football person cos i play for col united,and after i read your comment,you have made me think, i have nothing to loose,thankyou!

  34. I went to a boxing class a few years back but had to quit because I didn't have time anymore.. I still don't have time to go to a boxing class. Do you guys know any good place online where I can learn? I know a real class is the best thing, but I just don't got the time as my life is right now. I work out seven days a week so I have the strength and the stamina required, I just need to learn when I got the time.

  35. Patrick Ly is THE expert at this if you have any questions add him on facebook he has 2 months of training just on the 1-2 combo

  36. no disrespect to you at all, but would be better if you also show your foot workin the video so people would know how toturn with the punches, also make them flow abit more and make that hand come straight back nice and quick on the way out and like a snail coming back

  37. when you jab with your left hand you should quickly step out and back with your left foot and also with your right your not using your whole body for the punch 🙂

  38. @excop360 im really considering joining boxing, im 18.. how long did it take you to learn? or atleast how long did it take you to start getting used to it and getting better?

  39. @excop360 hi . i have had no form of boxing , or martial arts education . but i believe i already have proper fighting techniques which i leart from observing others , if i join boxing , will i be able to gain better evasive instincts ?

  40. I don't care on what all you guys did in the past I went into taekwondo I beat almost every one of there fighters in the class there top 4 students I actually beat only one I couldn't beat was there main champion.So I ended up joining that school it's has helped me out even more with fight concepts not just with punches but with kicks too.If that is your talking about street fighting.

  41. I also got robbed this year but I chased the guy down that stole my phone I chased him down till the police got to him at least.They asked me what has happened he stoled my phone.I told my self I am never going to lend my phone out to know one I don't even care if they have car trouble or some what.

  42. im 11 and i got the 8 oz pro style trainign glvoes, im no pro but ive been doing kung fu wu su for 3 and a half years i was inspired by watching the movie rocky 🙂 so i got boxign gloves and focus mitts, and the jab for me or upper cut i know because they teach me at my martial arts class, but i have trouble with the stance and stepping, me and my dad have been sparring for 3 rounds of 3 mins i think i coudl go to 5 rounds though lol but thank you so much for giving this info!

  43. Kimbo slice used that 1-2 in the fight that got him fame, I noticed how he picks up dude throwing punches towards him in a second

  44. Alli la llevas. Good job with the videos. You will get better at being in the camera. Lol the techniques are good though. Thanks kee them comming!

  45. @19971231000 'Straight' is usually used to describe the 'left cross' of a southpaw fighter. Crosses are straight punches anyways, so it makes little sense to refer to it as the straight unless it is to distinguish it from the opposite stance equivalent.

  46. Sup, have you considered this program called the Fat Blast Furnace? (look for it on google). My brother says it helps people burn fat.

  47. Yeah you crazy, lol.. A cross is just a straight right hand for orthodox fighters, generally set up by a left hand jab. So in the video the first punch is a left jab followed by a right cross or a straight right hand.. Hope that clears it up, peace out!!

  48. Same story for me too. When I was 14 I got mugged at gun point and after I felt so weak because I couldn't defend myself. Ever since then I've been getting into MMA.

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  51. don't let your knee injury become your weakness, instead train it and strengthen it up and even try to make it stronger than ur other leg. But remember dont overwork it as it could lead to further injury in the long run just train it in moderation to how much ur body can handle

  52. Nice tutorial! Been boxing since I was a kid on and off not a lot of ppl emphasize the jab cross back up jab cross. Actually another good high % combo!

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