Boxing: Micky Ward Discusses His Epic Battles With Arturo Gatti

I mean the first fight was really tough it
was grueling it was brutal we got fight of the year round of the decade you know things
like that we just tried to kill each other for ten rounds I ended up winning the decision
in that fight the second fight stop right there for a moment are you really trying tokill
each other well I’m not really trying to kill him but if it happens it happens wow I’m not
in there trying to kill him by no means but if so be I mean it could happen it’s part
of the sport it might sound brutal but that’s the way it is I rather hit him then him hit
me yeah you’d rather be the one that’s not dead right right wouldn’t you want to be the
one hitting instead of getting hit right right right sorry to interrupt you so fight number
two so the second fight you know it was my biggest purse up to that date funny story
is three years before I fought Gatti I was fighting at Wonderland Ballroom for like six
hundred dollars and four years after I fought Gatti my second fight for a millionso if I
gave up back then when people said give up you can’t do it you know your hands this that
yoy know you’re not gonna be nothin’ if I listened to them I wouldn’t have made it but
I knew I could do it that’s why go with your mind go with what you want to do that’s why
I want you here today I want you to tell those kids never never never give up right exactly
but the second one was we fought and I made that money not because I made the money but
I mean we fought the second one and um he caught me in the third round with a right
hand over my jab hit me right in the side of the ear here and knocked me down I was
out pretty much I went down and they gave me an eight count and the referee and this
is a funny story and this is a true story too and it’s crazy but the referee give me
an eight count so now I’m wobbly I’m all over the place and the referee says you okay yeah
of course okay okay okay I’m going like this because I said he hit me behind the ear but
he didn’t listen to me so anyways referee says okay fight so he comes at me like a mad
man and I’m going against the ropes I’m trying to like block I’m like ready to fall over
again right luckily the ropes are there so I’m against the ropes and he lines me up with
a right hand he goes boom boom and he goes boom caught me with a right hand whack I was
out I was ready to fall when he hit me with that right hand it woke me up I wasn’t even
hurt no more I came at him after that he ended up beating me that fight he ended up beating
me in that fight and our third fight he ended up beating me again third fight but my uh
I got hurt in that last fight the people didn’t want me to fight I said no I’m gonna fight
him the third time and my brain ended up shifting in my skull in the seenth round and stuff
like that so plus I suffer from post concussion syndrome now which I’m in the study with Dr
Robert Cantu and Chris Nowinski donate my brain when I pass so they can study the affect
of concussions and how to monitor them or to not get ’em you know just wonderful of
you to do that yeah now ring magazine which is the big magazine or was the big magazine
in your day they tout your fights as the fights of the year am I right about that right yeah
uh I’m one of only like six people in the history of boxing or seven people maybe that
was involved in fight of the year three consecutive years I mean some guys have got it four years
some guys have got it five years but only six or seven of us got three in a row like
I think Ali uh maybe Carmen Basilio or someone like that back in the fifties but only three
like seven guys got three fights like I got two thousand one two and three a kid from
Lowell and if I gave up and I was fighting in Wonderland if I gave up and listened to
the people that said I could’t do it then I would’ve probably been paving right now
there’s nothin’ wrong with paving but i probably would’ve been you know construction again
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